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Favorite element

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YES! I luv the loop the loops on Loch Ness. That's my fave coaster. I wanted to ride it when I was a kid but never got to (parents didn't believe in "carnival junk"--that's what they called amusement parks). FINALLY after 20 yrs I got to ride it last yr. I was so happy I cudn't stand it! I know it's not a big mega coaster, it's really a simple coaster but it's the principal of the thing wanting to ride it ya know. Kinda like say "ha ha" to them. (plus I just think it's pretty & a beautiful coaster too, it was just super smooth after all these yrs & very xciting the loop the loops & the LONG tunnel helix--very kewl! ). If it weren't so crowded, I wudda rode it a few more times! *SIGH* maybe this yr...... .


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If you're thinking of the Orient Express at WOF, according to rcdb.com it closed in 2003 and it didn't say anything about it being moved so nope! Looks like it was scrapped.


My favorite element (also my first) is the Jojo roll. As the train flips over your body pushes against the restraint.

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Vortex's Corkscrew have really started to grow on me, in the back seat, you whip through the first, on the second, you get awesome hangtime on it! In the front, you are thrown through them! In the middle, you get awesome hangtime on both!


1.MF's 1st Drop

2. ZeroG Rolls

3. Corkscrews

4. Bunny hills

5. Cobra Rolls

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hmmmm... tricky


1) inverted vertical loop, so much fun; slowly rise, quick whip over the peak then an (what seems to be) slow decent before speeding up to complete the ride.


2) a line of inline twists (Colossus' inversions 6-9)


3) the last inversion of Colossus, barely 4ft off the ground. it always feels like your gonna hit the floor, a great scare.



4) an inverted corkscrew, those things make my stomach go

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i would build more taller loop like its gonna reach to TTD tallest

point if i was now a coaster designer! yeah for all people wanna

have good airtime in a loop for 5 secs! ( it can't be true

maybe sorry just in my imagination.....) in a real world i gotta love

vertical loop not circular shaped one..... B&M shaped one!

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