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Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

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Good news for those looking to visit Canobie from out-of-state, New Hampshire no longer has the rule that anyone who used public transportation outside of NH, VT, and ME in the past 2 weeks is denied entry into the park.

Realistically, I know most people probably said they didn't even if they did, but I decided to respect that rule last year to avoid getting the park or the employees I knew in trouble.  In fact, I think the park assumed everyone would just say no to that rule.  I tried contacting the park last year if a negative covid test could be presented as an alternative if I took public transportation and they said I was the only person who asked, so they had no clue if it was acceptable or not.

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I had an great first visit to this park today! It was perfect weather, with a chance of rain that didn't come and kept the crowds away. I got to ride Yankee Cannonball (awesome ride in rows 1, 3, and 4) seven times, mostly with a one-train wait. The Canobie Corkscrew was closed, though, so I only got two credits today. There was also a construction wall around the carousel building that had a sign on it that said "wet paint," so I guess they're doing some refurb work? It seems kind of odd to be doing that at the beginning of July. Anyway, this park was really charming and I hope to come back someday.

As a bonus, here's a video of some insane banking I saw on Ice Jet. I only saw this during this one cycle, and my cycle was considerably tamer. I remember @Canobie Coaster mentioning that the park's old Matterhorn ride used to bank like this, so it was neat to witness. I guess that either the operator was taking matters into his or her own hands for a minute or there's different programs that can be selected.

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