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The Great Escape (TGE) Discussion Thread

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Bonzai Pipelines Coming to The Great Escape

Splashwater Kingdom to Expand with New Body Slides



LAKE GEORGE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Great Escape’s popular outdoor water park, Splashwater Kingdom, goes Bigger, Better and Wetter in 2017! The Great Escape today announced plans to add Bonzai Pipelines, a pair of dueling water slides, to its 2017 lineup. The attraction will boast the park’s first body speed slides delivering unpredictable twists and turns and huge water park fun.


“Bonzai Pipelines will deliver an exhilarating water ride experience combined with a little friendly competition,” said Eric Gilbert, Six Flags Great Escape Resort president. “This multi-slide attraction will be a great enhancement to the water park and provide another awesome way to cool off on hot summer days. From our iconic thrill rides to our two children's areas and free water park, no other theme park in the area offers this level of entertainment for the entire family, and we are excited to continue enhancing our resort in 2017.”


Perched 30 feet in the air, guests will race through nearly 300 feet of banking twists and turns uniquely designed to provide an adrenaline-charged body slide experience. Bonzai Pipelines will feature two brightly colored twisting slides, becoming the 13th attraction in Splashwater Kingdom. The slides will complement the popular Alpine Freefalls in lower Splashwater Kingdom, offering thrill seekers the ultimate water park adventure.


More information about Bonzai Pipelines will be released during a hard hat tour of the attraction’s construction site in the spring of 2017.


The Great Escape is also announcing the start of 2017 Season Pass sales with its special Flash Sale through Labor Day weekend featuring the best deal of the year – savings up to 70% off on 2017 Passes! September 1 through 5, guests will receive a free upgrade to a Gold Season Pass with every Pass purchased. Gold Season Passes include admission to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and any other Six Flags theme park, as well as free parking and special admission offers for friends. 2017 Season Passes provide unlimited visits any operating day for the rest of 2016 (including park admission to Fright Fest® with FREE Haunts) and all of 2017. Passholders may also purchase a Premium Season Dining Pass, which includes a lunch, dinner, and snack during every park visit, plus they will receive a 2017 All Season Sport Bottle for unlimited drink refills. Premium Season Dining Passes may be used at any Six Flags theme park.


Still to come this fall, Six Flags Great Escape’s annual Fright Fest® celebration is bigger than ever before with FREE admission to all Haunted Houses in 2016! The event will take place weekends, October 1–October 30, including Friday nights and Monday, October 10.


For more information, visit sixflags.com/greatescape.


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Not sure how I feel about this addition, was kind of hoping for either a new coaster of course (or a replacement) or a new family ride. They have done a nice job updating the thrill rides but could really start to add more family rides with lower height restrictions. The water park has seen numerous additions over the past few years and really didn't need these slides. If anything they need to add a family raft slide or a water coaster. Still nice to see an addition that isn't a VR makeover like SFM.

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The two big things I got from this announcement are that Comet wasn't VRed and the Alpine Bobsled survived another year. As long as Comet doesn't get VRed, I'm happy since that would kill the capacity of their only high capacity coaster. Thankfully I think the Steamin' Demon saved all of us from that fate. Then the Bobsled has seemingly been on the chopping block forever and it still seems to have another year in it, which is a good thing since it's the park's second best coaster.


The last few times I was there, the water park attractions were definitely more crowded than the ride side, so I can understand this addition. Other than the extreme drop pod slide, I can't recall them having any body slides. Maybe next year they'll finally get that coaster and we all know it will be a Larson Loop

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The slides will complement the popular Alpine Freefalls in lower Splashwater Kingdom, offering thrill seekers the ultimate water park adventure.


I wonder what they mean by "complement...Alpine Freefalls", as if this is somehow going to use the same base structure with some modifications made. I know that space right there is pretty tight between the existing structure, the path, and the wave pool on one side, then the structure and the Comet on the other side. Or maybe they just mean it's also going into lower Splashwater and they'll install it over by the Bucket Brigade.


Either way, despite the fact that everyone probably wishes Great Escape would get a new coaster, the water park is where they make money here. Splashwater Kingdom is also a uniquely good water park considering the caliber and size of the attractions in their dry park. I wish more admission-included water parks had as many attractions.

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Thanks for sharing! So it appears it will be built as an addition onto the tower since I don't remember it extending that far out before.


And based on not hearing anything, it sounds like the perpetually on the chopping block Alpine Bobsled has survived another year.

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New press release posted today.



Drop of Doom VR at The Great Escape


Northeast's First Drop Tower VR Ride Launches at The Great Escape in Partnership with Samsung


Coming in July The Great Escape gets New Drop of Doom VR Experience Crawling with Spiders


LAKE GEORGE, NY. — April 6, 2017 — The Great Escape, in partnership with Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the “Official Technology Partner of Six Flags,” today announced an all-new virtual reality experience, Drop of Doom VR. The area’s first-ever drop tower virtual reality attraction is a thrilling, immersive encounter that combines the fear of heights and the fear of spiders in one heart-pounding experience that only Six Flags could deliver. Drop of Doom VR makes its debut at The Great Escape in July.


“As we continue to explore the endless opportunities utilizing Samsung Gear VR technology we can change the content of rides to offer an entirely new experience,” said The Great Escape Resort Properties Park President Eric Gilbert. “We look forward to giving our guests another reason to visit and make new memories at the park this season.”


Riders, using Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, will become the pilots of a futuristic gunship under attack by mutant spiders. This extreme, interactive adventure features:


• A high-speed virtual vertical ascent 1,000 feet in the air while teetering off the edge of a helicopter;

• A 360-degree rotating view high above massive city skyscrapers that are under siege by enormous spiders;

• A high-intensity gun battle against a giant arachnid, spewing baby spiders that virtually crawl all over the rider’s body;

• A thrilling virtual 1,000 foot fiery plunge straight down between towering skyscrapers; and

• The final showdown with a spider the size of a van, teeth-gnashing and in full attack mode.


For a limited time only, guests will be able to experience the Drop of Doom virtual reality attraction free with paid park admission starting in July. The Great Escape will open its gates May 13, and daily operation begins June 14.



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Having spiders invade with the S&S compressed air noises in the background should be an interesting combo. Wasn't expecting this at Great Escape but hopefully this works well for them.


Thank goodness they didn't put anything on the Comet since that would kill the capacity of their only high capacity coaster.

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I mentioned in the LaRonde thread that I'm curious how likely it could be for SF to move Cobra to TGE. Would it be a decent fit for the park?

Maybe, i live in the Albany area and when people want big coasters they drive to New England, it would attract more teenagers and young adults with a thrilling attraction


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I had a busy day a few years back. The Comet only was a 15 minute wait since it ran two trains but Alpine Bobsled was probably an hour due to its low capacity. Then the other coasters run one train and got towards 30 minutes.

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