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  1. Any word on Universal Hollywood soft opening? I'm done with school this week and going back to Nor cal on the 18th, and I'm getting jipped on all these new ride openings(x2 and this). Hopefully if I go next week it will be open.
  2. Question: When do all the middle school/high school kids come and invade SFMM on their graduation trips? I've only got 1 final next week(12-16) and was planning on hitting SFMM up but if its full of little kids I will pass.
  3. Thanks guys, I'm not even sure if I can rent a car(I'm 20) and we are only going to be there for the day, so renting a car to drive like 2 miles is kinda pointless. There will probably be 5 of us so its gonna be a lil hard but we will make it work. June 1st is the day we will spend at the park, looks like a room on the 2nd floor will run us 240 a night. 5 ways is only like 50 bucks so it aint that bad. So what would be the best way to get from the Cleveland airport to hotel breakers? Greyhound to taxi? Train to taxi?
  4. My friends and I are planning a fat eastcoast/midwest trip this summer. But we are flying into NYC, then taking the train up to Albany. From there I was planning on flying to Cleveland then taking the train to Sandusky. Then some how getting to the Hotel Breakers. BTW anyone got any hotel suggestions? Hotel Breakers is a little more than we'd rather spend but its right in the park and you get in an hour early. Short story shorter... I need to get to cedar point from Cleveland airport and then back to the airport. And a hotel.
  5. You should go grab some slides, there are pieces of the waterslides right on the side of highway 120 or it might be the 99 but I'm pretty sure its the 120. If you are going east from SF they are on the right a lil bit after Tracy.
  6. I'm getting it at midnight and playing til I pass out...we will see if I make it to class...
  7. The family will sue, even if SF had them sign a paper that said "if my legs get cut off I won't sue" they would still sue.
  8. Awesome pictures dude, I need to make it out to Florida. What kind of camera do you have? DSLR?
  9. Yea, but its not a "few" years from now...its right now. The 360 has a ton of great games with amazing graphics, while the PS3 doesn't have either of those, and it costs 200 bucks less.
  10. Back in 2002 we put a trash can in front of the air gate for the last row of Greased Lightnin' and rode it 67 times with out moving. Those were the days.
  11. Hahah... oh wait. You were serious? Anyways she can't smile. Hah ya I was serious. Maybe "hot" was pushing it, but she is attractive. Quick! Someone call Dateline NBC!
  12. Are you serious? He drove a couple hours to get to the snow....Just like how you can drive an hour and a half from Sacramento and get to Lake Tahoe where there are over 25 different Ski resorts.
  13. As a skateboarder this makes me sad, As a roller coaster'er this makes me happy, So I'm stuck in the middle.
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