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Ha, how fun.


After many attempts to get my old lawn mower working, I gave up. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I am now embracing the 21st century with this battery powered model here:


It's a Ryobi, and they start at $270. I got the one with the 20 inch deck as opposed to the standard 16 and is self propelled as well, for $399.


Took it out for a spin last night after charging the battery, and I'm impressed. Cuts as well as my old Craftsman gas powered did, and it's super quiet. I can listen to music while mowing now. It's also super lightweight; a lot of it can be made of plastic, since no liquid hydrocarbons are being exploded inside it.


The 21st century is great.


I'm super curious to hear how this holds up over time. My mother bought one last spring, and had nothing but issues with it. I'm sure hoping you have better luck than she did! Keep us posted!

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^Congratulations, and be sure not to put it on your stove. (That person did that, and the obvious thing happened. I know you won't be that person.) I bought an online access code for $42. 

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after a trip to pier 1 imports searching for artificial ice cubes that are not shaped like little fishies, i instead got:

king-sized silicone ice cube tray (cubes are king-sized. tray is small.)

gray throw pillow



while very cute, these are a thing i did not buy

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