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Favorite TPR Quote

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I tried searching in the search engine, and nothing came up about Quotes, and so I made up Favorite TPR Quote. just post your favorite quote from Robb, and the whole TPR gang.


My quote is on my signature. It was pretty hilariuos when they just kept splashing water onto Dan the MAN!

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I don't know why, but I really got a kick out of it in the Europe dvd when R&E are at Walibi World I believe and Non-German Tom is with them and as they are going up the lift hill of the SLC, Tom says "I'm not looking forward to this". Maybe it was the British accent that made it more entertaining, but I died laughing.

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The best of all quote or colorful metaphors describing a certain coasters roughness....




Does anyone know who said this and what coaster is being cursed at??


If so Email Dan!!

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"I'm still Crazy German Guy! Gimme some candy!"

"Spanish Deja Vuuuuuu!"

"Where's the pain" (while on the Surf Coaster in Japan)

"Here in the central plaza we have the Matterhorn...Screw Coaster..."

"Disneyland Castle....Disney World Castle"

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^^^ Manhattan Express, of course. Here are a couple of my favorite old-school TPR quotes:


"Here we are, waiting for Dragster, which won't even open, but I'm in my tent."


"Jews can't play sports, man."


"Haha, Californians can't do this!"

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My favorites:


"Aright, this is where the typhoon is heading, and THIS is where we are!"

"You open Pyreenes or I'll shoot you with this here pistol!"

"Gimmie some candy!"


"Is this an acceptable level of water?"

"And this is where we go to get farted on."





Of course, the Manhattan Express stuff:


"They should pay me twelve bucks to ride this f****n thing!"

"Why the f**k is that the smoothest part of the ride?!"

"Holy anal sex sheep s**t f****n monkey bastard s**t!


And all the random groanings of pain. especially the dive loop thing!

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My favorites:


- Anything from the Manhattan Express POV video

- Any self-powered-ride-related discussions from Bon Bon Land

- (singing) "Here we are, on the escalator ride! It's the escalator ride!"

- "Simulation Tatsu... Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" - Robb in the "Tatsu Construction Tour" Video

- "exTREEEEEEEEEEEEEM transfer track... EXTREME transfer track ZOOM! Oooooooh...." -Robb in the "Tatsu Construction Tour" Video


All of these totally crack me up...

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"They broke the Legend?"


"Yeah Matthew did it with some woman from Kentucky it's the biggest secret ever"


Hahahaha... when they broke the Legends bell at Holiday World (the videos on the first DVD) I have no idea who Matthew is or who the lady from Kentucky is but it was random enough to make me laugh out loud a lot

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"Unfortunately the Americans have broken the wheel. We'll be sending them the bill" - The operator at Southport

"This is more forceful than Silver Bullet" - Robb on the Disney World parking lot tram.

"I love Vekoma rides" - Kumali construction tour

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