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How many coaster (or ride) Shirts do you own?

How many coaster shirts do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many coaster shirts do you have?

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A big collectible among us...so just curious


Sweatshirts and T-shirts included


I own 47


My Wife keeps nagging me to get rid of some and she even put my Drachen Fire T-shirt in the garbage cause it had a hole in it....almost got Divorced that night So the new rule is Stay outta my Closet!!!!


EDIT: Crap! I had an option for 100+ but forgot to add it



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Very few pieces of clothing:


- Boulder Dash sweat shirt

- Gravity Group T-Shirt and Hat

- Just yesterday I purchased a SF 45th anniv. shirt


edit: I also have 1 ACE shirt


I tend to avoid theme park clothes because I usually either a. don't like the deisng or b. don't like the quality


- Joe

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*PKI-25th aniversery


*Cedar Point-Fearsome 5

*Cedar Point-Coaster Checklist

*SFAstroworld-35th aniversery

*Shlitterbahn (that count? its a water park though...)

*Dueling dragons shirt


That makes 7. Horrible yes. But it means I have one for each day of the week.

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I think I might have one or two still. I've only bought like four in my entire life. I used to have a T2 shirt and Chang shirt from back before Six Flags owned Kentucky Kingdom, and I had two Mr. Freeze shirts from SFSL. One from opening year, and another from 2000.

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I used to have quite a few, but I've pretty much gotten rid of all of them in the past few years. Most coaster shirts are have really tacky, hideous graphics. I did buy an Everest shirt last week, but only because it didn't look like a typical coaster shirt.

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I own 1 Long Sleeve T-shirt which is "Oblivion" .


I also own 4 x Park T-Shirts which are: Cedar Point, Kings Island, Heide Park and Walibi World.


I try to get T-Shirts with the coaster layouts on, but I can not find any, why don't parks print the coaster layouts on their T-Shirts.


Love to have a 2D Side view or 3D Model of "Shivering Timbers".

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Coaster/Ride Shirts:








Park Shirts:

Solace 04

Solace 05

Solace 06

Halloween Haunt 2005 (2)

Halloween Haunt 2004 (2)

PGA Coaster Freak shirt


Shirts that could count as park shirts:

Red Beards Revenge (Shirt and Sweatshirt) 2005

Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns 2005

Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns 2004



Yeah, I'm basically a huge nerd.

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I've got way too many that I've bought over the last couple of years (about 4 bins full). I'm definitely going to make an effort this year to try and cut back what I buy at parks. Some places like Knoebels always kills me because it seems like every year, they not only get new merch, but it's decent looking stuff too.

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