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  1. Okay, I've never done this before but I'm going to give it a try because I want to tell you about my trip. By the way, my pictures are horrible. We focused on going on the rides rather than taking pictures. By the way, I'll upload the pictures later. I wanna get some later from my cousin. It was about 87 degrees the whole day, which wasn't so bad. We get taken by taxi (we stayed in the Days Inn Busch Gardens/WCUSA hotel, which didn't have a shuttle and was in the middle of a highway) The driver was talking about the rides and everything, which was a good topic to talk about because my cousin and I were nervous about riding Apollo's Chariot. I told him I was afraid of heights and he told me I might not want to ride it. Honestly, when we started out the day, we didn't think we were going to go on Apollo. We get into the park and it's not too crowded, especially because we bought our tickets ahead of time. We all decide to go to Italy first and ride Roman Rapids. I told my cousin that it didn't get you wet bad at all, judging from the 3 rides I took on it when I went about 3 years ago. Boy, was I wrong. We got soaked.. Not a part of our bodies were dry. Since we were wet as it is, we decided to get on Escape from Pompeii. When we walked back, we noticed it was stuck! Then, we decided to go on Tradewinds. That wimpy flat ride that goes around in circles. My mom about flipped her sh*t on that ride. I was just bored. Then we headed towards the first coaster of the day. Big Bad Wolf. The line for Big Bad Wolf was pretty short, so we got in the second car's front row. I was on the right side. The first drop was like nothing and then we were off. I thought it was extremely fun flying through the buildings and thought the right side was the best side. It has the most close calls, especially with the helix. But I also thought that the first part was extremely short. It lasted only a few seconds. So we hit the brake run and went up the second lift. Now, I have a disease called "I can't tell how high things will look or how high things are." I was surprised at how high it looked! But when we went down, it was awesome. We swung out and then swung again to the left and went up. That last turn swings you the most, and it's awesome because you're so high up. We had so much fun that we decided to get on in the front, and this time I was on the left side unfortunately. It wasn't as good as the right, but it was still awesome. After I got off I thought BBW was probably 0% scary and 100% just plain old fun. We got hungry so we headed to my favorite, Trapper's Smokehouse! I got a salad, stupidly. But I didn't want to upset my stomach or anything. Then my mom split up on her own to see some shows while we went around New France. We decided to get in line for Le Scoot, which had a damn long waiting line. When we got on, I didn't realize how high the belt took us. Pretty damn high log flume. That drop that is about 20 feet high before the big one is crazy. You're so high up, despite the low drop. Le Scoot is the best log flume I've been on so far. Next, we headed for the "most intense ride" in the park, Alpengeist. The lines were very short for what I'd think would be long lines. We got in the third car and I was in the middle-ish seat. We went up the lift and it was EXTREMELY loud. We get to the top and the view is nice but I'm feeling a bit vertigo of course. That trim does slow down that first drop a bit, too. The drop was awesome. Immelman - extremely fun. The loop was very quick and very awesome, too, but the best inversion I'd have to say was the Cobra Roll. The roll was awesome, even from the inside. Then we hit the mid-run brakes. Ouch. You really get whiplash from that. My head hit the restraint so much. The rest of the inversions were great, too. But I didn't know why our driver said "The last corkscrew will get you." I didn't feel too much. Anyways, were sitting in the block waiting for the train to leave the station and my cousin says she didn't like the ride. Mind you, she sat on the outside. She said it threw her around too much. Next we headed to Loch Ness Monster. Again, a short line. It seemed really high up for only being 130', too. The first drop was a bit of airtime, but the kind that makes my stomach feel weird. The second drop was about the same, but not as much because of the brakes. The helix in the tunnel was really fun. It went on forever and it was about pitch black. Not much else to say about it. It was pretty fun. We then headed back to Alpengeist. This time, I sat on the outside. Man, you feel SO much more and you are getting thrown around like crazy, but I thought it was SO much fun. That Cobra Roll is a Cobra Toss. Seriously, it was like crazy. The Zero-G was so much better, and the Corkscrew was pure thrill. I love the outside. Then.. we headed to Italy to meet up with my mom. And.. you know what's in Italy. That's right, Apollo's Chariot. We jumped RIGHT IN line, without even thinking about it so we wouldn't get scared and decide not to go. We got in the third row and I sat in the middle. I was super nervous. One; It's so f'ing high up. Two; those restraints look like they aren't going to hold you in at all. We get to the top, and.. wow. The little drop down before the straight part and the real drop scared me so bad. That sh*t is high up. You look out and see EVERYTHING. The tree tops, the rest of the ride, the whole town. It's incredible and horrifying. I closed my eyes because I didn't want to be surprised when we started going down. I opened my eyes when I thought we were half down and we weren't even really off the top yet. It was purely awesome. All this time I thought it'd be horrible and scary, but I had the time of my life. The airtime was awesome. I was out of my seat so much on this ride. The lesbians next to us told us it would be scary and everything, and at first it was, but then it was just fun. I thought the best airtime was at the drop right after the midbrakes and the drop where they take your picture. I found it really funny how Apollo's Chariot was the first roller coaster I actually felt safe in putting my hands up. After that, we went on Big Bad Wolf again. This time, we pulled my mom into the car.. but she freaked out when she got the shoulder harness over her. I had to tell someone to get her out because it made me really nervous for her. I thought she was going to piss herself. Then we went for Apollo again. I couldn't just get on it once. Pretty much same seats. My cousin and I both sat in the middle, though, because we found a mom and a son to sit on the outsides for us. They were pretty cool. In fact, the one kid's first roller coaster was Apollo's Chariot that day, and it was his third time riding it. About this time, I was very tired of walking. I was wearing flipflops and they really effed up my feet. I had water blisters between my toes, nasty. We decided to get on Loch Ness again. I could hardly get my arm up by the restraint, it was tight. This time we were in the second car and it was really bumpy. The turn after the first drop hurt like a mother. Our final coaster of the day was a great ride on Alpengeist. Good thing I got to rest my nasty feet, but only for a few minutes. This time I basically could yawn on the ride. Before I was talking to my cousin on it and everything. It's just a generally fun ride and after you get past the "OMGIT WILL BE SCARY" thought you have a great time. That's it for now, I'll post some pics later. Overall: Big Bad Wolf 3 Loch Ness Monster 2 Alpengeist 3 Apollo's Chariot 2
  2. Hi everyone.. I'm going to Williamsburg in a few days, and I looked up the weather yesterday on weather.com, and everything looked pretty good. Then I looked it up today, and the whole time I'm there it's supposed to be Isolated Thunderstorms.. Can anyone give me updates about the weather, if you live by Williamsburg? We always end up going at bad times. Last time there was a hurricane.. But everything was OK and it didn't storm too much when we went to the park and WCUSA. Anyways, any information would be great. Thanks.
  3. His hair makes him look a bit older but if he dyed it, he'd just look like a normal 29-year old.
  4. For real. He doesn't LOOK old except for his hair. And that's easily possible. A lot of guys get gray when they're young. It doesn't mean he can't be young and have gray hair.
  5. I'm glad you finally went back to Hershey and rode Storm Runner. Good pics, as always!
  6. Taylor is only 29, lol. And he doesn't look old, his hair is just gray. That's how it goes sometimes. I think the finale was great (aside from the finalists there.) I hate Mary J. Blige now. I thought it was a performance with Elliot Yamin and Mary J. Blige, not just Mary J. Blige. She pretty much took the whole song and I didn't like how it sounded. Oh well. I'm just ranting now.
  7. I thought it was pretty good, except for the outcome. Elliott and Mandisa were discovered, that's all that matters. Who cares about the blond act with Kellie or Taylor acting blind. What matters is that there WERE good singers and good times on the show. Now, really bad idol seasons were two and three.
  8. Um. The best part was Elliot and Mandisa. I wasn't even surprised. I'm glad bad dancing and gray hair can go a long way. Congrats, Taylor. You are mediocre but you are lovable.
  9. Storm Runner's barrel roll and that dive thing after the first roll, so far. At least until I go to Busch Gardens Europe ( I hear a lot of things about Alpengeist's Cobra roll)
  10. I don't know, but if that were to happen, kick Taylor out and let Elliot stay. Elliot is much better than Taylor, vocally. Besides, I probably wouldn't like the type of album Taylor would come out with. Elliot would come out with something modern and Taylor would probably make something country (hopefully not another one!) or old fashioned. Besides, like I've said before.. Taylor has had how many great songs? Like, 3. Elliot has gotten the most great reviews from the judges, he's just not popular.
  11. I love American Idol. This is the first season I've actually paid attention to the whole time. First off, wtf. Gedeon was really good. I can't believe when it came down to Gedeon and Bucky, Bucky won. I mean I like Bucky, but Gedeon sang "When A Man Loves A Woman" so good, I just couldn't believe it. It's probably because he looks weird. Then, Mandisa does good on every song she sings, except for the country song I guess. But she was by far the best female singer. I think she should have stayed longer, but I wouldn't want her as my American Idol. She'd probably make a gospel album or something that I wouldn't like. Now, until up to like last week, I thought it was going to be Chris and Katherine in the end. However, my favorite is definately Elliot. He is so good, but he's just not popular. Now, Chris is gone.. Taylor and Elliot were in the top 2. I don't like Taylor's singing at all. I think he's fun and awesome, but I don't like his voice. Elliot, out of all of them, definately deserves it. I think he's just a normal guy and has an exceptionally good voice. I mean, Simon said that he's the best male vocal they've EVER had. This week, only one person got very good ratings on BOTH songs, and that was Elliot. I won't be shocked if Elliot goes home, just because he isn't popular. In fact, Taylor may very well be the next American Idol, which pisses me off because I just think he should have been gone by now after having sung horribly before and looking stupid, but funny, while doing it. Elliot for life.
  12. Wow man, that's crazy stuff. Thanks for telling me this, I was always wondering it. I just didn't look around in the right spots.
  13. im just surprised no one is hispanic who voted yet.
  14. Wow, that's pretty relentless right there. Why did they change it anyways?
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