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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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I_can_not_believe_this. The guy who rides next to the designer - the guy who is the first to ride Formula Rossa in the first row - is finnish! Anyway, a great video, still waiting for the POV though And it's good to know they really do give goggles to the riders.

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Ok. Here's a slightly better ride review. I have to start by saying I have not ridden kingda ka or top thrill dragster. I have ridden stealth and dodonpa. This thing bar far knocks spots off anything I have ridden before.


I rode twice. In the middle and the front so will describe it twice.


The first ride was in the middle. It was nothing short of amazing. The comments about the launch vid being speeded up are not true. This thing just keeps accelerating. Even when u think its at full speed it just keeps getting faster.


When you hit the first hill you feel the trims kick in but still get a nice pop of airtime. The fast hilixes are so close to the ground you feel you are going even faster than you are. The hills are filled with airtime and there's a couple of nice headchoppers too.


Then into the last two bunnyhops that still give good airtime and you are still travelling pretty fast wheb you hit the breaks.


Now the front seat.

The launch feels much faster in the front and you seem to hit the first hill a lot faster. The airtime is somewhat diminished in the fron but the headchoppers are even better.


Overall I much preffered my ride in the middle than the front. Whilst the front produces more feeling of speed the middle provides a much better ride. It could almost be two different rides in the middle and front.

It is a ride that delivers on every aspect. The train is well themed. The station has great pumping music. Its has amazing speed and acceleration whilst still providing a long ride and decent airtime.


As you can tell I am very impressed.


One last note about the music. To get to formula rossa you pass through a kids themed area and the kids music playing the almost seamlessly blends into the pumping formula rossa music as you enter the station.


Tomorrow. Is opening night so we can only wait to see what it brings.


By the way. There is another coaster and lots of other amazing rides in ferrari world as well. I hope to try some out tomorrow and wil, of course, update everyone.




By the way, the finnish guy is the cameraman I am working with and he got a sneaky ride last night.

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The wheels and track are constantly sprayed with water to keep them cool. In the station and on the launch track water sprays help to keep the wheels cool.




I305 has its wheel's sprayed in the block brakes and before the drop but they still trimmed the first drop. I am just wondering how long FR is going to last as it is before they make any adjustments. I hope they wont have to and pending FR's success I hope that it could lead to 1305 being untamed.

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Millennium Force has it's wheels sprayed in the station too, so I doubt it was because I305's wheels were exploding. It's just a tactic Intamin uses to keep the moving parts of the train cool on a hot day. The problem is that all Intamin wheels go bad, regardless of condition, speed, or forces. Wheels age, some quicker than others; it's just something to deal with.


I think as Robb's pov review shows, the reason I305 has been tamed is because it was hurting the riders, not it's parts. That's the same reason Magnum has trims...it's the same reason any coaster has trims. The structure can handle it, it's just the forces that hurt riders which cause parks to slow their rides down.

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Are all of DubaiDave's "sneak peek" pictures gone for everyone else, too? Looks like they were edited out?


Also, the YouTube video was removed by the user?


Seems odd to edit out pictures with no explanation....but maybe I missed it!


Will be interesting to see how everything goes for the first week or so!!!

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That's what I figured. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!


I haven't been this excited since my Japan trip. Whenever I can go to a brand new, major park, that's great. And, since I'm sick and tired of chicken and rice, which is apparently all Saudis eat, I'm extremely excited about the Italian restaurant too.


Oh, and alcohol, and seeing women's legs again.



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Looks like we'll have to wait a week as this was just posted on their Facebook.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Official


In respect of the passing of the late Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras al Khaimah, today’s soft opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has been postponed.


The Soft Opening of the Park will now take place on Thursday 4 November 2010, starting 12 PM.

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The Fioraono GT Challenge coaster is funky looking ride with all the unbanked turns and the height of the track that never goes over what looks like 30 feet or so. I hope its a fun coaster, it looks like or could be really fun or really lame.

This really is a cool project, the whole concept of the park. It's like an amusement park that isnt really an amusement park. I mean even though it has coasters and a log flume and a drop tower the place looks more like a mall or a cool museum than a traditional theme park. Even the traditional attractions are a bit quirky, a log flume through an engine block, a flat un-banked dueling racing coaster, a super fast coaster with a relatively uninteresting layout, and a tower ride through the roof. A very unique project at least and I cant wait to see more about the place.

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