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Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

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Looks like they're doing a good job with the construction so far. I went over to Salem to check on the progress today. It looked like the Helice at the end of the ride was finished, to go along with the Lift Hill.


I did end up taking some pictures (Right next to the chain-link fence, not inside the park!), but I'm not really interested in posting them, because there was already a full video posted earlier in the thread, not to mention all the photos on Canobie's Facebook page.

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More new pictures from thus past weekend have been posted on Canobie Lake's Facebook.

This is taking no time at all.


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and posted the photo so people won't have to jump to see it. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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Man, it took months for them to prepare the site and get the station built, and then they put the ride up over a weekend? Must have really efficient connections.


Well... yeah. I remember hearing from somewhere that compact (I.E, Premade Layout) Eurofighters can be put up in as little as 3 days. Even the bigger ones, like Dare Devil Dive, can be put up in just a couple of weeks if the park knows what it's doing.


Anyway, always exciting when a park puts the final piece of track on a new roller coaster! Hopefully it won't take that long for the park to start testing this bad boy. I can hardly wait...

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It took so long because the weather in NE is not favorable form November to March. The station is the big visual point for the coaster, so it was bound to take a while to build. The coast is also a models that can be operated in a portable format so it's intend to go up quickly.


here are some photos of untamed from opening day:


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Canobie Lake Park has sent us a press release about their upcoming season, including the launch of their new Euro Fighter, Untamed.


Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire, is ready with plenty of family summer fun in store for the Park’s 109th season. On Thursday, May 26, Canobie begins daily operation with over 85 rides, games, live shows and attractions. Memorial Day Weekend also marks the opening of the Park’s popular water play complex, Castaway Island, weather permitting.


Affordable Family Fun

With one, low admission price that includes all rides, attractions, scheduled shows and Castaway Island, Canobie Lake Park offers an exceptional value for quality, family entertainment that’s close to home. And parking is always free.


Special Discounts

The Park has several special discount event days, beginning with Armed Services Appreciation Days over Memorial Day Weekend when members of our armed forces will be able to purchase Park admission for just $10. Canobie also has special days for Scouts, sports and other teams, seniors, and a Father’s Day special when Dads get free admission and a free lunch. Details about these specials, as well as upcoming availability of discount coupons at partner locations, are available on the Park’s specials web page at canobie.com.


The Canobie Classroom: Educational Programs

With a variety of educational programs and real-world physics demonstrations, Canobie becomes an interactive learning environment that provides teachers with some rather unique tools to reinforce a variety of math and science principles. With hands-on presentations like “Real Science,” Canobie Lake Park provides student groups from all over New England with outings that are both fun and educational.


A Wild, NEW Coaster: UNTAMED!

The final section of track has been installed on Canobie’s newest roller coaster, UNTAMED, and the expected launch date is Saturday, June 11. The coaster takes riders on a wild ride with a first climb of 72 feet into the air, propelling them into a 97 degree drop, loops, banked turns and zero gravity rolls. Let the screaming begin!


A Coaster Birthday Blast

This summer also marks the 75th birthday of Canobie’s Yankee Cannonball, one of the most popular and historic wooden roller coasters in New England. Details about the UNTAMED coaster opening and the Yankee Cannonball birthday celebration will be available on the Park’s website and Facebook page.


LIVE Entertainment: A Summer of SuperStars

People will be thrilled to hear that Canobie Lake Park’s popular, live tribute shows, including the amazing Tribute to Michael, return beginning June 25th and run through Labor Day. The Park’s “Wildlife Encounters” show, where the zoo comes to you, began on May 20th and also continues through Labor Day. Visit canobie.com for details on the complete 2011 live entertainment line-up and schedule.


Look, Up In The Sky!

With some of the best fireworks displays in New England, Canobie Lake Park brings a lot of flash to summer fun starting the July 4th weekend with three nights of spectacular fireworks choreographed to music. But why stop there? The Park has fireworks every Saturday night from July 2nd all the way through September 3rd, weather permitting.

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Great news for all! I should be up by the Salem area this weekend, so I'll take a small trip around the outside of the park via the back roads and get a look at the completed coaster. I can only imagine what the views would be actually inside the park...


Oh, and a 75th Birfday Celebration for the Yankee Cannonball? That should be pretty good as well. Hopefully, there's some ERT to compliment the event.

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^ Blatch - I did the drive around the back roads next to the park last weekend, and now with all the trees in bloom, it's not that easy to get that good of a look - you can see it, but unless you're gonna get out of the car and walk up to the border of the park you're gonna have a semi blocked view. You can see the coaster peeking out from behind the Cannonball's hill from the parking lot. The best way to see it is definitely from inside! Can't wait to ride it!

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Wow, I cannot believe that this ride is finally testing! Those water dummies in the second image really floored me, they should be tearing up the track by now!


I also love the station. Hoepfully I can get a July-August trip there and ride the coaster, cause my mom bought pre-paid tickets for the family.

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