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Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit!

Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:51 pm

PKI Jizzman wrote:Image

I want that Welcome to Wakita sign!

(but as I recall, it didn't even have a price tag on it, and if you have to ask the price...)

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit!

Mon Nov 12, 2018 6:06 am

Great report!!! Looks like you had a blast.


Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit!

Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Alright alright time to wrap this up.

Day 4
Alex and I had flights around 5 so we had a good part of the day to have fun.

We took our time sending part of our group off to the airport and then got lunch with Jared at the Irish spot across from the Mummy and everything was delicious. Never a bad meal at Universal! Also got up close with Jake and Elwood as they come out of the side entrance to the restaurant for their show. They actors looked spot on to Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi! We got one more ride on Mummy and Gringott's before heading over to IOA. Our plan was to re-ride our favs and check out the Raptor Encounter before picking up our stuff at Royal Pacific and getting a car to MCO. Here's how it went!

We went in the side/Blue Man entrance where you can get up close to RRR. Shocking, it's down.
It was hilarious watching the Mummy guys interacting with other guests and sneaking up on people. We had a dope Mummy ride where we saw another train wiz by right before we entered the fire room. Hadn't seen any other trains in the dark-coaster portion before - it was a big surprise and it was the best Mummy ride of the trip!
Shoutout San Francisco and the greatest Irish Coffee in the world (http://www.thebuenavista.com/home/irishcoffee.html)
The HHN shop was incredible and spooky on its own to walk through! It was really well done.
The Stranger Things side of the shop was on another level with the upside-down decorations. I bet the maze was fun!
Went to check out that treble clef part of RRR. This coaster was a lot faster and taller than I imagined!
It's a fun element and a solid coaster, I just can't get over how they put the safety spiel on an endless loop. The message is only :30 seconds long and it's so loud even a 10 minute wait is torture.
Heading back out provided the opportunity to re-do the first posted picture on this update. Nailed it!
Weeeee! Block brake #19 was my favorite part of the ride!
Ahh my final 'park visit' of 2018? Let's do this dance.
It was so surreal to be next to this massive B&M. The cobra roll was a great element!
There's tons of space to get up close to the lagoon and look around the park. This view never gets old.
Sure is funky.
All in all a great looper that does a little bit of everything.
Spiderman is impressive for many reasons - the mix of media and physical sets, the animated 'episode' made just for the ride, the ride design when it opened.. Spiderman was right there with MiB and Harry Potter FJ for my favorite non-coaster ride.
Absolutely drenching! I thought this rapids ride was so much fun and I really liked the lagoon-side area of this attraction that let you see parts of the layout.
Blueeee! <3 The Raptor Encounter was BY FAR my favorite moment at Universal! Holy crap I was absolutely blown away by how Blue looks, makes sounds, moves around, blinks...everything. The Owen (Chris Pratt) character leading the Raptor Encounter was spot on with the acting and mixing jokes with seriousness treating the dino like it was...truly a living breathing dinosaur. I laughed, I felt my heart race, and for a moment was led to believe that there was a real raptor right there with me. Well done all around, Universal.
Owen said "It's mating season and I think she likes you, show her the goods!"
She liked how I tasted and tried more than a nibble so I had to run away.
But she's a sweet talker, so I came back.
And now we're a thing. Relationships are weird guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Miss ya Blue! (Thanks Alex for the photos)
Is this not the cutest sign ever?!
Floridians, I envy you.
This whole area is stunning and it seemed so cut off from the rest of the park. I wonder how many people miss it! But hopefully there will be another coaster flying around here soon to bring it life.
I was on cloud nine at this point. Really taken back by how immersive the area is.
Soooo heyyyy I'm a dad now. We don't need diapers but we do need lots of meat. I can give you guys my Venmo if you wanna help out as a congratulatory gift. :p
What an iconic view. I could have sat there all day and enjoyed it.
Back over to get one last Forbidden Journey in. The Express pass allows you to breeze through what would normally be a 60+ minute wait.
Can't wait to see the walls knocked down and explore the Forbidden Forest soon!
You can see up Hermione's skirt from over here!
How did I get lost in the asscrack of the castle? Help! Someone help me!
See ya next year talking photos.
Poseidon's Fury ended up being one of the biggest surprises of the trip!
No one talks about this attraction??? What an impressive outside structure and the whole story/attraction is a bit dated, yes, but the live-actor led journey was so much fun. I can understand it getting old after seeing it 3+ times but I'm very glad we went through it.
Puss!!! He purred when I hugged him :lover: Te amo.
Getting Who-ville set up for the Grinch. 'tis the season.
Goodbye IOA and Universal!

I completely underestimated how much fun I'd have at USO. I am *so* glad we went back to Universal this day for the Raptor Encounter. It was absolutely incredible. There seemed to be so many more characters out, too! I'm not sure if it just happened to be the time we were in IOA or what but there seemed to be tons of Marvel characters and such out and about. The new Potter coaster will be a game-changer in that area of the park and I can't wait to return sometime next year. Another big shoutout to Jared for all of the advice and treats during our visit, and Alex for the photos and company =)

See ya next year TPR!

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:53 pm

Great report!

I haven't tried either Poseidon's Fury or the Raptor Encounter, so I'll have to check them out next time I'm at Universal. Usually I only give myself one day at both parks, so I end up cutting out attractions such as those.

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:00 pm

Really nice report!

I went to USF for the first time this past Tuesday. I rarely go to Disney or Universal parks, and I was so completely blown away by the crowd management, customer service, operations, and interesting queues that were both stimulating and clever ways to manage crowds. The park was definitely filled with people, but I'm guessing it wasn't a very busy day for this park. I was just with 1 other person, so we used the single rider lines and walked onto the rides all day.

We got stuck on on the block right behind the right side of the Gringotts station for 10 or so minutes. The ride systems seamlessly switched to left side station operations, and continued running. When they got the right side moving again, everyone on my train received one complimentary express pass and an apology (for lost time), and then the ride continued full operations. I'm simply not used to this level of competence.

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit!

Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:03 pm

PKI Jizzman wrote:Weeeee! Block brake #19 was my favorite part of the ride!

Glad you enjoyed Hollywood Rip - Ride - Brake-it! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

I, too, thought Poseidon's Fury was enjoyable.

Congrats on your engagement!

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:32 pm

Is the Poseidon's Fury water tunnel effect still turned on? I know there were strong rumors for a while that it was going to be axed.

Overall I love that whole ride. I hope Universal gives it a minor update rather than removing it.

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:45 pm

i305isdaddy wrote:Is the Poseidon's Fury water tunnel effect still turned on? I know there were strong rumors for a while that it was going to be axed.

Overall I love that whole ride. I hope Universal gives it a minor update rather than removing it.

Yesss all effects are on line.

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:49 pm

Poseidon's Fury was a pleasant surprise for me when I visited IOA! Still haven't done Raptor Encounter yet but it looks like a ton of fun! Glad you had a blast!

Re: Photo TR: Universal Studios/IOA First Visit! (3 Days)

Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:59 am

Glad to see someone else appreciates Poseidon's Fury, I always loved that attraction.
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