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This should be a fantastic addition to PowerPark! Considering that the park is somewhat out in the middle of nowhere its great to see that they are succesfull and keep expanding. I think I need to go back to Finland soon, 2007 is a long time ago...

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Very awesome to see all this going up in the park. Definitely a fave park from the two

TPR Scandi Tours I've done (And that mini-Indy track too, lol). I love how this park is growing

in it's own timely way.


Great resort AND park.

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The park have now announced the new ride! Perhaps some of our Finnish friends can make a better translate than google


NORTHERN EUROPE's wildest roller coaster OPENS IN POWER Park next summer




Power Park amusement park in Alahärmä opens Northern Europe's wildest roller coaster for next summer. Named Junker, the roller coaster accelerate passengers from 0-100 km/h in only 1.9 seconds. Junker is accelerating faster than an F1 car, which requires over 2 seconds to accelerate to the same speed.


Initial acceleration after excelling in defiance of the appeal of a near-vertical 40 meters above the plains of South Ostrobothnia over. Surge heights of 100 km / h top speed for a couple through the loop directly below the pond through the tunnel under the ground and then up again. A high-speed track is a measure of 860 meters and best experienced up to 4.5 G's forces.


Junker construction work is currently in progress Power Park. The whole section is the fact that in Germany the mountain sections of the line are about 70 truckloads. According to plans, the novelty will be opened to the public in mid-June.


Junker The Power Park sixth roller coaster, so the supply is enough. The amusement park, and the pride of the favorite Thunderbird has been ranked the world's 10th best wooden roller coaster looming in the world and it is also the world's northernmost puuvuoristorata. Junker is tailored Power Park and is therefore unique in the world roller coaster.


- Junker roller coaster is unique in the whole of northern Europe, the Nordic countries and, of course, also in Finland. The new product is a significant factor in the Power Park development measures. We believe that it will be an unforgettable experience, which is the source to try outside Finland. Our summer it brings a very important additional spice, Power Park Director Mikko Luoma Stone says.


4.5 G forces kyytiläisiä experiencing Junker specialty is the pond below the tunnel-consuming. At top speed, the pond passing through the tunnel Junker rises again the light of day and will make loops and threads in many directions. At the end of startle an impressive stoppage of the high- performance magnets.


- Junker ride really does not leave anyone indifferent was concerned how adventurous rollercoasters any conqueror. Although the ride is wild and G-forces compress the passengers violently against the bench, happening all have safe limits. The device comply with an experienced and respected manufacturer of the safety preferences. Track tested carefully before use Kiviluoma says.


Junker roller coaster manufactured by the German Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH, the world's leading and most respected suppliers of roller coaster. It tracks all over the world, including Legoland in different parts of Europe and in the United States and Japan, these amusement parks.


Power Park is known for the whole family amusement state, which provides all members of the family of suitable devices. Pleasure State children's novelty device TagaJ poking fun at the family little people. Rotating and swinging device the children get to dismantle their energy with others through play.


Additional Information:

Mikko Luoma Stone, Director, Pleasure State Power Park

tel. 050 383 6651




Some photos from the Finnish forum:






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Hi, I'm not really a coaster freak, but I live just 100 km from the park and bin there a several times. The news about Junker come to me yesterday, and I think it's great!! Some one asked about the name and I think I got the answer. I think this is what you looking for:






A Junker or Junkkari (in finish) is some how related to that area in Finland. A Junker is what I like to call a "Härmä man" it's a man in a hat whit a "Salmiak" pathern on the shirt and a knife in the belt. It's kind of a symbol for that area. You can see the symbol in company logos from the area, like the agriculture machine company Junkkari, that has a factory in the area. Hopefully this helps.

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I actually like rolling launches, Anubis is still the launch that impressed me the most. More than Ispeed, Furius Baco, Desert Race, Kanonen, etc.

Light cars + rolling launch = tiny launch section => AWESOME! Because you have that gigantic top hat right in front of you, and you're like "we never gonna have the time to get enough spee-- WOOOOOOSH Oh well, we do"

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They can use 10 sets of those to launch a wild mouse car, as long as the train won't break into pieces from the extreme acceleration. I think US Army started using this technology to launch missiles decades ago.
10 Stators on a Cross Section of Track to Launch a Mouse Car or a Single Line of 10 Stators?
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Here's a better(?) translation of the announcement:


This summer PowerPark in Alahärmä will open the most thrilling rollercoaster in Northern Europe. Junker will accelerate guests from 0 to 100km/h in just 1,9 seconds, thus accelerating even faster than a F1-car which takes over two seconds.


After the launch riders are taken 40 meters almost straight up high above Northern Ostrobothnia (*local area). Riders plunge from the heights back to the ground and into a couple of loops, one of which dives into an underwater tunnel and back up again. This high speed track is 860m long and riders experience up to 4,5Gs.


Junker is currently under construction in PowerPark. The ride is so big that it takes about 70 trucks to deliver the parts from Germany. The ride is supposed to open mid-June.


Junker will be the 6th coaster in PowerPark so the supply is broad. The pride of the park and guest-favourite ride Thunderbird has been ranked top-10 and it's also the most northern wooden coaster in the world. Junker has a custom layout to fit PowerPark and thus it's a unique experience.


"Junker is unique. The new ride is a significant factor in the development of the park. We believe that it will be an unforgettable experience, which will attract guests not only from Finland, but from abroad as well. It will provide a great addition to our summer." says Mikko Kiviluoma, director of PowerPark.


Junker does not only provide riders with 4,5Gs, but it will also feature an underwater tunnel. With top speed Junker rises from the tunnel to twist and turn in all directions. The ending provides thrilling stop with the use of powerful magnets.


"Junker leaves no riders unthrilled no matter how much of an adrenaline junkie you are. Although the ride is wild and G-forces push you into the seat, it's all happening inside safety boundaries. The ride follows restrictions set by an experienced and valued manufacturer. The ride is thoroughly tested before opening." says Kiviluoma.


Junker is made by German Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH, one of the leading and most valued roller coaster manufacturers. Their rides can be found all over the world including Legolands in Europe and other parks in USA and Japan.


Power Park is known as a fun state for the whole world to provide thrills for everyone. This year's new ride for the younger ones is TagaJ. In this spinning and wobbling rides kids can blow off some steam while playing with other children.



Another article mentions that Junker is the most expensive investment so far but the price isn't mentioned.



Wow that launch is fast! Also the name Junker refers to an airplane company Junkers, but it's also a pun towards the local people living near the park like mentioned. Maybe this'll mean that it'll have airplane-themed cars like Karacho? I certainly wouldn't mind even if they'd look the same! The TagaJ looks like a kiddie-version of Tagada. I'd like to try that as well, but I guess adults can't ride...



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