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  1. ^^I LOVE THAT MOVIE On the topic of...the topic...this park looks really pretty. I'm sure the candyland will be photogenic. Of course, they could take a wrong turn and suddenly we'd have another Nara Dreamland on our hands (also photogenic, but in a different, more frightening way).
  2. Of course, it would be a "D&N" coaster, and made from stolen Giovanola "Goliath" track molds with park benches attached to skateboard wheels for trains.
  3. Book me a seat on the next Japan TPR trip. Just not the one coming up, because I'd like to wait until I graduate high school and lose like seventy pounds. And I'm gonna graduate and lose weight because this looks sooooo coooooooool.
  4. ML in Canada has one.. Go ride it Right, I'll just pull a plane ticket out of my butt, fly 3000 miles across the country, sneak into Canada because I have no passport, ride it, sneak back out of Canada, fly 3000 miles back, and be home in time for lunch.
  5. Great America started to plunge when it went from being Mariott's to Paramount's, in my opinion. They did a couple good things, like Drop Zone and something else, but then it slowly declined. When they removed Greezed Lightnin, and put it off as basically junk, I lost a lot of respect for the park. Hopefully Cedar Fair does something good.
  6. I've always wondered what that ride is like...
  7. ^Are you planning on hijacking the ride or something? From what I remember there is a separate, boxed-off section in the middle between the two tracks.
  8. You've obviously never had Pick-Up Stix chinese food. Their orange chicken tastes exactly like Spaghetti-O's with some chili sauce. D:
  9. Uh-oh, Grumpy Elissa. The problem with LIMs on a ship would be that LIMs absorb energy like a sponge in a puddle/lake/japanese porno. So every time it would launch the lights would dim or something less dramatic.
  10. PHOTO TR SUMMARY: rainrainBATMANrainrainrainGONNA TEAR DOWN THE BOBSLEDSrainrainrainLLAMA Parks are nice after it has rained, but not nice before it has rained and after it was going to rain. Parks are also nice before it has rained, and before after it was going to rain. Glad to see that you had fun in the puddles.
  11. ^ Also, when they first created ToT in Florida, they weren't even sure if it would be successful, which is why they wouldn't blow millions of dollars on installing multiple versions of a possible flop.
  12. ^In that last photo, I think the guy in the front seat is dead. Or doubled over in pain. And the rest of the people on the train are a lynch mob and have taken pain relievers.
  13. Yes I "thingk" it would be similar to the High Roller, but I suppose that one could bolt an entire Schwarzkopf Wildcat onto a cruise ship somewhere with some creativity.
  14. That's kind of interesting. I can tell that it would give that area a sense of detached wonder, almost. Kind of like the elevators that take people to the different areas in that book, Utopia.
  15. I love the music. Eshanaika eshanaika! Eshanaika! Eshanaika! Ahahaha!
  16. I always thought that skybuckets/chairlifts made a great addition to a park. For example, Cedar Point has them going down the main midway which is really nice-looking, and gives the park a sense of symmetry, in a way. Then again, what do I know, I was there in 2001 and waited two hours for Millenium Force...twice. And back then, Wicked Twister wasn't there and the whole kiddie area around by Disaster Transport was sort of ugly and deserted. I think Maxxair is there now. I just remember wandering around looking for the Schwabinchen (or the Hurly Burly Boob Lady ride), and how everything back by the Space Cabin thing was empty. Woo, tangent.
  17. Revolution at Magic Mountain. I was five years old. My mom told me that the coaster didn't have a loop on it, so I got on. Then when the train leaped up into the MCBR I shouted "IT HAS A LOOOOOP". I can still remember that long stretch of track leading to the loop. I, of course, loved it. Revolution at Magic Mountain
  18. ^Well, an SLC would sink any ship. I think it would be possible. Some ships have those huge open lobbie-things, and I could see a small coaster going around in it, probably wrapped in a Plexiglas tube as to not be loud.
  19. ...or Cedar Point actually wanted to build "just a coaster".
  20. Awesome so far. I didn't realise this was a TPR trip until I saw Elissa. Your caption was "Like mother like son" and I thought "Wow, your mother looks a lot like OMG TPR TRIP".
  21. I haven't really been scared to death on a coaster...I mean, when I was five I rode Revolution and Colossus, and when I was six I rode The Edge. So I got off to a pretty early start.
  22. ELISSA: EMAIL DAN! DAN: Crap...and I just finished cleaning my inbox out...jeez... DEREK: Nobody ever emails me!
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