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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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today's press release


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Off to a Flying Start

World’s first Ferrari Theme Park welcomes thousands of guests


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The world’s first Ferrari theme park, and largest attraction of its kind, got off to a roaring start today with thousands of families and fans flocking to experience the passion, exhilaration and technical innovation so worthy of the Ferrari name. After three years of construction and preparation, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi had its soft opening welcoming the general public at midday.


The much anticipated theme park, and the first attraction of its kind in the Middle East, has already captured the imagination of thousands around the globe with a range of unique and thrilling attractions including Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, and Speed of Magic, the region’s first four dimensional fantasy ride. Today, families in the UAE and theme park enthusiasts from around the world ventured to Abu Dhabi to be among the first to experience this attraction.


“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a completely unique concept, we just had to be here,” said Ahmed Sallam, one of the first visitors to the park. “There is so much to see and do. We love the variety for the whole family. It is a great experience for all of us.”


Today’s soft opening marks the start of an inaugural period which will continue throughout the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and culminate with the Grand Opening ceremony on 30th November 2010.


Andy Keeling, Park Manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: “We are so excited to finally share the thrill and excitement of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with our guests. From more than twenty years in the theme park industry, I personally feel that there is nothing more rewarding than watching people’s reactions as they experience the rides for the first time and today was a truly momentous day for all of our guests.”


“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a truly amazing experience for every member of the family and I look forward to welcoming our visitors in the weeks and months to come,” he added.

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^ Hey dd, hows the transport options to get to the park from Dubai?


A work-colleague is in Dubai for a couple of days next week and I have generated some enthusiasm for him to go out to the park; but we both have no idea how he can get there from Dubai (hiring a car excepting). Any hints gratefully received!

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^I'm pretty sure a cab would drive you all the way there, the distance doesn't look too long. I've been to Dubai and the cab service isn't bad.




(Changed link.)

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Cabs will do it, but I estimated the cost to be $70-80 one way.


Emirates Airlines has shuttle service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports that are free if you fly them. But, you'd still need cab far on each end.


I would not recommend renting a car. Arabs drive like total idiots.




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On Intamins facebook page they released 7 photos of Formula Rossa. It says they added them 10 hours ago and I couldn't seem to find them on this site already so, here ya go!


only lap bars.. mmmm


sexy backside as well


The safety glasses everyones required to wear due to the sand and heat.


nice pops of air time


you can see the smoke/steam coming from the back end of the train


Not your average multimillion dollar lawn ornament.


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There's a documentation on german television right now about the construction site "Ferrari World", after the advertising they will show how they built "Formula Rossa" !! Plus Launchtesting I will record it and upload it on youtube for you guys I think I can edit it in a few hours


Edit :

So, I watched it, well.. it's about the whole Ferrari World not only the coaster

Video number 1 is about testing a children ride and more about putting the 20000kg motor in... Poorly they mashed it up and had to turn the 20ton cablmotor 90degrees.. 2hours later they made it!! Video number 2 is about lifting a F1-vehicle up and about launching Formula Rossa. First Launch failed Why ?? .. Well the technican was very nervous and hit inadvertently the emergency stop of the intamin monster


Vids on youtube 'bout 2hours...


Timo "Love coaster more than sex" Lamoure

Edit 2:

So here are the vids, I hope at least one person will enjoy this ..



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Oh man, I also recorded this documentary and watched it right now! It was interesting, but they split the documentary in two parts. How nasty, when it gets most interesting they stopped it and now I have to wait one week for the second part of the formula rossa launch and the opening of Ferrari World!


But it´s a nice introduction and countdown while I have to wait for my flight date at 29th. Can´t wait to ride Formula Rossa and I´m very excited for my travel to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I also can´t wait to get into the waterparks to Aquaventure and Wild Wadi and see all those amazing stuff they built up there!


So if anyone can give me some hints about Transportation to Yas Island from Abu Dhabi airport, or what´s the best option to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or any other helpful hints, please post it here.

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^^Is it just me or does the pacing get really slow on those last few hills? It looks like if it was going faster they could pack a great airtime punch, although I'm not sure they do now. Though I bet dubaidave has a different opinion, considering he's been on it a couple times now.

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I can confirm that it is a lot faster than it seems in the pov. There is quite a bit of aiirtime over all the hills including the last two at the end. At no point does it feel slow when riding. Don't forget as well it comes extremely close to the ground in places so this make it seem even faster.


This is one coaster that you can't really complain about unless you have ridden it. I realize that most people on here are experts and don't actually need to ride a coaster to pass judgment on it.


It is the best coaster I have ever ridden.



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Lamoure Thanks for posting these vids I am very interested in documentaries like that, I'm even more intrigued since I have no idea what the heck they are saying lol


It also funny because I have people at my job saying what the heck is that, you can ride that thing? What language is that and I didn't know you could speak a different language lol. I have also busted my gut because I told them they're speaking Canadian One of my co-works said "Wow I never knew Canada was so desert like"


The look on his face when the first launched didn't complete is priceless lol


I thought all launch coasters do a semi launch first to get the train to roll back on purpose to make sure the brakes safely stops the train. Then once they see the rollback safety mechs is working they initiate full launch testing?

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