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A couple friends for the upcoming Halloween season. Chucky and Billy. I bought the Chucky a couple weeks ago, but I'm posting it now since I just got the Billy. I paid $70 for the Chucky (Originally $90 but I had a coupon) from Spirit Halloween. The Billy is a $200 Trick or Treat Studios creation I purchased from an independent Halloween store.


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I do NOT need any more T-shirts. . especially "nerd" T-shirts. . .

but - Offworld Designs has sent me an email telling me that as the founders are retiring (and it sounds like they are closing the business) they are having a sale on everything in the warehouse to reduce the inventory remaining.

everything 50% off. . .  (that's EVERYTHING. . even the stuff on sale).


I couldn't help myself

4 for me, and 2 as gifts for friends



if you want/need any geeky/scienc-y/fandom-y Tshirts, here's the site:


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Today I got my four packages, very annoying as it was one order. This includes:

1: Rise of Skywalker DVD. I will never use this as I have Disney Plus and it's not my favorite Star Wars movie but now I have a complete collections.

2: Trouble on Tatooine Lego set. Just wanted that.

3: Planet Coaster Console edition. Always wanted to play this game and now I can. Also I didn't buy it for PC because my Laptop can't handle it.

4: Final Fantasy VII Remake. I'm a Nintendo guy more then a Playstation one. I have Smash and the DLC so after Sephiroth the Youtube Algorithm started to present this game to me and I got intrigued enough to buy it. It's also maybe a start to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to video games, There are a lot of games out there I would like to play but I don't know if I will like them. 


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I don't think the Texas Trip is going to happen anymore, so I may have just spent waaaaaaaaay too much $$ on cedar fair platinum all-season fast lane plus....

Now I don't have to worry about Cedar Point not selling daily FL+ if they go that route again... and I plan on visiting KI, KD, and Dorney (ha.) at least once each. Who knows if I'll ever actually get to visit Wonderland given the border restrictions, or if they'll even open on time like they're planning.

May have bit on it a little early given I don't know the situation yet, but my spidey senses tell me that Cedar Point isn't going to sell daily FL again, and I also have the feeling they were going to stop selling the platinum fast lane soon.

Looks like I'll be visiting CP more than usual this year. Nothing wrong with that... need to make up for not going to a single park last year.

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Today is my 68th Birthday!!! 🎂

And husbear David gave me earlier, a $100 Amazon.ca Gift Card for the occasion! Smart bear, trained him good.

And I just immediately blew the whole thing on four items, and still had to pay a few $$$ more.

But the shipping is free and excellent, from our past orders with them. 🧁

Here's 3 of the 4... (4th was plain boring slippers)


Always wanted a waffle-4-one maker. And "Purple Galaxy" was too awesome to pass up!


Had to try this. TJs isn't around these parts, sadly.


A pricey way to enjoy Kit Kats. ⛩️ But the box alone, made me want to get a pack!

(And the empty Fuji Box, I will keep afterwards, lol.)

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And now, from the "Who Knew?" Dept.....

I just bought an upcoming 49th Anniversary Gift for David and Me ~ which actually happens on Earth Day, April 22.

And considering he will never ~ ever, check this site for any gift clues (ha ha), this is a very easy Show&Tell to share.

"In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, TIki Room" .... from Inside The Earth. Drool.

EDIT To Add: Oops. Forgot to tell. It cost me $47.48 Cdn ... for our 49th...? Cool numbering, huh?


Photo of Cthulhu Tiki Mug, in All His Glorious....uh.... Ceramic-ness .... yes? No? From www.StormCrow.com ....thnks?

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I just bought plane tickets for Dragon*con (not bad at all:  ~$234 for round trip from Texas to Atlanta.

(prior to this, what I bought was a bag of tacos in Seguin, while I was across the street visiting ZDT for the first time to ride the Switchback RollerCoaster.  
These Tacos were *legit* and worth the trip to Seguin alone.




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14 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

^ Very nice. How big is your POP! collection? I have about 30 or so of my own. Unopened of course, LOL! 👍

The short answer is 71. I have:

29 on display in box

24 in storage in box

7 pocket pop keychains in box

1 pocket pop keychain out of the box (box got crushed in a move)

4 Funkoverse game pieces out of box

The Hot Topic exclusive Infinity Gauntlet out of the box (before I really started collecting, but it comes in a dome)

4 Alice in Wonderland pops on pre-order

A Waldo pop that I like to hide around the house.

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^Great! I am still curious as to how you pick what you want, or want to get, from all the POP! figures and etc. offered?

Do you have a 'theme' with choosing them, or just pick one up because you like the look of it?

And hiding the Waldo POP! is a great idea, lol. Does that mean you challenge others to find out "Where's Waldo"?

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^Most of what I have right now can be divided into two groups: Comic/Graphic novel related or Disney. When I go looking now, it's kind of what speaks to me. I will go after select figures in certain poses/outfits in a wave. Like there's a half dozen Kong figures for Godzilla vs Kong--I'm specifically wanting the Kong with the axe. Or when I saw a Hot Topic exclusive version of Elsa in her Into the Unknown dress which I passed on because I already had an Elsa. And there are a couple store-exclusive figures I've purchased on clearance not because I wanted them, but to put in storage and maybe resell them later when the value (hopefully) goes up.

And yes, the members of my household like to challenge each other to find Waldo.

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Once I got the email from StormCrow and saw this ..... I just couldn't resist! 🍸


And the 20 sides of it include....🍹


Bloody Mary

Gin Fizz

Mint Julep



Whiskey Sour


Aperol Spritz



Dark and Stormy


Moscow Mule

Pimms Cup

Old Fashioned



French 75

Tom Collins

Total payment (incl/shipping): $38.07 CAD (with discount). 🥂

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we got drunk on really strong frozen margs at Velvet Taco here in Austin. .and then made our way down (walking) to Sprinkles for some sweets.

but they were closed. . . so we bought cupcakes from the ATM out front.

i had no idea this was a thing!

a bit pricey at ~$4.75 a cupcake, but oh so good (tho that COULD have been because we were buzzed)










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