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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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At the moment, my favorite is probably Zippers. I've only ridden one once (at the MD state fair a few days ago) but holy sh*t that was insane. They ran a super long cycle and it was probably the most balls-to-the-wall flat I've been on! Definitely worth the minor headache I walked off with


Also who cares that nobody has posted on this thread in over a year

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All-time favorite has always been Drop Tower at KI. However, I've never ridden KD's Drop Tower, which while slightly shorter in height, has a longer drop section and higher top speed. So if I ever ride that it might unseat KI's Drop Tower as my #1...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Screamin' Swings. Skyhawk in particular, and always wish KI could get one but fat chance CF buys another one of those maintenance hassles...


I also like Houdini at Great Adventure. So unique. I've never ridden anything like it. And for being a themed ride, its pretty re-rideable.


I also love any carousel with a fully-functioning organ and percussion set.

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I like Pirate Ships even though they are generally pretty mild. The way the sensation of light air time alternates between the two halves of the ship heightens the social aspect as you watch the riders across from you.

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