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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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How does everyone know there is no track on site? It's not like we've had someone watching the park 24-7 for shipments. It could very well already be on site.


I drove by the park yesterday, it looks like the section they put up is where the station will be, there was some steel framing underneath the supports so they may have put those supports up to start building the station around them.

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DK has been known to store ride pieces in various places. Parking Lot, Construction Site, Fairgrounds, the back area near the warehouses. Just because they haven't posted a picture doesn't mean it's not there.


If it's not though, why can't they put up some supports? Got to have something to hold up the track. I like how people where complaining about them not putting anything up yet, and now when it is, people are complaining about what is going up first.

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I went to SFDK yesterday and this is my small report:


-Superman track has arrived! It is in the parking lot now.


-A few more supports have been added since that last picture shown


-I rode Roar in the back and it is insane, the first drop was spectacular and it was shaking violently throughout the ride. I felt some good floater air-time on it, though I still prefer the front.


-Medusa was running amazing today and I had the best ride I ever had on it. I think the heat lowered friction because the first part of the ride was normal but once you got to the sea serpent roll, it became very forceful. On the corkscrews, I actually felt blood get to my feet, something that only happened on Flight Deck (CGA)


-I finally got to ride Boomerang and it was horrible. I now think of it as the worst coaster in Northern California surpassing Vortex. It just seemed to be a poorly designed carnival roller coaster. Plus at 6' 1", my shoulders were pressed against the restraints the whole time, I'm never going on Boomerang in SFDK ever again.


-I rode Kong and the new restraints do nothing, I think they just re-painted the old ones. I actually avoided headbanging by tensing up and holding on real tight.


-The lines yesterday were moderate with a 30 minute wait on Kong, 15 minute wait on Medusa, 10 minute wait on Sky Screamer, 30 minute wait for Roar, and a 15 minute wait for Boomerang.

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^Glad to hear there's at least some progress being made. It's a small ride, but I really wonder what date they're shooting for at this point.


Any pix?


I have some track photos that I'll post tonight.

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Drove by the park today. They seem to be accelerating on construction. They are starting to erect the support section for the climb out of the launch as well as the supports for the base of the loop. They had a lot of supports laying out in the tram road (no track visible) so it looks like they intend to get quite a bit up prior to the weekend. I'll be at the park on Friday or Saturday and try to get some pics.

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