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  1. Sucks to see another bad review of the current state of the park. It was such a gem of a park when I used to go regularly 10-15 years ago. Has there been any noticeable decline in attendance? How do the locals keep going to this place it sounds completely miserable.
  2. Looks like Chris was spot on with the Venus SlydeTrap. Good to see this park making some positive moves forward.
  3. ^To be fair, normal elevator operating systems don't work too well after something like a conference lets out either. Agreed though, this new addition looks amazing. I hope it stays as a moderate priced resort. The prices for the new Riviera are scary high so good to see something new but more reasonable.
  4. Looks great. Love the drop on Storm Runner and this looks like it could be even better.
  5. October opening or not this looks really great. Tourists in NYC are either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer and there's no indoor experience like this in the area. I think it'll be very successful. Glad that even though it took forever the final product looks to be quality.
  6. This looks like a great addition. Will be interesting to see the crowd difference between this and Skyrush. The few times I've been there since Skyrush was added it hasn't had a line out of the station by the afternoon. I expect this will be a lot more popular. As far as Wildcat, I think it's a fine ride but it's still the third best wood coaster at the park by a wide margin. Even if it was retracked it would probably still hold that position, so don't really see a need for that. RMC it if anything.
  7. Looks fun and there's no doubt it'll be very popular and successful. Still insane to think they just bulldozed two perfectly good B&M inverts though. Speaks to how much of a cash cow Potter really is for them. One question, is there no pre-show or backstory in the queue? I really thought this ride was going to tell a story. But you only see Hagrid, I assume in his hut, for 5 seconds? I'm not a Potter fan but I do like a ride that tells a good story.
  8. Was hoping to finally read some good news when I opened the thread but sounds like it's just more of the same. They clearly are incapable of operating this park, hopefully it gets out of their hands before it deteriorates beyond repair. I enjoyed going to this place just as much, if not more, than Hershey and Great Adventure when I was a kid. I don't understand how this level of incompetence finds its way to the forefront with some of these parks. It's a shame.
  9. Went to the park last Wednesday for the first time in almost 15 years, only repeat rides I did from that trip were X2 and Viper. The park has changed quite a bit... The good: -Tatsu was great, best flying coaster by a mile that I've been on. Same goes for Riddler regarding stand up coasters. -X2 is as great as I remember. I feel like it gets some hate in the community. I get it doesn't have airtime or laterals or whatever people are looking for, but it's some good old messed up fun. One of my favorite coasters anywhere. -Battle of Metropolis blows away any expectations I had for a Si
  10. This is sad and pathetic. Something tells me that the bolded part above is the only reason this plan fell through.
  11. I think you could save 4-5 hours in the car if you changed your route to a loop around Lake Eerie and Ontario; Detroit->Niagara->Toronto->Montreal->Lake George->Rochester->Waldameer->Detroit. I get you probably don't wanna do Wonderland on a weekend but a Sunday/Monday shouldn't be terrible. Do something like: Friday: Drive to Niagara through Ontario Saturday: Marineland/Niagara Falls Sunday: Canada's Wonderland Monday: Canada's Wonderland Tuesday: Drive/Montreal/La Ronde Wednesday: La Ronde Thursday: Great Escape Friday: Seabreeze/Darien Lake Saturday: Waldame
  12. As you said they don't provide this data, so all I'm saying is anecdotal evidence is all there is for me to go off of. And in my case that evidence would prove your assumption isn't safe to say. Don't think that's completely ridiculous of me.
  13. When you say something like "I don't have any data but I doubt anyone is only going to DCA..." what the hell are you expecting someone to come back with except for anecdotal evidence haha. That's a really good point in terms of multi day tickets, hotels, and increased AP prices. And Carsland was a huge success no denying that. But nothing else has been. The Little Mermaid and Paradise Pier particularly, but even GotG. Attendance has not been growing every year since Carsland that just isn't true. It has been completely stagnant for 3 years now from 2015-2017, and there's no good reaso
  14. DCA isn't competing against Disneyland, though. If that 2:1 figure is because everyone who was going to get a 2-day ticket to Disneyland is now getting a 3-day ticket and spending the additional day at DCA, I'd think they would be pretty happy about that. Obviously I don't have granular data like that, but I think it's safe to say that no one is going to DCA and not to Disneyland. So the expectation should be that DCA will have a fraction of the attendance Disneyland does. The way to get that closer to parity is by pushing Park Hopper and Maxpass and thereby encouraging people to treat the
  15. I didn't make any reference to opening only one ride. Of course they shouldn't have the entire land sitting vacant. The fact that DCA is the 13th busiest park doesn't prove its success. Obviously different parks have different expectations. Every other US Disney park is in the top 10. Disneyland has twice the annual attendance as DCA. ^Good point about the Marvel expansion tho, that should hopefully help.
  16. Disney's primary mission isn't to make sure you can leisurely stroll through an empty Star Wars land. It's to maximize the wealth of their shareholders. That's accomplished by building this sort of thing, thereby sending the value of the brand as well as ticket sales, merch sales, hotel occupancy and more through the roof. The rest is little more than adhering to various building and safety codes, demands of scary lawyers, and the terms of very expensive insurance policies. Yeah I understand how a public company operates, thanks. My point isn't that I want to be able to have Star Wars
  17. I agree it's gonna be really interesting how this plays out. I can't understand why they thought this was a necessary move. Not only do I not see the need for this to be in Disneyland Park, I don't know why it needed to be the first one to open, adding even more to the hype. Maybe since it's such an iconic expansion they wanted it in the most iconic park, and they wanted it there first. But Disneyland really already walks a fine line between being the "happiest place on earth" and "most stressful clusterf*ck" on earth". Like people said above that starts before you even enter the property with
  18. All of these parks look great, but it seems like they're always empty. Does it seem like there's any concern over how successful these parks might be long term?
  19. Completely agree about Universal. Hopefully it catches up with them eventually and they're forced to be a little more creative.
  20. I've been living out in LA now for a few months but haven't really considered going to Knott's until this report. Thanks for the inspiration! The fact that Ghost Rider is riding so well is great news.
  21. One piece of advice I would give is that they don't serve alcohol anywhere inside Disneyland. So you might want to spend at least part of the afternoon/evening at California Adventure if you're trying to get a buzz. Should be a great day!
  22. Nice to hear a positive review of this resort. Don't hear too many good things about it. It does look like a great place to spend a day and a half. Looking forward to more!
  23. Okay that makes sense that they would do that. It's a good way to differentiate their versions of the Marvel rides from the Universal ones as well.
  24. Think about it. If you were Disney, wouldn't you want the marquee attraction of what's going to be the most popular land in your park to be something more than "just" a 4D show? I don't necessarily think this is going to be the marquee attraction. I think it could be similar to Toy Story Land with Midway Mania where the marquee attraction was already in the land (Guardians of the Galaxy). Plus isn't there rumors that an Avengers attraction is coming at some point after Spiderman also? The concept art is a little strange to me. I see an Avengers logo and Stark on the side of the buildi
  25. I don't know about you but when I go to a park I've been to multiple times, it's always fun going with people who have never been before. Maybe revisit some of the best parks you've been to and share them with someone who has never been to them. I never got to the point you got to, I mean I've never even been on an RMC so how could I, but I did lose interest along the way in counting coasters. I much rather turn parks into multi day vacations than checklist items. Some of the best park/accommodation combos for me are Hershey/Hershey Lodge, Cedar Point/Breakers, Knoebels/Campground. F
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