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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I know nothing about SFMW (other than they have Roar and Medusa). Is there any room/chance for this park to become a big destination park in Northern California?


They've got Roar, Medusa (best B&M floorless I've been on), an SLC, a Boomerang, and the Intamin Impulse with an inversion. They also have [lame IMO] animal shows...and they just got rid of their Schwarzkopf. They don't really have room to expand that I can see, but it's an alright park.

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Sounds kinda cool, yet it kinda reminds me of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and what used to be, Discovery Zone (Place like Chuck E Cheese's). I'll have to get used to SFDK instead of SFMW.


Discovery Zone totally OWNED Chuck E Cheese! Ahh, childhood memories...



Ummm Hmmm.

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Then again, what was wrong with Marine World in the first place?


I think that they are changing it because it is sort of missleading. The park does'nt have just marine animals but land animals, shows, and rides too. I think that it is being changed because Discovery Kingdom is more appropiate for the park and it will seem less confusing to the GP. SFMW sounds like an aquarium but SFDK sounds like an amusemt park.


Just my double pennies.

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So, I Will be At Six Flags Marine World THIS WEEKEND! Ill be wearing my Ketchup shirt on Saturday, And ThemeParkReivew Shirt On Sunday. Ill also be with my buddy Kevork...riding Vekomas ETC! So if you have a season pass, come out there and see me! Shoot me a comment! Let me know!



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Dude, I am also trying to figure out the 2 days thing?? You're going to be ready to leave after 2 hours!!!


Oh well, maybe you can hitchhike to the Jelly Belly Factory! Afterall, I'm sure you could use some more Sugar!


Well knowing Six Flags, rides will break! I gotta get ALL my credits in! So I mgith have to come back, if not im hittin the Oakland zoo to get my credit there..

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When I visited the park in the summer of 2005. I actually had a really great time there. I felt as if there was just the perfect balance between thrills and wild life. But, spending two days there? I mean, I got the park done in about 4-5 hours doing everything. I suppose it did feel a bit rushed and a few extra hours there would of been nice and all, but just a few more.


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