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  1. ^Still miss walking by OE while walking into the park. Why did I have to finally grow a pair and start riding coasters the year AFTER they took OE out. *still kicking self for not riding Zambezi Zinger when I went in '96*
  2. You are correct sir! Orient Express had it. FYI It's now located on Timber Wolf.
  3. Coasters will be nonexistent. Theme parks will succumb to No Child Left Behind and everything will be educational.
  4. Finally! Someone took my "TPR Tycoon" idea that I suggested around page 2. I think it could be done better, but I can't decide what pics to use on mine, so I probably won't submit one I did it on paint, and my MS Paint skills aren't very good, if you couldn't.
  5. Maybe they should bring back Mr. Six. Have him drive around in his bus, only not picking up people, and he pulls into a park. Locks the parking gate and says "Welcome To Six Flags, YOU CAN'T COME!" It worked for Cartmanland.
  6. I think not having Metal Detectors is a good sign of the park. Even if the park is in KC, it's at least in a good part. The signs must work, because I don't see anyone carrying gats around at the park.
  7. Mamba is actually very reliable. It's never been down the times I've been there. Although back during Coaster Mayhem, it kept e-stoping on the lift hill. That's what had me on edge while ridding it.
  8. How else would the evac. people off? I've seen Mamba e-stopped, the ride up went up the stairway, and figgeted with the train. Then after he got back to the station, the train continued on it's merry way.
  9. Timber Wolf is undergoing a MAJOR rehab. They haven't completely retracked it. But it's an improvement from what it used to be. Timber Wolf's rehab started last year, and will be completed during the winter. It's been down most of the day, and only opening around 4 PM. Next year Timber Wolf should return to it's glory days. Nobody truely knows how to ride Spinning Dragons. You need to fatten up and get another fat friend. Put them on the side going up the lift hill the normal way. You spin like crazy, and the forces are insane. Tried it going up the lift hill backwards, but it doesn't provide the same ride as first stated.
  10. Actually Worlds of Fun uses "The American Scream" more than that.
  11. I was at Worlds of Fun on May 20th. The Mamba crew was about 2 ops per car, and one at the switchboard. So, 2 per car*6 cards. So 13 ops in one station.
  12. I think "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, And Certain Uncertainty" fits this thread.
  13. It all depends on when you ride Patriot. The forces pick up later on in the day. In the morning it's not as good as it is later on. I haven't ridden it yet, but the general concensus with Patriot is that. But then again, you can't compare Patriot to Raptor or Montu, they are larger scale B&M's where Patriot is a medium sized one.
  14. Sure you don't live in Lenexa, Kansas. A girl there threatened to kill her teacher over a grade, on what is thought to be a "private" journal, that's on the internet. Wow...oxymoron. At Worlds of Fun (my home park) everyone was like "Didn't some girl get flung out of her seat on this?" while in line for Timber Wolf. I was like "Yes, only after she decided to climb to the seat in front of her on the lift." Then you've got ride ops, who are just as bad as the media when it comes to rumors about accidents. "Orient Express was taken down because it derailed and killed people." Even though it was 4 years AFTER the derailment, and people where only injured.
  15. Google Earth'd It. But I don't know where it is. Someone can point it out. Wild One's Helix.
  16. I know exactly how you feel. I had only ridden a 95 foot wooden and a 50 foot spinning coaster when I wanted to try 200 foot. I was so scared. I had chickened out on the five visits before, and this was a once a year thing, so it was 5 years that I had chickened out. I would say I would ride it, then I would imagine crazy stuff happening like a Wile E. Coyote body falls, head stays thing, slip out of the restraints, have my partial fly out and injury someone, or choke on it. I love coasters, but it takes a lot for me to ride them. I finally rode Mamba after waiting 30 minutes in the line. Which did it, I thought to myself "5 years and 30 minutes is long enough" I got in, and we were dispatched. I was checking my pulse during the entire ride. Finally I just looked over the side to see how bad it was, and it wasn't all that bad. But then someone said "Don't look behind you, it's worse" and I turned around and was like "What?........ " I had a great time though. I think it helped that it was Halloweekends and the entire park was covered in fog. I rode it 2 more times. I was so excited and fearless that I walked over to the Boomerang and rode it twice. Which was great, it was fun and didn't hurt or anything. But now I don't know if i'm ready for a B&M Invert. I'm scared to death of it. I want to ride it, but its different from a Vekoma Boomerang or a Morgan Hyper. I don't know what to expect or anything. So thats my story........
  17. Edit: I think this is better than the original. Not so much. The first one is just short, sweet and to the point. The Holy Land has spent time watching TV to see what is "hip" and they didn't like what they saw. So I present to you: Will & The Grace Of God! Offensive....wow.....
  18. The first one is Fury of the Nile from Worlds of Fun. During Halloweekends they dye it red ad it becomes bloody. Even though I absolutely love this ride, they should clone it and put it at The Holy Land Experience. It just goes with the theme. Didn't any changing either. The second one I like, even though someone beat me to it. Haha. I got mad MS Paint skills. Not. Even the Pharoah is to chicken!
  19. http://www.worldsoffun.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill_rides/patriot/constructionjournal.cfm Dunno if that's what you want.
  20. Newbie. Got hooked on coasters by a Dinn-Summers creation. Was solidified by a Gerstlauer Spinning, Morgan hyper, and a Vekoma Boomerang. Curse my living in Kansas. Would have more. Have a grand total of: 5 Rode a Dragon Wagon when I was a kid, got sick on it, screamed to get off, yelled at the ride op, he didn't listen, mom stood in the que laughing, until she realized that I wasn't joking around. So yeah.....I was a coasterphobe for a while.
  21. Curse my partial! Makes me have a stupid face. This was my second time experiencing airtime. Curse my fear of heights. Over it now. First time I experienced airtime was on a Sea Dragon. Haha I look so lame. Arms in the air....like I just don't care.
  22. Love the avatar! Ahh...quality FOX programming. Wow. That's an oxymoron. I vaguely remember that commercial. But as for a difference, I don't think there is one, but i'm not a Donkeyologist.
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