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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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Silverwood has sent us a press release announcing the name of their new giant frisbee!


After a total of 5,180 entries, Silverwood Theme Park has chosen a winning name for its new thrill ride. Christopher Sanders from Spokane was the first person out of 41 others to submit the ride’s new name SpinCycle. The exhilarating 104’ tall giant spinning ride exhibiting 3 ½ Gs will reside in the park’s Coaster Alley complimenting the award winning Aftershock, Tremors, Timber Terror and Panic Plunge rounding out this already renowned array of exciting rides.


Christopher, who heard about the contest from Silverwood’s Facebook page excitedly said, “I can’t believe they picked my name above all the other cool entries.” He also expressed, “the picture of the ride reminded me of a washing machine spinning and oscillating at the same time; like the spin cycle.” Christopher and a guest will ride SpinCycle on its maiden voyage, he will be presented with a Gold Season Pass which gets the pass holder and two guests into Silverwood for the entire 2013 season and given a gift basket full of Silverwood items and memorabilia.


Silverwood will also add a family-fun ride named Barnstormer. Both rides are expected to open this spring and will be operating for the 2013 season.

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Keep in mind that this ride will fully invert, which not a lot of frisbee-style rides do. That more than makes up for the size to me.


I'm very interested in this concept as well, and I really wish for one to be built here in the Nordic countries.

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What sort of crowds would I be looking at the week of June 17th? It looks like the local school districts are done by then. Are the crowds bad that week? I would imagine things pick up at the end of June with Hoopfest going on in Spokane? Are there better days of the week to go, i.e M/T vs later in the week?



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I was on a ride similar to this yesterday at the local carnival. It's called "Stinger" and it was basically a frisbee that inverted, but the only difference was, there are 4 gondolas that hold 4 people each, and at the end of the ride after you flip 3 times, they unlock the gondolas, and they're able to freely flip forward and backwards as it swings from 90* to 90*


Here's a video, the ride is intense, so no doubt this will be.



can't embed on my phone ):

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No offense intended to anyone, but I'm actually quite surprised how little some of the users know about flatrides... with some of the comments sounding like, dare i say it, GP comments. I've only heard a few people here mention taht this ride was more like a loop fight than an evolution, and many people here didn't seem to know about the fact that Mondial has made inverting frizbees for years. I understand this might mainly be a coaster/park forum, and i thoughtfully enjoy permanent parks and coasters myself, however, IMO I believe that flatrides, including the traveling ones, are sometimes greatly overlooked. I've been on many a flatride that have rivaled and beat many coasters, and this one looks like a great one!

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^I forgot to take pictures of the ride when I went, but it was a great attraction! You feel a little force when the ride is in full swing and seeing the park upside-down is beautiful! It's a very fun ride, and has a nice long cycle.

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I recently finished my first trip to Silverwood and I absolutely love the place! Small enough that it's not crowded, big enough for two amazing woodies. My absolute favorite ride there is Timber Terror, and Panic Plunge as my favorite flat. The new SpinCycle is a close second as it has amazing views and forces on that ride. My only issue was the 5-minute loading/unloading times for almost every coaster and major ride. It does not need to take that long, in my opinion. Besides that minor issue, Silverwood is a fun park.

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When I went, all the operations were amazing!.... Except SpinCycle, 5 minute load and unload times... Aftershock was like that opening year, but over the years the crews have just gotten faster and faster. I hope that happens with SpinCycle too!

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Took my first trip to Silverwood on 9/28 with Gnome. Rained all day but every major ride was open except for Aftershock, which now makes it 3 years since I have been to a park with a working GIB. Understandable on Silverwood's part though, wind plus low temps and rain are not GIB-friendly conditions!


I loved the park. Awesome staff and the place looks terrific with nearly flawless landscaping and upkeep. Both wooden coasters delivered and with virtually non-existant crowds we rode each of them ten times and could have gone for more. Tremors is another sterling testament to RMC's topper track and we were surprised to find Timber Terror running backwards! Apparently this is a Scarywood thing, though I had no idea about it. I expected Tremors to clearly be the better of the two, but I think we both actually had a better time on Timber Terror. I don't know how much of this was because of the backwards element, and the fact that riding forwards on Tremors meant getting pelted in the face with rain at 50mph all day. Both are now firmly in my wooden top ten.


And who knew that Silverwood was home to such incredible flats? Panic Plunge and Spin Cycle were the first of their kind I have been on and they were pretty amazing.


Photo TR coming this week!

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When does a Halloween scare go too far?


A Kootenai County jury may decide just that after a Benton County woman filed a civil lawsuit against Silverwood Theme Park last week, alleging a costumed worker spooked her so badly in the parking lot in 2011 that she passed out and hit her head.


Kristen Griswold said Silverwood, which transforms into a Halloween haunt each October and redubs itself “Scarywood,” is responsible for one of its masked frighteners startling her after the park closed for the night two years ago.


The lawsuit, filed by Spokane attorney Douglas Phelps, said Griswold lost consciousness after the park worker jumped from behind a “concealed location” and yelled loudly as she and her friends left the park shortly after midnight on Oct. 15, 2011. Griswold struck her head on the concrete, sustaining injuries that affected her ability to work, according to the lawsuit.


The filing does not name the park worker, nor does it specify the amount Griswold seeks from the park in lost wages and to cover medical treatment. The settlement requested is expected to exceed $10,000.


The Scarywood attraction is in its fourth year at the North Idaho amusement park and runs through Nov. 2.


A spokeswoman for Silverwood said Friday afternoon the theme park had not been served any paperwork in the case.




An actor responsible for frightening Scarywood patrons at Silverwood Theme Park was punched several times in the face Thursday night.


According to an incident report from the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, a Scarywood attendee was walking with a group of friends through one of the areas when he "observed what he thought to be a stuffed doll" crouched behind a box.


The "stuffed doll" was actually an actor who had just returned from her break, and noticed the group approaching where she hides before jumping out and scaring visitors.


"Suddenly, as she looked up, she was punched several times to the forehead," the incident report states. "She jumped up and exclaimed 'what the hell man,' and he replied 'wow... I thought you were a thing.'"


Both the actor and suspect were asked by a deputy to go to the park's security office. The suspect was initially compliant and began walking with the deputy, but his "entourage" became argumentative.


Two females, whom the report describes as "especially intoxicated," began making statements saying they were going to contact a lawyer and expressing their general displeasure with the circumstances.


After one of the members of the suspect's party contacted a lawyer, the suspect declined to give the deputy a statement.


The actor provided the deputy with a statement and said she wanted to press charges. After removing her makeup, she was examined by the deputy, who noticed she had "a half-dollar size lump which was darkening in color."


"It was an unfortunate event and we take this very seriously," said Nancy DiGiammarco, a spokesperson for Silverwood. "The safety of our employees and guests is very important to us."


DiGiammarco added that all of the Scarywood attractions have signage telling guests not to touch the actors and all the actors are trained to contact one of the many security personnel in the park if they are touched or feel uncomfortable.

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