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  1. Hey guys I was able to swing a trip to Valleyfair tomorrow. Quick question about lines for the coasters. I’ll be there at opening so which ones would you guys recommend getting on first for the shortest wait. Also is fast lane a necessity or should I be able to manage without it.
  2. It will be crowded then. Fright Fest here at SFGAm gets more crowded the later it gets. Last year it was like a parking lot inside it was so crowded
  3. Hey everybody, So my family and I are heading to the park for the first time Sunday. We're planning on doing the early admission, so what rides do you recommend us going on first. Also, would a flash pass be a worthy investment? Finally, at our home park (Six Flags Great America) there is a separate entrance for Discover card holders, does this exist at Here? Any feedback would be appreciated
  4. Hey everybody, I'll be heading to the park on Tuesday for my first visit. For all of the regulars out there, what rides should we get on first? We're planning to be there at park opening, and we'll be getting in an hour early from staying at the resort. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hey everyone, I'll be heading there tomorrow and was wondering what rides should be ridden first. I'm assuming mr freeze but if it's something different please say so, also what should we go on right after. We are not purchasing a flash pass
  6. Hey everyone, I'll be heading to Kennywood on the 7th and need some help. What rides should I hit up first (sky rocket, phantoms revenge) and what can I save later for the day? Also if you guys have any extra tips they'd be greatly appreciated ~Foltzy
  7. Well it's not like leaving 5+ seats on every train helps speed things up
  8. Kennywood is the next park on a trip for me, then SFOG, then all the Disney parks Six Flags Great America is probably next cause it's my home park and is 45 mins. away from me
  9. No chance of Goliath being open. Honestly I think we'd be lucky to see it run this month.
  10. On select weeks the season pass holders can bring a friend in for free. They can do this as many times as they please I believe
  11. Viper can get a pretty big line around hurricane harbors opening and closing time, and it doesn't move the quickest (2 train operation). The flumes get extremely crowded at midday S:UF should be ridden right after Goliath due to its slow loading- the shortest it'll be is right then If you see a large line for TDK come back later- it'll be short. Same goes for Whizzer and demon Vipers line is decieving. Once you get into the station you have another 15 minute wait. There never a grouper so there's always at least 10 people in each row. I always just stop and let multiple trains pass through til I decide my row Also, I prefer back on Viper and American Eagle
  12. You never want to experience the pain caused from that ride. If you're a normal sized human, you get bruised like crazy
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