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Me like:


The KMG Afterburner/Fireball. Great ride. Awesome view. People staring because I am sitting in a perfect lotus position. Ahhh... Memories...


Swinging ships. Especially well-themed, over-a-lake, making-everyone-but-me-barf versions of it.

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Favorite flatride(s) would have to be

Falling Star-They produce a nice moment of airtime and tummy tingles

Frisbee (Tazmanian Devil)



Hammer-head inverter rides (Whatever they're called, I dunno.)

any kind of freefall tower

and lastly, Rock-o-Plane


BTW, why are they called 'Flat Rides' anyway when they aren't at all flat? They should be more known as "Twirl-n-hurl" or "Spin and Puke"

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BTW, why are they called 'Flat Rides' anyway when they aren't at all flat? They should be more known as "Twirl-n-hurl" or "Spin and Puke"

I've wondered about that too, and I came to the conclusion that the term originated back when flat rides was indeed, flat, as in not moveable on several axis as modern flat rides often is. Flat ride has a nice ring to it, is short, and is more or less fitting. A more fitting term would be "stationary attractions", but as you might notice, it is alot longer. 8 syllables versus 2 is a competition won before the match has started.

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I have a wide range of favorites:


chance zipper

kmg afterburner/fireball

zamperla hawk

any kind of drop tower (which some people consider flat rides, but i personally do not)

s&s power air launched screamin' swing

chance wipeout

any kind of simulator- but i really enjoyed the MaxFlight FS2000 Two-Seat Flight Simulator

Frank Hrubetz Paratrooper

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Ooh, do I have to choose one? I like just about every flat ride that exists, besides Gravitrons and other wash machine spin cycle rides. Falling Star's always have excellent air time, especially the one at Adventureland which always seems to be set at the insane setting. You can never go wrong riding a Tilt-A Whirl. I ride every Til-A-Whirl I see, even if there is mroe then one at a fair, I'll ride both. Sidewinder, a Moser version of the Afterburner is pretty fun, too. Tivoli Orbiters (Typhoon and other names)) are cool because they are scary as hell to watch, as they spin so out of control very fast, but riding them is such a thrill. I could go on and on with this, but I'll stop for the sake of bandwith!

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I totally forgot about the Rock-o-Plane that came with the fair last year. That ride was the craziest, funniest, most painfull ride Ive ever been on. I cant decide if I love it or hate it...

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I enjoy riding the Afterburner/Fireball type of rides. I always seem to end up on S&S shot towers for some reason. I don't do very many flats, unless it has a short line or a flat I've never been on.

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I love Zippers. I like the sound of change bouncing all over the structure as it sucks the change out of everyone's pockets.


Though I don't get to ride them very often as they are mostly in those low income fairs that I'm hesitent to go to.


I've always wished that some major park would put a zipper in.

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