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^ Nice. I don't think we have any Canada Girl Scouts anywhere around the city, selling cookies.

Not in East Vancouver, that I have ever seen.


Huh. Should check into that. NEVER HAD A 'THING' ABOUT THE THIN MINTS, THOUGH.

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Well, we just purchased the second part of our 2 part Christmas Light order for this year. (We buy them now because they are about 50-75% off!) We got the last 10k(ish) lights we needed, and only spent about $5,500!! Can't wait for them to get here so I can start testing them!

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So I recently found a coupon for free shipping and decided to use it. The package came today, so I thought I'd do a brief unboxing report.

The box, freshly collected from the campus Post Office.


*Brad Pitt voice* What's in the Box?

Box opened to find bubble wrap. But what's that in the corner?


I spy with my little eye...

It's item #1: a Cheshire Cat hat! And it has ears!


We're all mad here!

Digging back into the box, I found item #2: A Batman hat. Again with ears.


I am Vengeance! I am the Night!

And together...


An odd pairing...

Total cost: $22

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A king-size Sleep Number iLE Innovation Series bed. Got it for 50% off, too, so I saved a few thousand bucks! First big non-car purchase. #adulting


My partner created the foam technology that the dividers, edges, and base of that bed consist of!

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Acrylic paint for my model planes.




I've adopted the recent hobby of building 1/72 model planes. The P-47 came with acrylic paint, which I like better than the shiny enamel paint on my P-51. I had about 15 hours in on the P-47 and I'm about 15 hours in on my P-51 with a lot left to go, since I've gone with an elaborate paint scheme. So far it needs underbelly wing stripes and touch up areas throughout. Then on to my least favorite parts - decals.


My Spitfire is my next project, followed by an ME-109. I'm working my way up toward one of my favorites, the B-17 flying fortress. I plan on making it look as similar to the Memphis Belle as possible.


I've always had a liking for WWII and planes. This is a great way to vent stress and something to do while wasting time on Netflix.

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Last item I bought was:


A bottle of wine. . . I poured one glass, had a sip, and almost threw up. I forgot how much I:


1.) Hate wine.


2.) Don't enjoy alchohol anymore.


God I'm getting old. What a waste of $700.


I just wanted to celebrate.

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Ha, how fun.


After many attempts to get my old lawn mower working, I gave up. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I am now embracing the 21st century with this battery powered model here:


It's a Ryobi, and they start at $270. I got the one with the 20 inch deck as opposed to the standard 16 and is self propelled as well, for $399.


Took it out for a spin last night after charging the battery, and I'm impressed. Cuts as well as my old Craftsman gas powered did, and it's super quiet. I can listen to music while mowing now. It's also super lightweight; a lot of it can be made of plastic, since no liquid hydrocarbons are being exploded inside it.


The 21st century is great.

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