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  1. ^For a 50 year old coaster that was the first steel, and it was an Arrow...well, 18mph for a glitzed-up racing mouse coaster in a shaky plastic mountain is pretty fast.
  2. Yesterday, hard vodka. Mistook my mother's cup of it for my water. HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation* ME: *sips my water* HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation* ME: *sips my water* HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation* ME: *get up bathroom sit down* *sips my water* HER: *phone convers-* That's vodka. *phone conversation* ME: *spittake*
  3. Im offically freaked out now! *busts out the binoculars and Pink Panther soundtrack*
  4. I can see a huge rehab in the future. Coming soon! Intamin does Matterhorn! The Aquatrax we've all been waiting for!
  5. I'm not surprised. It's really old and pretty fast and the water splashdown probably does something to the wheels/track, but still one of my favorite coasters. Omg! Now I have to go change my top ten list.
  6. ^^Thank you for reminding me as to why I never go on Coasterbuzz anymore. Anyways. Funniest thing I've ever heard from a noobish knowitall: "Scream! is the best roller coaster EVER!" I lol'd. Seriously though. WOMAN AT BONFANTE GARDENS: This ride goes fifty miles per hour and splashes down in the lake! [we are waiting in line for the kiddie figure-eight snake coaster] ME: *giggle*
  7. Our Rotary Park here in Fresno has this Octopus that gives you airtime. I'm totally serious, the tub goes up and then just drops and then rises and then drops, but instead of "uuuppp...dowwwnn...uuuppp...dowwnn..." it's "uuuppp...OMGDOWNAAAH...uppppp...AAAAAAHOMGOMGOMG..." And they also have the teacups of death, which are like the Francis' Ladybug Boogie at DCA, but on crack. Really really high-quality crack. Add to that the best Rock-O-Plane in the galaxy and a credit none of you have and it's something that means great but is really fabulous-sounding.
  8. GIGGLEGIGGLEGIGGLEGIGGLEH2G2REFERENCEGIGGLEGIGGLEGIGGLE Oh, and I love the photo of WDW from Mt. Everest. Good god, WDW really is huge. And I also love the little cloud next to the big Epcot golf ball.
  9. Top Ten Coasters 1: Raptor 2: Top Gun 3: Batman: The Ride at SFMM 4: Tremors 5: Medusa West 6: Revolution 7: Giant Dipper at SCBB 8: Riddler's Revenge 9: Millenium Force 10: Gemini Well, I'm pretty sure that's my top ten. Haven't been on any coasters in two years now. Well, year and a half. Glah. D:
  10. Wow, I could like, totally stalk you. Buchanan is a pretty good school, and I like how it has a big ol' main building with two floors and then smaller buildings elsewhere. Sure beats Clovis West's campus. "Hey, let's put letters on the buildings, but instead of them being in alphabetical order, let's put them in order based on the Swiss Platinum Cuboid Rhombus Model Forumula!" "Brilliant!" "And in place of a grassy student commons, we can put a hill shaped like a wedge! Right in the middle of the school!" "Double-brilliant!" D:
  11. I didn't really think it was anything special, mostly because I'm not afraid of heights. However, the other one, Xscream, or whatever, really got me because I hated the feeling of flying towards the end of the track and then stopping 900 feet in the air, which is why I rode it like a million times.
  12. It's Goldmember. "Well, everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn. What this book presupposes is... maybe he didn't."
  13. ^Doesn't have the "My Mother" credit. VWonders if being born counts as a mother credit.
  14. This waterpark appears to be host to an extremely high level of awesomeness. Sort of like an expanded version of that little waterpark behind The Flamingo or whatever LV hotel it is.
  15. This guy sort of reminds me of one of the characters in one of the short stories in Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted...the one with the stickers...
  16. I can see two days at SFMW, but, like Elissa says, you're defenitely going to be ready to get out after a couple hours, especially around early evening because the park gets all amber and depressing. Have fun!
  17. Curse you, Americans, curse you and your collective stupidity that makes it so that we can't have fairs like Oktoberfest here! Oooo, Futureworld. Sounds like something from that Westworld movie.
  18. The scream sheilds are pointless because people attempt to, and successfully, scream extra loud to compensate.
  19. Tarako! Tarako! First, the complete song as sung by creepy Japanese children in funky hats. Then the "Beach" commercial. Then a "Kitchen" commercial... The second kitchen commercial The third and probably best kitchen commercial. Sadly, the last commercial. TAARAKO TAARAKO TARAKO KEWPIE TA RAKO... This is far worse than the Eejinaika song. What are some of your favourite "Crazy-a$$ Japanese television" clips? tarako tarako tarako
  20. Man, the running of the bulls is gonna be like the Boston Marathon, seeing as Maverick is all the way at the other end of the park. That's like two miles. Of course, it is down the MF leg of the park, drawing people away from TTD.
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