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  1. Blurry image of 2020 rumour: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-bz-seaworld-new-rides-20180925-story.html
  2. Cobra is coming down More Pics: https://www.instagram.com/amusement_industry_review/
  3. The game is getting there! Still hoping for a height-adjustable drop tower soon.
  4. ^ IMO this would never happen, Are the costs to turn this into a worse ride/motion simulator worth it? I think it's smarter of them to pull an Alton Towers "Hex" and update some stuff slightly, letting people know it's down for refurbishments for a season. It made me want to go check out Hex again after the new sound/scenery, even though it was clearly a cost-saving measure.
  5. Hey kings island thread! I'll be driving by Kings island This Sunday/Monday and can spend time there if anyone wants to meet up! Never been, I could do 10am-7pm monday , or I can do Sunday 2pm to 10pm. Let me know if there's any locals that want to go ride some rides! love to meet up with someone..
  6. Multi-train, is confirmed for this alpha. Are those transfer/ storage tracks?? Do they work? That would be amazing
  7. Screamscape put it as a rumor today as well. Oh how we can hope
  8. We can hope that the great escape will actually get anything.
  9. this game and thread is dying as the Planet Coaster thread will eventually pass it in page numbers and quality.
  10. Rode this two days ago and loved the ride. Mostly because the restraints are so comfortable. I didn't feel the ride was too rough, and didn't notice a wiggle on this great airhill, however, I never checked here before so I had no idea the support was added and wasn't feeling for anything weird when on-ride.
  11. This game is making me really consider buying a new computer with good specs just to play this game.
  12. ^ way too fantasy for my liking.. but still nice to see what you can do. Loved some of those building fly-throughs. edit: also heres another pic, on-track 4D
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