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Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

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News of Canobie's plans has hit the news through the Eagle Tribune. With that I made an Official thread on the Whalom forum with Information above an beyond anything offered by the Tribune or Canobie itself.


Enjoy! http://s6.zetaboards.com/New_Whalom_Park/topic/8835749


This should be an amazing ride for the park. It is a step up in there Thrill ride section.

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Canobie Lake Park has sent us their official announcement regarding their latest addition, Equinox, scheduled to open later this year!


Canobie Lake Park is open each weekend during September and October. The Park’s newly acquired EQUINOX ride is also targeted for an October opening to ramp up the thrills planned for this fall.


EQUINOX features a breathtaking flight of almost 75 feet into the air spinning in almost every direction simultaneously. The ride has a trio of arms emanating from a center hub with each arm holding two 4-seat gondolas in an “open-seat” configuration. A huge boom lifts 24 passengers into the sky as they revolve around the center. And then the thrills increase exponentially as the boom holding the arms rotates and each arm in turn begins to flip independently.


“The Equinox combines three different types of revolutions while soaring high through the air,” said Chris Nicoli, Canobie’s Marketing and Entertainment Manager. “It is certainly intense and perfectly complements our other high energy attractions including our newest roller coaster, UNTAMED. If you are truly a thrill seeker, this ride is waiting for you.”


In addition to the new ride, Canobie Lake Park features a range of fall events with something for everyone. The seven-weekend Oktoberfest celebration and this year’s new Autumn Fairgrounds retail area opened on September 15th. The Oktoberfest gala includes a beer garden, traditional German food, music and live entertainment. Canobie’s crowd-pleasing live show, tribute to the music Madonna, also returns this fall.


Beginning September 28th and continuing through October 28th, hours will be extended this year on Saturdays and Sundays with the Park opening at 1PM, giving guests additional time to enjoy some fall fun with everything the Park has to offer. That’s also when SCREEEMFEST adds some fear to the mix haunting Canobie Lake Park each weekend during that time.


There’s plenty to “screeem” about with five haunted houses, including the new “Terror in the Corn” haunted maze in a corn field that Canobie grew on-site just for this event. There will also be Halloween games, zombies and monsters lurking about, and for the youngsters, Canobie’s Kiddieland will be open along with a family-friendly walk through the corn maze on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The one and only MINI KISS tribute band also returns, rocking every night during Screeemfest.


Canobie Lake Park is presenting all their fall events for one, low admission price that includes all haunted houses, operating rides, entrance to Oktoberfest and the Autumn Fairgrounds retail area, live entertainment and more. For Park hours, show schedules, directions and more information about events, visit the Park’s website at canobie.com.




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The restraints look open and free because they're basically a bicycle seat; think "standup floorless." Its a KMG Tango bought from a UK showman - from the experience of actually riding such a ride, I liked it fine but I'll be the first to admit you're probably better off buying a pair of Wrangler jeans before riding this since the inside thigh is gonna be put against that bike seat for awhile and with force.

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There's a KMG Tango that shows up at my local fair every year. I consider it the most evil flat ride in existence. Yes, it is a great ride, but it is just so uncomfortable I've only ridden twice. You're basically being flung around by your crotch, and the restraints are more to keep you from flying off than to hold you securely in one place. It should be a great ride for Canobie Lake Park, as it gives them a high thrill attraction with a small footprint. I just don't know how much repeat ridership it will recieve.


Here's a video I found of the one at my local fair. Every year, they have a sign out front reading "This ride's computer-controlled movements are so unique that they are patented." I don't know if it's true or not, but I certainly think this must be one of the most intense flat rides out there.


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Every year, they have a sign out front reading "This ride's computer-controlled movements are so unique that they are patented." I don't know if it's true or not, but I certainly think this must be one of the most intense flat rides out there.

Maybe the way the seat assemblies flip is patented. KMG isn't the only manufacturer that uses a big arm with a rotating upper section and a rotating star-shape assembly attached to it. Zamperla uses the same kind of thing for their Power Surge and Shocker rides, though the seat assemblies on those rides flip freely (Power Surge side to side, Shocker forward and backward).

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FYI; apparently all has not gone well. I was at the park today; Equinox is not yet open. It was running all night, but only test cycles, and apparently for staff to train on; no riders actually on it. What a tease...the ride looks amazing though! I'm going to have to wait until next year to get on it now though, sadly =/

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Canobie Lake Park has sent us a press release regarding their unique SCREEEMFEST flash mob held last Friday.


Just prior to 2:00 pm on Friday, October 12, a caravan of buses pulled alongside historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston and discharged their passengers – zombies, monsters and ghouls. Hundreds of them, marching stiff-legged toward the market’s West End.


As the monsters paraded through Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston radio celebrity “undertakers” Billy Costa of KISS 108FM and Ramiro of JAMN 94.5FM emerged from two hearses at the front of group, and the sound of eerie dance music was heard throughout the historic marketplace.


Choreographed in unison, the monsters began to dance to the spine-tingling beat. The performance wowed spectators for more than three minutes and culminated with the sound of electric shocks as the zombies twitched in their final throes of the dance. Then, as quickly as they arrived, they were gone, back on the buses, back to Canobie Lake Park SCREEEMFEST in Salem, New Hampshire, from where they had come.


The “zombie flash mob” was a joint effort between Canobie Lake Park and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.


“Both of our organizations are committed to reinventing ways to entertain our visitors and guests,” said Chris Nicoli, Canobie Lake Park's Marketing and Entertainment Manager. “We have a great partnership with Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and together we developed a Halloween-themed event that was both exciting and current. Canobie Lake Park SCREEEMFEST, running weekends throughout the month of October, provided the resources allowing us to assemble a huge cast of 'monsters and zombies' and present a performance in the heart of Boston that everyone could enjoy.”


“Faneuil Hall Marketplace has always been an iconic Boston destination. The Marketplace is working hard to launch a series of new programs and events that will shape Boston's future,” said Kristin Phelan, Director of Marketing, Faneuil Hall Marketplace. “Partners like Canobie Lake Park share a similar mission in creating unique and memorable experiences for guests that will make them want to visit time and time again.”


The hundreds of costumed “monsters” were choreographed by Canobie Lake Park’s Entertainment Department to custom music prepared for the event.






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