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French Canadian Acrobats!

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Random synergy -


A week after I get back from the TPR UK Tour, me and my David go and see Cirque du Soleil and their current tour of VAREKAI.


French Candian Acrobats, huh?


That fits.


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^^ As long as Robb keeps changing the name.... the threads shall flourish!!! Besides I like it! Get a chance to see the difference between the whiners and the people with a sense of humor!!


That is just the thing!! Why on earth would people care that Robb is having a little fun with the forums? For you people who are actually getting offended, taking it personally or mad about what he is doing...GET A LIFE!!!


It's all just a completely harmless lil bit o fun on these forums!!


Onto the fun.....


I didn't find any French Canadian acrobats but I did find a French Canadian Sammich!! Does this count?


Yummy!!! French toast, canadian bacon and french canadian maple syrup!!

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Next we will have Theme Parks, Roller Coasters & Fried Green Olive's! The possibilities are endless.....then brain's ?? Whoa time for a breather......lol


This better not happen

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After that pic of the bear I can't stop thinking about the masturbating bear on Conan O'Brien. Gee...thanks!


"Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Robb rides the Scat". Well, that clip cracked me up all week, esp. as I watched people at HW riding Revolution.

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Ok, Where are you guys? In Cali? Maybe, but probably not. I just can't completely figure out the connection with the lentil soup, radioactive material, drywall and the french canadian acrobats. First I thought possibly out towards La Ronde, but not sure at this moment. I am probably wrong about everything here. Well at least we can spin the bottle and kick the donkey.

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