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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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TRIP REPORT 7/3/20   We arrived at the parking lot around 9:40am. There were no cars in front of us or behind us. We noticed a few people walking the path toward the park. We parked and took the

Walruses are back at SFDK!! 😍 This makes me really happy. The walruses were some of my favorites and I was really sad when Uquq had to go away. Glad she's coming back and she has a new fr

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Go Ahead Six Flags, keep throwing rides and money into your parks, that will really help your situation when you don't even have money to run rides at full capacity or even operate them at all.


Well, if none of their parks added anything, revenue would fall even more...It's all about being smart with your money (Hurricane Harbor @ SFGAm for example).


I would imagine that Six Flags and the city of Vallejo have some sort of agreement that mandates SF invest X amount of money into the park (similar to the operating agreements they have with the SFoT and SFoG partnerships), and any addition is a result of that.


I wouldn't get your hopes up that this is anything big though...

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Greased Lighting or whatever it was called is no longer in the parking lot.
I was trying to prove him wrong that was proof he posted. The picture he posted was proably that coaster i posted
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GL is really gone? I haven't been for a while but I'm trying to go this Saturday. I'll try to get some pics of the markers if I do get over there. I hope they take out Zonga and get a new coaster, I don't think anyone ever liked Zonga and it's been closed for a very long too, I think all season...they deserve a drop tower, but SFMW can't build anything 150' tall because of some city rules...I don't know, hope this is all something good though.

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well I am kinda glade about that hight limit becuase thats why they changes V2 to what it is. Man I so wanna go to sfmw now but I wont be able to for at least a week.

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I so wish parks would tell us what they have planed for the next year instead of goin "common we are makeing somthin but wont till what it is till end of year" to me they are

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I looked over the forum and didn't see this, so please forgive me just in case I missed the original thread.


From the Daily Republic




Six Flags Vallejo bucks trend, makes bucks

By Christine Cubé


VALLEJO - It appears the rollercoaster ride of low revenue and the possible sale of Six Flags Inc. has no effect on attendance at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo.


That's because the theme park expects to see a boost in operational profit at the close of its 2005 season, according to the University of the Pacific Business Forecasting Center.


Six Flags Marine World is an exception to the current situation of the struggling theme park company, which posted a $177.3 million loss from operations nationwide last year.


In fact, the Vallejo park will be up $5 million compared with the 2004 season with revenue of about $59 million this year, said the Business Forecasting Center, which received its information from park officials.


Six Flags Marine World kept mum about the center's findings. Historically, Six Flags officials are shy to discuss specifics to financial or visitation figures.


"I can't comment on (the center's) material," Marine World spokesman Paul Garcia said. "It's our policy not to speak on the financial earnings of the park."


If the center is accurate, Vallejo's share could be $2.4 million.


Mark Mazzaferro, public information officer with the city, said Vallejo receives 20 percent of the season profit from Six Flags Marine World. The park hosts about 2 million visitors annually.


"We're averaging about $2 million a year from the park," Mazzaferro said. "Historically, the park has always been pretty profitable.


"It reflects a good, regional theme park, where you ride a ride and learn something at the same time. You go to Paramount's Great America, ride a rollercoaster, shake hands with Yogi and go home. At Six Flags, you can pet a manta ray - there's a whole lot of education. Compared to the typical theme park, it's not typical by any means."


Six Flags began running the park in the late 1990s. The city owns the park and the funds go directly into Vallejo's general fund.


Six Flags Inc. (NYSE: PKS), which has corporate offices in New York and Oklahoma and 30 North American theme parks, began the discussion to sell itself to the right buyer in August. It came as a result of the largest shareholder Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins football franchise, seeking changes to Six Flags' management by proposing an ambitious plan to acquire a bigger stake in the company.


The season at Six Flags Marine World ends this month.


The park now is celebrating a month-long Halloween promotion called Fright Fest, which includes haunted mazes, live shows, costume parades and pumpkin carving.


So far it's been a hit with the locals.


"We had some good numbers this weekend," Garcia said. "We've received many die-hard fans of Halloween."


Reach Christine Cubé at 427-6934 or ccube@dailyrepublic.net.

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I'm really happy with these news !

I'm not surprised that Marine World is a successfull theme park. At least, one of the best of the Six Flags family.


Great shows, lots of families, great landscaping... Six Flags really should try to get the others parks as clean and entertaining as SFMW !


I hope SF will be able to buy the park and continue to improve it.

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Six Flags Marine World will be are building a new themed area called Tava's Jungle Land. It will feature 7 new rides.





New expanded kids' adventure area; all-new Shouka's Splashtime Show and new Holiday themed winter event highlight Northern California's Popular Family Entertainment Park's 2006 Season

FEBRUARY 2, 2006 - A grand, new mythical journey awaits families at Six Flags Marine World this season as the Park announces the addition of Tava's Jungleland, an elaborately jungle-themed play area featuring seven family rides, a giant treehouse adventure and live animal interaction. In 2006, the Park will also be debuting an all-new Shouka's Splashtime Show featuring the beautiful Orca and her Atlantic bottlenose dolphin friend, Merlin plus an expanded operating calendar concluding with Holiday in the Park featuring wintertime entertainment plus everyone's favorite family rides, coasters, shows and animals.


Tava's Jungleland

Tava's Jungleland, which is scheduled to open this spring, will offer an exotic world of excitement, fun and education for kids of all ages to enjoy. Families with young children can wander through the lush land named for the Park's beloved African elephant Tava, and experience seven unique family rides, plus get up-close and personal with rare and exotic wildlife including lorikeets, macaws, porcupines, camels and much more. The addition of Tava's Jungleland makes the 140-acre Park home to the most kids' rides and the most family rides in Northern California.


"We've designed Tava's Jungleland specifically with families in mind, combining innovative children's rides with rare, up-close animal encounters," said Bill Davis, vice president and general manager of Six Flags Marine World. "With the addition of this vibrant, new children's adventure area, Six Flags Marine World will offer twice the amount of attractions that young kids and parents can enjoy together."


Seven new rides and 2 interactive attractions within Tava's Jungleland include:


Congo Queen - Set sail for an unforgettable adventure on the latest innovative family ride that features a unique combination of rocking and whirling motion.

Nairobi's Look Out Balloons - Up, up and away we go! Take a sky-high ride for a spectacular view of the Park on unique hot air balloon gondolas.

Tava's Elephant Parade - Kids fly round and round on soaring pachyderms.

Monkey Around - Glide through the air with ease on these monkey-themed swings.

Safari Jeep Tours - Kids hop aboard and convoy through the backside of Tava's Jungleland.

Frog Hopper - Little explorers are lifted 20 feet above the landscape before "hopping" down to their descent.

Safari River Journey - All aboard on these miniature safari vessels for a most memorable voyage.

Splashwater Oasis - Two towers of wet and wild excitement where kids can splash and cool off from the summer heat.

Treehouse Play Structure - Kids climb high and explore one of the world's largest play structures, where they can explore three towers of fun offering cargo nets, slides, bridges and more.

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I bet the rides are from Astroworld. Sounds nice. Blends in with the back of the park.

Edited by XII
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Is SFMW worth the 5+ hour drive from the LA area? Medusa's Sea Serpent inversions look great but what's everyones overall opinion of the place?


Trying to do more than just Disney, SFMM, and KBF for my LA trip this Spring.

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Is SFMW worth the 5+ hour drive from the LA area? Medusa's Sea Serpent inversions look great but what's everyones overall opinion of the place?


Trying to do more than just Disney, SFMM, and KBF for my LA trip this Spring.


I would think it depends on how much time you have. If you have a few days to spare, you could hit PGA, SFMW, San Francisco and Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Count on taking a full day to get between the LA basin and the SF bay area. If you have the time, Highway 1-the PCH is really cool to drive along-you may want to take I-5 to save time in the other direction.


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