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Aw, sorry man. I really don't think it should reflect on the game or be a bad sign for you, if that makes it better. I've heard mostly great things about it, but I just wasn't quite feeling it at the time. Be sure to post what you think!

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...Be sure to post what you think!


Well, I've played it for about an hour so far. While I don't "love" it... I also don't "hate" it. There is for sure a learning curve as to how to do... anything? And all my damn staff keeps quitting on me. But I've enjoyed trying to figure it out. So hopefully tomorrow when I have more time I'll enjoy it even more?

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A bath bomb from Lush, and man, if you have had a long stressful day, definitely recommend using these! They look amazing when they fizz in the tub, and have oils to help your skin and stuff.


The one I got was called "Over and Over" and it's really cool! :





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4. Purple Knoebels hoodie, $13.95

3. Bag of Fascination tokens, $20

2. Pink Knoebels shirt with sparkly carousel horse, $5.48

1. Light-up-rings and glow bracelets, $13.21


Can you tell what park I was at last? (It was Hersheypark.)

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Almost $400 on Cedar Fair platinum passes, bringing the total number of season passes in my possession up to four. I don't even drive.

Sweet man, you'd better make it worth it and come out to Worlds of Fun too. Legit offer, you find a way to Kansas City, I'll pick you up at the airport and take you out to Worlds of Fun. It's great. It's like Dorney with casually racist theming.

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