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  2. I watched the Fireball and it was doing some great stuff. Ten swings to its heighest height, then the claw slows down, and then it swings lower, and lower, and soon is just rocking back and forth in the loading bay, gently turning, and then suddenly that claw just goes VOOM at top speed, and all the riders are pressed to their seats and then the arm is pushed back and forth with all the strength the machine has and within what seems like seconds it's back in full motion, and then it carries on for a bit before slowing down and stopping.
  3. I have only ever ridden Stealth/Borg Assonaplatter (when it was at PGA) and I remember it to be an interesting and pretty exciting experience. What I would want to see in a flying coaster is a layout that's mostly high above the ground, perhaps flying over a midway, with some dips and a helix, and the finale could be a pretzel loop that dives underground. I just don't like the idea of a flying coaster being mostly a regular coaster but where you're lying down. B&M are getting somewhere with that egg turn, though. Then again, I've only ridden the very first flying coaster ever, so what do I know? It's like saying "I dislike how B&M coasters have all those highfalootin' fancy-pants cobra rolls and immelmen", and the only looping coaster you've ever gone on was Revolution.
  4. Experience really isn't insane because it's just so smooth. Consider the (lily) Intamin megacoaster. It's big, and exciting, but unless it's Ge Force in the back seat on the first drop it's not really insane. It's just a lot of fun. A lot of fun. It looks so intense, doesn't it? But it's really smooth. The Standup Floorless Tango is nervewracking, and can be painful, which is why I chose not to give it a go. Hard Rock is just...well, if you don't get an outside seat, then you're screwed, because when the car goes upside-down and right-side-up again you'll find yourself sitting on the seat divider. On the outside seat it's loads of fun. Man: I didn't get a chance to ride Experience because I didn't fit. I also didn't fit on G-Force (KMG Fireball).
  5. I love Splash Mountain at DL. Trivia: You know that drop under Brer Bear's butt? Originally, the ride had many more parts just like that, but the cars kept derailing. The only coaster part that the cars never derailed on was the Brer Bear drop, which they kept.
  6. 1) I stare at people I know I will never see again 2) I have genetic anger problems, and so does my mother. She takes pills. I scar myself with my fingernails and count to ten. 3) I like waffles and pancakes equally. 4) I have five rats. One has cancer, one is four years old, one weighs two pounds, and the last two sleep on eachother. 5) I like escargot.
  7. It was Ray Cammack Shows, and it doesn't have a bar because A, I rode it two years ago and found out the hard way that it doesn't have a bar (oddly enough, it did the year before that), and B, I took a look at the ride close up and it didn't have bars for your feet. Tango is a really fun and wild ride, but without the bar you have nothing to steady yourself on. And the carnival was pretty big. They had the 30 meter wheel (or was it sixty meter?), and a Mega Drop. I sort of wanted to go on the Mega Drop but I haven't been on any drop rides for two years. The log flume's big drop was scary enough, so I think the most intense drop ride ever is not going to be a great experience after a two year ride break. And I appreciate your reading my TR even though it has noo phootoooos.
  8. I have yet to watch this movie because my sister's computer doesn't have speakers or a headphone jack so... WAAAAAAAAFFLECONE
  9. I think it's going to be a fun Intamin coaster with a couple inversions and some exciting turns.
  10. I dislike babies, but I really hate baby talk at 8:00 in the morning on a Sunday. I also hate babies. GOOD THING I'M GAY!
  11. First TR in about four years (no kidding). Was picked up from school on Friday, packed in about four minutes, left, drove, fell asleep for no apparent reason, woke up, got to my sister's house, babysat her child, Alyson (unnecessary use of the letter y), put Alyson to bed, fell asleep, had a dream where Alyson scribbled all over my ELO record collection, woke up to discover that she was breaking my headphones, took a shower, went to Denny's, went to Best Buy, got Muse's Black Holes and Revelations (powerful opening song, album sort of drifts off after that), Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News (it's Modest Mouse, so of course it's good), headphones, and a fifty dollar gift card for my sister, who works a booth at the fair, and told us when we got back that they don't let you wear open-toed shoes on the rides, so we went to Big 5 and got shoes (comfy skate shoes). Then we went to the fair. It wasn't wristband day, which sucked. First we looked at all the animals with Alyson, blah blah blah, pig crap on shoe, blah blah blah, cherry Icee, blah blah blah, Alyson went home. It was five thirty, so my sister had to get her stuff from the car and go work at her Discoverytoys booth. My mom and I bought tickets and rode the sky ride over to the carnival. The first thing I noticed was that RCS had bought a Sartori Techno Bounce. Our chairlift car came down, we got off, we bought tickets. Now, I haven't ridden any rides for a year and a half at this point. I've got 32 tickets in hand, and I'm thinking about what ride to ride first. Why, the haunted house, of course. It was corny, as expected. We rode the log flume after that, then the Zero-G (fancy new round-up). The Maurer Sohner spinning mouse coaster (named, bizarrely, Spinning Coaster), was right across from us. I was iffy about going on because I'm 315 pounds and wasn't sure if I would fit. I decided to give it a go and got two clicks, which was awesome. SPINNING COASTER: 7/10, seems like a mouse coaster with the spinning element just tacked on, which sort of sucks. Car never gets the chance to really get spinning because the track is constantly going the other direction. RCS really should've invested in the larger version and dropped the Hi-Miler. I considered riding the Tango, but for some reason it didn't have footrests and I wasn't too keen on supporting my 315 pounds of flesh with my crotch. So I rode the Chance Yo-Yo, which was sort of crazy. A black guy behind me was swearing randomly the entire ride, and when he got off the operator stopped him and a big bulky security guard had a "talk" with him. When the guard put his hand on the guy's shoulder the guy punched the guard and said "GET YO PUNK-ASS HANDS OFFA ME" and the security guard had him on the floor within about half of a second and had cuffs on him within half a second more. The ride op consequently gave us a free ride. We wandered over to the lemonade stand (too much sugar, blah), and we rode the Euroslide.com, which wasn't great because you never pick up any speed. Then came the Sartori Techno Bounce, which I've been wondering about since I saw photos of it at IAAPA in 2004 (or 2005). I wasn't expecting much, but I decided to try it anyways. All in all, it reminded me of a boring version of the Darton Hurricane. The problem with the Techno Bounce is that it's just too small to really do anything. They also make you sit on the inside which takes away nearly any airtime you might have ever gotten. We ate dinner, then I rode the Spinning Coaster about six times. Once it was me and another fat guy and two little girls on the other side, and my god we spun the crap out of that car. I remember how we turned around twice as we went down the big drop, and twice again as we went up the other side. It was about 9:30 then, so we hopped on the skyride and rode over to the pavilion building where my sister was closing down the booth. We all went home and fell asleep. Then I woke up and wrote this.
  12. That's obscenely spectacular for even a German fairground, if only because of the terrible capacity.
  13. Wow, Grumpy Robb is really kick ass. However, I do have to agree with the third poster. Did you even go to Wuze Town?
  14. The problem with Inverter is that, for one thing, only eight people out of 52 or however many get a good view. Everyone else gets to stare at the back of the bulky headrest in front of them. Another problem is that it's way too slow. It just takes its time, crawwwllliiiing over the top and then coming back down at a slightly faster pace, never giving any sensation of dropping. It's just boring...
  15. What on earth does the bell ride do? I'm so curious now.
  16. That's good news. Maybe they added a car to up the capacity (of course, the hourly capacity with five cars instead of four is way lower than when it was with Oscar Brusch with four cars) and kept the intensity the same. I'm glad to hear that the reprofiling doesn't suck.
  17. Thrillville!? I loved that park when I was a kid! It's still a mark of my childhood, what with the Ripper and the waterslides... If you are seriously looking into this coaster, I recommend bringing the original trains back, if at all possible. The horrible restraints on the new version are one of the main complaints of this brilliant ride. I'm fairly sure, unfortunately, that re-reprofiling the drop and loops to their original lower height would be hard to do, but if you could it would be worth it. I look forward to seeing what new rides Thrillville gets!
  18. That is one awesome-looking inversion. Almost looks more like a Zero-G roll than a corkscrew.
  19. I don't think that regulation really exists. Montezooma's has had thier restraints untounched. (Allthough it does have seatbelts, but ride doesn't, nowadays?) It's either a regulation or has something to do with insurance.
  20. That loop reminds me of the old unsuccessful looping coasters in the early 20th century.
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