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Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

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i personally like the rides and find the ride Unique as far as ride sensation goes. far better then the skaters and disco's. But on the ride setting and ride Cycle the Ride can be very thrilling.


As for Revolution i can't say much I've never been on it. you could always after it's open Fly into Manchester , NH Airport and Drive down toe Canobie.

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New photos from this weekend!

Walls have been paint'd


The old Rockin' Rider pad looks GREAT.


Sexy German ride seats


The op booth... Im guessing the park will repaint this.


Center cap?


The rides main arm is also on site but I couldnt get a good photo of it.

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New photos from Friday!


Random ride parts (and the center cap) back by the train -


New parts?/fence??


Over at the ride site.. .The base trailers are on site.


The base of the arm (part the wheels push)..Woo




And one more photo.. The new walls (and lamp posts) are in place.. woo!


Yeah. I really dont see the ride getting done this season. They only have what 4 weeks left? But it could happen... (looking at wipeout..)

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NICE photos! I want to go back to see this new ride! Too bad it won't open until next year . Well that will mean 2-3 new rides for '07! Hooray!


2 rides. The new Frisbee and a replacement for the Matterhorn ride. The only way it will be 3 is if they opt to but 2 family rides to take the place of the Matterhorn over 1 thrill ride.


Vekoma Fan Boy - then I guess you went 2 days before me. You lucked out. Saturday was totally swamped.

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What's replacing the matterhorn?


I guess I'm going to wait to visit the park next year. I was mainly going to go for a "pin pickup" but hopefully they'll be in the gift shops next year.


I HEART the Mine of Lost Souls.


The park still have 33 other rides you can go on. Just because the Frisbee isn't going to be open this your really isn't much of a reason to not go at all.


as for the matterhorn replacement they don't know yet. they will Look for a replacement During this winters IAAPA event.

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Its not been confirmed yet but I have pictures!



A Zamperela Kangaroo is coming to Canobie Lake Park in Salem New Hampshire. It is a more family oriented "Bouncy Bouncy" like the one at the Crazy Spanish Fair. It is taking the place of Autobahn. On to the pics!




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Another picture.


OTSR's FTL! (for the lose)


Anyway, It looks like a nice more family oriented Satori Techno Bounce.


Canobie Seems to be turing into Zamp's testing grounds. The worlds first protype Skater and now a prototype Kangaroo.


EDIT-Sorry i just realised I double posted.

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SALEM — Put your hands up, planners, it's roller coaster time.


Canobie Lake Park is in the planning stages of adding a new roller coaster, but it needs the town's permission to move forward.


"The type of ride is exciting and I think it will be a good addition," park spokesman Chris Nicoli said yesterday.


A hearing about the park's coaster plan is on the agenda for next week's Planning Board meeting.


Planning Director Ross Moldoff, who typically deals with requests for subdivisions and sign permits, said roller coasters are a nice change of pace.


"It's one of the fun parts of the job, actually, when Canobie Lake Park comes in for a new ride," he said.


Moldoff said plans submitted to the town show the roller coaster located near the Canobie Mall, in what is now a grassy area.


"It's not a large roller coaster. It's nowhere near the size of the Yankee Cannonball," Moldoff said, referring to the park's famous wooden coaster, which would remain Canobie's largest.


Still, it looks like the new ride might pack a punch. It' a Compact Euro-Fighter coaster, made by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, a German design company.


The coaster starts out with a 97-degree drop, and then can be customized to include loops, over-banked curves, zero-G humps and other "thrill elements," according to the company's website.


Nicoli said the new coaster was still in "the planning phase."


"I think this is a good step for us and we're excited," he said.


At the close of every season, park visitors start thinking about what new items they'd like to see next year, he said.


"Everybody, every year, kind of always says, 'What do you have new?'" Nicoli said. "It's almost assumed that amusement parks need to have something new."


And those people are almost always hoping to see a new roller coaster.


"I think everyone asks all the time," he said. "Even if we had many of them, they'd still want more."


Moldoff said the park has done a noise study and traffic study — and Planning Board members will get to see the coaster in action.


"They have a video of the ride that they're going to be showing at the Planning Board meeting," he said.


Moldoff said the noise study and video were taken from a similar version of the ride at an amusement park in the Netherlands.


"It ends up being a particularly quiet ride," he said.


He said the coaster is slated to be about 75 feet tall, just under the town's 80-foot limit. The addition of the ride to the park is on the agenda for the Planning Board meeting Tuesday.


This is great news for the park and its exactly what they need. I'm glad to see more parks in the US getting euro fighters!

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Man, it seems that most of the Parks on the North East trip are getting new coasters next year.


I doubt you will see this for the begining of the 2011 season if the park is only in the planning stages, but I've been surprised in the past.

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