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So have you heard the new In The Loop?

Guest CoastinKatie

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Yeah I heard it! I was so laughing about the Hello Kitty "toy" and Oblivion condoms. Yeah it got that bad.


So Robb? You really want me to flash you? You have to flash me first! It's so on!


As for Clint hitting on me VIA radio waves...FAT CHANCE!


But, yeah I was cracking up it was friggin hysterical. Nice job guys.


Robb, you and I should go at it on ITL:WR next time. I will give you a run for your money!


Edit: Forgot the link, sorry guys www.thrillnetwork.com/in_the_loop

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Yes, ITL last night went a little bit "over the line" and it was all my fault!


But yeah, Elissa and I were both on ITL last night and it was very um.... "interesting"


So if you haven't downloaded the show yet, go get it!



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BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Elissa when you turned that on I had to pause the show to catch my breath!!!!

Wicked twister sex toy AAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!!


Kinda funny you mentioned that Robb because they already have condoms out that are twisty for per pleasure lol!!!! Yup a spiral ribbed condom!!! "Lets screw" takes on a whole new meaning!!!

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