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Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

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What's the thoughts about this rumor? http://goo.gl/rSLz4B


(4/20/15) Rumor has it that Canobie Lake Park may be planning on adding a new flat ride to the park. However, according to the rumor, it likely wont open until the end of the park's season. If the rest of the rumor is true, the new ride may actually be one of the new Zamperla Air Race attractions, which appear to be quite thrilling and would be a good addition to the park.


It wouldn't be the first ride Canobie adds in the middle of the summer. Are air racers any good?


Really good, as long as you have the tolerance for a lot of spinning! I love them but I know a few friends that usually don't mind spinning rides, and thought that one was a bit much.

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I was there on July 3 and was only able to see two survey markers. But it was a great visit. We waited for Yankee Cannonball for 30 minutes, but only 5 minutes for Untamed, The Pirate Ship and Log Ride. About 15 minutes for The Haunted Mine and Corkscrew. The staff was amazingly friendly!!! Canobie was the first amusement park I ever experienced when I was a young boy, and coming back to it 25 years later at the age of 36 was an extremely wonderful and nostalgic experience.

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I haven't heard anything else on that site, but I feel like it will eventually be turned into a water park expansion. Castaway Bay is usually over capacity and very popular with families. If the park removes the Corkscrew, I would really want to see a coaster, but from a business standpoint, adding slides like Quassy has done lately would be a good decision to lighten the load on Castaway.

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Castaway Bay definitely needs some relief. When I was there, the crowds at Castaway looked so dense that I doubt it could have been an enjoyable experience. While I prefer a new coaster, I think waterpark expansion is extremely necessary for this park. A perfect situation would include both a new coaster and an expansion of the waterpark.

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Opening day was today. Cannonball was really anemic, but it's the first day.


For those who care, the Mine of Lost Souls had all but two stunts working (the talking heads right before the Egypt bit and the boulder stunt before the collapsing ceiling were nonfunctional) and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.


EDIT: It appears that the new for 2016 addition is a petting zoo behind Untamed.

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I'm planning on taking a visit up to Canobie Lake this summer, any do's or don'ts I should follow? I'm very excited for Yankee Cannonball and Untamed.


Don't get your hopes up for Yankee Cannonball, it is overrated IMHO with slow operations, ride it early. Expects lots of rude kids running around and invading your personal space when standing next to you on line. If you like fresh fried clam strips, the one at Canobie are very good (overpriced but you're at an amusement park). Don't skip PsychoDrome, a fun indoor scrambler with a lighting package (not as good as the one at Funtown Splashtown) if you can follow the story line to Mine of Lost Souls you win the keys to the universe.

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We ended up missing Mine of Lost Souls when we visited last year. Line was too long and didn't want to wait.


Everything Larry said about Cannonball is 100% true. Rode it once because the line was too long and they were running one-train operation. Honestly, one ride is enough anyway. Untamed is fun for a few re-rides.


PsychoDrome FTW.

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Will you have a full day at Canobie? If so, I'd recommend riding the Mine of Lost Souls at night. The line can be almost an hour midday, but it usually dies down at night. The log flume's line dies down towards the end of the night as well. Midday it can be 30-45 minutes on a hot day.


The Yankee Cannonball will have a pretty consistent 30 minute wait all day. The line may look small, but unfortunately it only has a one train operation and only seats 18 riders. While it's pretty small and has a meager top speed, the first few drops pack quite the punch in the back seat and have some good air-time. The ride is also very smooth despite its age. The station is too small to wait for seats, so the park counts off 18 riders and then it's a free-for-all for the seats. Try for the back car if possible.


Untamed shouldn't have more than a 15-30 minute wait. It also has a single rider line if you're going alone or want to save time. Untamed can be rough during the turns and cutback inversion, so brace yourself. The epic first drop is more than worth it.


As others have said, you should definitely check out the Psycho Drome indoor scrambler. You should also try to ride the Caterpillar (only one in the US that is still operating with its canopy), Star Blaster (small but powerful S&S double shot), the Turkish Twist (fastest rotor I've ever found, 33 RPMs), and the Wipeout (run much faster than the other versions of this ride that I've been on). The flyers (Rowdy Roosters) aren't snappable, but the cars do have good movement and come close to several trees.

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Sorry for the double post, but what are the bag policy? Do I need a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo?


Not at all. The park has plenty of bins and I recall seeing larger bags placed on the ground if they didn't fit.

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I recently visited the park, and I honestly think it's still fun, but the GP is going to get bored, fast. The last true addition (minus Equinox) was Untamed in 2011, with ride removals. While the park is beautifully landscaped, the admission goes up for less rides and no new additions. We are seriously overdue for a new attraction somewhere in the park.

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I recently visited the park, and I honestly think it's still fun, but the GP is going to get bored, fast. The last true addition (minus Equinox) was Untamed in 2011, with ride removals. While the park is beautifully landscaped, the admission goes up for less rides and no new additions. We are seriously overdue for a new attraction somewhere in the park.


I just visited the park in early August and I can't see how the GP would be bored. Its a smash hit with locals who have kids and there are plenty of flats to chose from. Some visitors are people who are touristing to Boston so they spend the day there, I highly doubt they are "bored". I will say that I think the park is one coaster away from being a must visit park.


The theming is great, the park is very well landscaped as you mentioned. I don't think anyone is bored besides "enthusiasts" who don't make up 1% of visitors.

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I visited Canobie for my first time on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Had planned to see Funtown/Splashtown on Monday but other plans developed the night before that brought me back home instead.


Expected it to be busy, but I knew this was the kind of place where enjoying the atmosphere was as important as the rides, so I wanted to see an alive, bustling park. It was busy, but very bearable. I pulled in right at opening after some delays getting on the road, so arrived later than planned to already full queues. An interesting phenomenon ensued: With just a few exceptions, every queue stayed more or less at exactly full capactiy all day long -- neither shortening nor extending into the midways. This meant a 20-30min wait for most rides.


The park is absolutely charming, and I enjoyed a relaxing day soaking in all the details. How about a few pics?



First up is Yankee Cannonball! I've long heard a fair bit of hype for this ride and was excited to see what it was all about.


You don't really get to choose your seat. Train-filling groups are let in for each lap, everyone just kind of dukes it out for the best seats.


Can't see much of the ride from inside the park, just the lift hill. It borders the parking lot but I did not venture out that way for a closer look.


On my first ride I was second in line to get in, but had to set my bag aside and ended up with front seat of the back car. My ride was fun, extremely smooth, but did not deliver the major airtime I was hoping for. Later after dark I took another ride on Cannonball and lucked out for the front seat! Holy moly is this a smooth ride (absolutely the smoothest woodie I've ridden), and the airtime was better up front. It was best-case ride and really had me appreciating this vintage coaster.


Next Up was Untamed in the picturesque Great Bear Plaza. Untamed was fun, but a little too jerky to be a great ride.


Great details on the station. Operations were speedy and I waited about 5min. This was one exception to the "instantly full queues at opening" rule.


The lift hill trys to intimidate you as you queue. Bring it on, Untamed.


Around back of Untamed was a real cornfield!


I'm thinking these were related to a Halloween event.



A field of tomatoes and an awesome windmill. This is my kind of place.


The birch bark supports are really well done, and the ride nestles beautifully into its surroundings.


This is a game of "find the train hidden in plain sight".



I said nestled, and freakin' meant it!!


Looks smooth. Is not.


Fantastic new pinball parlor. Could have spent hours here.


Major reason for coming here! It was,... decent. Wish I could have done Funtown's version, too.


This is Lake Canobie. Thus the name of the park.


I definitely drank my way around the park. Beer was flowing freely.


Even the smoker outposts were attractive.


My first pass by, the line for Canobie Corkscrew was too long for my liking so I just snapped a few pics.


This has got to be one of the cleanest Arrow Corkcrews out there. I did manage a ride during a rare moment when the line shortened.


These folks are not getting screwed as hard as your typical Arrow rider.


A small water play area in the back of the park behind CC.


Strangely, I actually REALLY liked this ride.




Paintball range! This would make for part of a great haunted walk-thru.


Parks get points for friendly doggie policies.


yay rainbows


Gave the Roosters a pass on my first time by, hoping the line would die down. It wouldn't.


wet af


Line showed no signs of relenting so I waited out my 1/2h


My turn!


OH WTF is this!! (Permission granted to take photo.)


They're beautiful, but flew like a Cadillac in molassas. Positively un-snap-crackle-poppin'.


Oh, how did I forget to tell you about Caterpillar? It was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. (Permission granted to take photo.)


I ate some food too, but not from here. Totally meant to. Oh man, and I also totally forgot to mention my favorite ride!! Oh well. Thanks for reading my TR.

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Great report! I love this little park. Yankee Cannonball is a lot of fun, but people on this site talk about it like it's god's gift to wood coasters which leads to a lot of disappointment. I think of it in the same way I think about Thunderbolt at Six Flags New England. It's smooth, it's fun but it's not a world-beating ride and the airtime is minimal.

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Awesome photos! Glad you enjoyed the park. I had a lot of fun when I visited last year (still have all the photos on the phone for that trip report I never got around to writing lol).


I agree with the Yankee Cannonball sentiments. Fun coaster, but wouldn't go out of my way to ride again. Thoroughly enjoyed Untamed, though!

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