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Any Robb Jr.'s on the way???


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If Robb (As Elissa Stated) is ready to be a Papa (For the second time) then he may be Poking Holes in the Condoms as we Speak.


By the time Baby Alvey is Born, Disney will have worked out all of the kinks in the new Expedition Everest ride.


So Elissa will be able to ride it without worry.


Bring on the Newborn!

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You guys will be great parents and Elissa, you will love being a mom. It is so much fun to share the things you are passionate about and have your kids get into them with you. I will never forget Sammi's first coaster ride....Top Cat's Taxi Jam.


She was 16 months old, and I just said "Cm'on, we're going to ride this" and off we went. She was scared for all of about 2 seconds, and that was it. By the second time around, her hands were up. I was in my freakin' glory, though, because I knew it was just the beginning!


Shari "little Alvey can call me 'Aunt Shari'" Shoufler

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I had to respond to the Utah/Mormon thing, we've been in UT for a year and EVERYONE asks WHEN not IF we are going to have more kids. I come from a long line of only children, so the one I've got will probably be it.


E, take your time, do it your way! Don't let the reproductive coaster nutjobs talk you into procreating before you're ready!!

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^ Not a thing wrong with having only one child. We got that same "When are you having another one?" all the time. Sometimes I'd ask them if they were willing to babysit and often that shut 'em up.


How many---or any---is up to the parents-to-be or not-to-be. That is the question.



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Now since this is the "Ask Alvey" board, I guess I'll have to seek clarification.



...is you, Robb, going pregnant with the second(!) baby! (what else could it be?)


How dare you hide this from us!

BTW: Are you sure Elissa actually is the father?


Edit! Come on guys, haven't we seen 'fatty patch jacket robb' pictures enough!!!!

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