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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Easily this.




Pretty sure I answered "Screaming Swing" earlier in this thread but after this weekend THIS is easily my favorite installation of this ride now. MaXair was pretty great too.

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I just love "The Rotor".


I rode one for the first time as a child at Boblo Island in Ontario. I begged and pleaded to go on it but my Mom flat out refused to let me. My Dad and I ditched my Mom at some point (sorry Mom) and went on it together. It was my first real "grown up" ride and it freaked me out and changed my life all at once.


The last one I rode was in 2011 at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia. Brought back so many great childhood memories.


Anyone know if there are still any operational Rotors around?


Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH has a Rotor that still runs great; no slipping down the wall because it's too slow on this one.

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Actually I was thinking back, and I do have a favorite flat.


The Gravitron which used to show up at the Central Washington State Fair was an interesting ride. It was hot (Central WA is in the desert), loud (cheap speakers blaring hair metal full blast, inside and out) and smelly (lots of sweat and vomit) just like any Gravitron. It tended to draw large lines since there wasn't a huge choice of other rides, and because it was pretty flashy for the 1990's. It might have actually been a "Starship 2000," but I don't know.


What stood out to me, was that for at least 1 year, the inside had been decorated "island of the dolls" style--doll heads hanging from the ceiling EVERYWHERE around the ride op booth, some on pretty long strings. And they were creepy doll heads; some had been turned into bleeding, snarling monsters using felt markers. When the thing started to spin up, the heads would sway back and forth and then begin to rise up until nearly horizontal, stretching out menacingly toward all the riders.


It was sort of creepy for a <10yr old kid, but it definitely made that Gravitron more interesting than your standard fare. These days it would invite massive lawsuits so no one would allow it.

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^This question may have been answered already, but what makes the s&s scream'n swings so much better than the frisbee type rides? Seems to me like the spinning on the frisbees would add to the experience. As someone who's been on a few frisbee rides, but no scream'n swings, I just don't get what makes the s&s rides so great lol.


It's all about personal preference. Some people just don't like spinning or rotating like that with a frisbee ride (even though it's not a fast spin) so they are more likely to prefer a Screamin' Swing. I've been on 2 Screamin' Swings and one frisbee ride, and I prefer the Screamin' Swings. Frisbees were my favorite flat until I rode Barnstormer at Dollywood last year and I normally don't like rides that spin (diskos make me nauseous for example). I think it was the airtime I get on the SS and they didn't have OTSRs like the frisbee I've been on (Rattler @ Wild Adventures).

That explains it


Rode a pirate ship at a local fair last week, and the minimal restraints gave some pretty wild airtime in the back rows. Can't even imagine what something like sky hawk would be like!


Speaking of airtime on flats though, the best example I've done has to be the Intamin 2nd gen drop towers. The drop seems to start off with Ejector air. While not quite as forceful a yank out of your seat as the S&S towers, or most coasters, it's still pretty good. Once the initial jolt is over with, the airtime seems to last forever. It's this amazing floaty, yet forceful feeling. Personally rank the experience over the first drop of most coasters, including the b&m giga (Leviathan) that's right next to the Intamin tower at my home park.

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It's recently become the A.R.M. / Larson Intl. Super Shot. Not the fastest ascent, but awesome freefall drop and super smooth magnetic brakes.


They need to make taller versions of this simple machine, 200ft would be even better


A 200ft Larson/A.R.M. Drop tower?! I would freaking cry.

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Definitely maXair at Cedar Point!


I will say, however, that two of my favorite flar rides seem to be dying off... Chaos rides, and especially Top Spins. My second favorite specific flat ride of all time was Texas Twister at Geagua Lake! Of all the Top Spins I've been on, that one seemed to have the wildest ride cycle, and one particularly slow day, I got two extended rides as the only person on the ride, and man, was that amazing!

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Just curious if anyone here's rode the skyscraper/booster/speed flats? From what I've heard, they look a lot more intimidating than they really are. Any truth to this?


I've only ridden the Skyscraper models. They are actually one of my favorite flats. If you're at all uncomfortable with heights, it will scare you. The forward flips are crazy because you're facing straight down at the top and you're moving really fast.

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Haven't ridden many, but the Top Spin at Dreamland Margate has it as my favourite. I went there in August and it was great. I love how when the ride gets the car to continuously flip, they stop the arms so the car gets that one more flip. On my trip, it didn't do any frontwards flips and the ride time was a bit shorter than in the video. It was my first Top Spin and I loved it. It has to be my favourite flat ride, even though it looks better from the video. But that video was posted around 22 days after I visited (I went on August 29th).


My second favourite is the Time Machine at Adventure Island, third's a Kamikaze or Freak Out.


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