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Robb & Elissa's Orlando 2005 - Halloween Trip Update!

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Hey everyone!


This week I'll be adding a couple of pages each day from our recent Florida trip where we visited a few of the Halloween Events the Florida parks have to offer.


October 31st - Added Halloween Horror Nights!



Nov. 1st - Added Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando:



Nov. 2nd - Added Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Photos:



Nov. 4th - Added Epcot Photos:



Nov. 7th - Added Disney/MGM Studios Photos:



Nov 11th - Added Busch Gardens Tampa Photos:



Having been to Knott's Haunt just a week prior it's obvious that Universal's event is in an entirely different class. No "shaker cans", no make-shift plywood sets, this is the REAL DEAL with Hollywood style movie sets and high-tech scare effects!


We had a great time at both events, but you really can't compare they because it just would be fair (at least not to Knott's!)


Anyway, enjoy the update and there will be more later on this week!



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I remember it all like it was yesterday. I can only hope that I am invited back for next year. Speaking of next year... If I'm not banned. Can we please go to Bush Gardens Halloween event. Ooohhh! and the place where the cars roll up hill! That looks cool!


Please, please, please!!!


Guy "Already planning next Octobers events" Koepp

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His grandfather just bought him that drum kit that we were talking about. In a few days the world will have another basher!


He was Air-guitaring and singing to The Whos "Magic Buss" the other day.


At the risk of being an over proud parent. I cried!


In other related coaster news. Jarett rode "Serajevo Bobsleds" the other day, got off it and announced that he was too old for "Goliath Jr."


January rode the "Buccaneer" and loved it! She heard everyone else screaming and thought that was what she was supposed to do. My God does she have a piercing scream!


But to get back to the thred. I will be there if I am accepted.


Guy "Just f***ing up my kids one day at a time." Koepp

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Aww man I need to get to HHN!!! Great update so far, and although hearing about Robb getting an erection is just a tad scary, the refrence of "cheddar cheese soup being better than normal sex" at Epcot was just a little scarier. Nice update...


Colin C

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I'm thinking if you've never been to Mythos, it's worth stopping it. It's just for people that have eaten there a lot, the menu has changed so much and it seems like they've taken all the really interesting things off of it. I wasn't as happy with it as I had been in the past, but I'm sure I'll end up eating there again the next time I visit IOA...



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