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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Yeah, I probably love Zippers the most. They look sketchy, and you just pray the door doesn't fly open while you're inside! On top of that (and especially with a good ride cycle and/or operator), it's a very intense and fun ride! Do any permanent amusement parks run these or is it just temporary fairs? (Additionally, are Zippers pretty much just a North American thing?) The last two Zippers I rode were at ghetto fairs temporarily set up in a random parking lot of a mall/shopping center. I just happened to be driving down the road and saw them. A cheap, "dangerous", ghetto fair, ambiance only adds to the thrill of a Zipper!


A Loop O Plane is another "old school" flat that I love. The last one I rode was at Miracle Strip Park (Panama City, FL) shortly before the park closed. I loved seeing/hearing/smelling the small, sputtering, gas engine that powered the ride. The sound of it still echoes in my mind. (That reminds me, I took some video of this park. I should find it and upload it.) Loop O Plane is another sketchy looking ride that turns out to be really good.


As far as newer rides go, a Top Spin (especially with a good ride cycle) is lots of fun!


There is only one that is considered stationary and it is the one at Trimpers in Ocean City, MD. I love that it is so close to me and it it is definitely one of the best zippers I have ever rode.


As for the door flying open.... I have had one open while I was riding. Luckily it was in lift mode and not in full operation.

When the door opened, what did you do?... Did you fall out, or were you low enough to jump out yourself?


Also with the quote above about a park model, I agree on that. It's surprising why chance hasn't made a modernized Version of the ride that could be good for parks as well as traveling midways, and bigger/better than the original, the only recent update I heard about for the zipper was about 10-13 years ago, when they made safer, longer lasting and slightly re designed cages. Considering how popular the ride is, I'm shocked they haven't decided to try a modern overhaul (not just new cages) like what they did with their transmit, turning it into the whip rout.


Anyone else agree?


There's a few Zippers in Europe, but for the most part you are correct that they were a North American thing.


As for why Chance stopped making them? My guess is that so many shows already own and still operate them (and you can get a used one for 75-100K), there wasn't any money left to be made in them besides selling parts. I do agree that a supersized version would be pretty cool though!

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My favorite flat ride is the Turkish Twist at Canobie Lake Park. It is a classic rotor ride. I find it quite thrilling when the floor drops about 2 feet below you, and your stuck against the wall without restraints, held there by nothing other than centrifugal force.

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There's several under my belt that I absolutely love. First off, I'm a sucker for anything that has some degree of rider control...this would have to be the following:

-Tea Cups

-Flying Scooters (though Cedar Fair doesn't like snapping apparently)

-Tilt-a-Whirl (If you shift your weight at the right moments, you can go right into a nice spinning frenzy!)

-Break Dance (Again, like the Tilt-a-whirl...weight-shifting = spinning frenzy!)

-Rock-o-Plane (This ride completely messed me up after riding however)


Ones that you just ride and go with the flow:

- Zamperla Energy Storm...I know that these aren't as crazy as the Soriani & Moser version (like at Prater) but the one I rode at the fair took me by surprise and completely exhausted me...being inverted for a good 30 or so seconds, spinning the same direction as the main ride structure...

- Chance YoYo...we may not have the Kick-Boodie swings here but the one I rode at the fair offered many monents of 'Kick-Boodie!' with some hard swing collisions with friends after the ride ended...nothing like sending off a chain reaction!

- Freefall towers, most noteably the puny 70-foot ARM/Larson tower that yanks you upward when it suddenly drops...Intamin towers runner up

- Ring of Fire...smooth, floaty hangtime!

- And a well-lubricated Super Slide of Death! (Would this really be a flat ride?)


I'm sure there will be many more to add to my list this weekend as I have yet another fair to conquer...looking forward to riding Crazy Train, Zipper, Chance Sky Diver (always wanted to try one as a kid), ghetto Wisdom Rides take on the Flying Scooters, and much much more! (Butler is providing a hefty selection of rides at this year's California State Fair)

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Green Lantern at SFMM is a decent flat, but I like the Huss Frisbees such as Maxair.


Green Lantern is NOT a flat ride. It is an Intamin ZacSpin roller coaster, and there are only 3 like it in the world.


Sorry, I see it as a flat. We are all entitled to our opinions:)

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Sorry, I see it as a flat. We are all entitled to our opinions:)



Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, but not when said opinions precede facts. That would be like me saying it's my opinion that the Sun orbits the Earth, human beings are immortal creatures, and TOGO has a long-established track record of building smooth, well-received roller coasters in America.

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I'm not that into most flats because I don't care for too much of the centrifuge-like spinning that many of them do. However, there are some that I really enjoy and I could ride over and over, including S&S Screaming Swings (I really can't get enough of these, and usually never do because the lines aren't often short enough for many re-rides and every time I've come across one I have been traveling with a friend who doesn't care for them), Huss giant Frisbees (for some odd reason that same friend loves these, which is fine by me!), flying scooters, Himalaya-type rides (the kind with the fixed seats - not so much the swinging seats - y es these spin but there is more to it than a simple centrifuge), Trabants (these seem to be very rare these days), and also the old-fashioned wave-swinger type swing rides have a special place in my heart even though they aren't all that thrilling.


The wave swinger was one that was both my best friend's and my favorite flat ride when we were teens, and as the years went on her health began to fail and she was no longer able to ride anything. So, when I'd go to a park she always asked me to "ride the swing for me", and since she passed away a few years ago, I always try to ride the wave swinger in her memory at least once at every park I visit if I have the time and the lines aren't too long. So I ride these for purely sentimental reasons.


There is one other flat that I was really impressed with - the zipper. I can't say I'd be able to do any marathoning on one, since it's a very "active" sort of ride where you really have to work to brace yourself and hold on, but they surely have to be one of the most intense flats out there.

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Intamin free fall towers are amazing... I always get that feeling that it'll stop just a bit too late, and it's the only ride that still scares me.... Not enough to stop me from riding tho . The ride also has great floater air.


And now, saving the best for last... THE ZIPPER!... If only Chance made rides like this today.. The ride has everything.. From floater and ejector air, to grey out inducing Gs.. I remember getting a 10min non stop ride once, with the carny staring and stopping the ride to line my car up for an extra intense ride, and afterward I could barely walk straight.

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Sorry about the lost, I understand your feelings to a degree with a similar scenario with my grandpa.


I also gonna have to go with the zipper. It's the only ride to this day where I always regret it when I'm locked in the cage. (but that may be because my sister almost killed me in there once )

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107 flips is insane... and they keep on couting!


My two favorite rides are Tokaia, at Hopi Hari




And this kind of Mini Top Spin, they spin way too much!



Do you hav a vid of the first ride? It's hard to tell what it does



Sorry, didn't see your post...


Here's a video, it just spins

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