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Rank Your Home Park's Coasters

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1. Twisted Colossus

2. Tatsu

3. X2

4. Riddler's Revenge

5. Batman: The Ride

6. Scream

7. Ninja

8. Goliath

9. Full Throttle

10. Superman: Escape From Krypton

11. Revolution

12. Apocalypse

13. Viper

14. Goldrusher

15. Green Lantern



1. Ghostrider

2. Xcelerator

3. Montezooma's Revenge

4. Silver Bullet

5. Sierra Sidewinder

6. Jaguar

7. Pony Express

8. Boomerang

9. Coast Rider

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Canada's Wonderland:


1. Behemoth

2. Vortex

3. Leviathan

4. The Bat

5. Dragon Fire

6. Mighty Canadian Minebuster

7. The Fly

8. Ghoster Coaster

9. Backlot Stunt Coaster

10. Thunder Run

11. Wonder Mountain's Guardian

12. Silver Streak

13. Time Warp

14. Flight Deck

15. Wild Beast

16. Taxi Jam (I have yet to ride it)


That's my ranking of coasters at my home park, Canada's Wonderland. If SkyRider were still there, it would have ranked easily in the top five.

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Six Flags Over Georgia:


1. Goliath

2. Mind Bender

3. Batman: The Ride

4. Dare Devil Dive

5. Georgia Scorcher

6. Superman: Ultimate Flight

7. Blue Hawk

8. Georgia Cyclone

9. Great American Scream Machine

10. Joker Funhouse Coaster

11. Dahlonega Mine Train

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I consider my home park to be Great Adventure even though it's not really even close to being true, and ranking their coasters isn't easy but this is what I came up with...


1) El Toro

2) Kingda Ka

3) Batman (I feel like I should say Nitro but I can't do it...)

4) Nitro

5) Bizarro... I think (I could really have gone with Joker, Skull Mountain or even Superman just as easily).

6) Superman

7) Skull Mountain

8) Joker

9) Choo Choo

10) Dark Knight

11) El Diablo Loop Coaster (I put this here just to piss you off)

12) Blackbeard or whatever the hell it's called today

13) Road Runner Railway

14) Getting run over by a freight train

15) Green Lantern

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Cool, something fun on coffee break lol I guess I remember all this stuff, being obsessed with my home park since I was a kid and old enough to like rides in the late 80. The list includes removed rides.


Come on up and visit the park if you haven't been. The top three in the list are definitely worth a visit.


Canada's Wonderland

Vortex, Arrow Suspended Coaster

Behemoth, B&M Mega Coaster, 200 ft plus

Leviathan, B&M Mega Coaster, 300 ft plus

SkyRider, Togo Stand Up (Removed)

Wild Beast/ Wilde Beast, Kings Entertainment Co (Taft Broadcasting) Curtis Summers wooden coaster, modelled after Wild Cat at Coney Island, Cincinnati

Mighty Canadian Mine Buster, Kings Entertainment Co (Taft Broadcasting) Curtis Summers wooden coaster, modelled after Shooting Star at Coney Island, Cincinnati

Back Lot Stunt Coaster/ Italian Job, Premier Custom Launched Coaster

Dragon Fire/ Dragon Fyre, Arrow-Huss Custom Looping Coaster

The Bat, Vekoma Boomerang

Ghoster Coaster, Kings Entertainment Co (Taft Broadcasting) Curtis Summers junior wooden coaster

Flight Deck/ Top Gun, Vekoma SLC

The Fly, Mack Standard Wild Mouse

Wonder Mountain's Guardian, Triotech/ Art Engineering 4D Interactive Ride

Silver Streak, Vekoma Junior SLC

Time Warp/ Tomb Raider, Zamperla Volare

Taxi Jam, E&F Miler Kiddie Coaster


Not really coasters/ credits to me:

Thunder Run (with optional VR)/ Blauer Enzian, Mack Blauer Enzian Coaster (Powered)

Bayern's Curve, Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve (Powered, Removed)

Zumba Flume, Kings Entertainment Co (Taft Broadcasting) double drop log flume (Removed)

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Great Thread.

My location says it all

1. Raging Bull

2. Goliath

3. Viper

4. Batman The Ride

5. X-Flight

6. Whizzer

7. AE Blue

8. AE Red

9. Demon

10. V2

11. Superman

12. Dark Knight

13. Little Dipper

14. Spacely's Sprocket Rockets

I decided to rank both sides of Eagle seperate.

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My "home" park as far as being what's closest to me is Silverwood in Idaho. With only 4 coasters, it's not hard to list the order of my favorite to least favorite.

1. Aftershock

2. Timber Terror

3. Tremors

4. Corkscrew


My subjective opinion on coasters to the parks I tend to travel to the most

Cedar Point

1. Millennium Force

2. Maverick

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Gatekeeper

5. Raptor

6. Valravn

7. Rougarou

8. Magnum XL200

9. Gemini

10. VR version of Iron Dragon (regular Iron Dragon would rank second to last)

11. Wicked Twister

12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

13. Blue Streak

14. Corkscrew

15. Meanstreak (in its original form before closing as of Sept. 2016 - anything new may rank it higher than the bottom of my list)

* I don't consider Pipe Scream a "coaster" (more of a flat ride), and I've never ridden the two kiddie coasters, so no opinion on those. IF Pipe Scream had to be included above, I'd probably put it after Wicked Twister.


SF Magic Mountain

1. Tatsu

2. F*ll Thr*ttle "Full Throttle"

3. X2

4. Goliath

5. Twisted Colossus

6. The New Revolution

7. Scream

8. Batman

9. Riddler's Revenge

10. Superman

11. Green Lantern

12/13. Ninja & Viper (two very different coasters, yet to me a tie as far as enjoyment).

14. Apocolypse

* No opinion on Goldrusher since I haven't ridden it in years, and also none of the kiddie coasters since I don't go on those.



Not a home park or one I have visited often, but based on recent & existing rides from past visits to Knott's:

1. Silver Bullet

2. Ghostrider (2016 version)

3. Xcelerator

4. Sierra Sidewinder

5. Jaguar

6. Pony Express

7. Boomerang

8. Coast Rider

I haven't ridden Montezooma's Revenge for several years, and it was down last month, so hard to give a complete accurate opinion on this one.

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Knott's Berry Farm


1. Xcelerator - One of the few coasters I will re-ride

2. Silver Bullet - Not the best, but underrated

3. Montezooma's Revenge - Classic

4. GhostRider - I haven't been since the reopening. It used to be my #1

5. Coast Rider - It's fine

6. Jaguar! - Hasn't aged well

7. Pony Express - Would be MUCH higher if the queue/ride time ratio was better

8. Sierra Sidewinder - I don't really like spinning coasters

9. Timberline Twister - My first coaster!

10. Boomerang - I never ever ride this

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For Thorpe Park:


Colossus (only on odd number rows)

The Swarm (However last visit it seemed weak, next year it may move down)


Samurai (only when on intense setting)




Nemesis Inferno (excluding back row in the rain. Then a very good ride)


Rush (only this far up when arms fully swing)

Loggers Leap

Flying fish

Tidel Wave.


As you can see there are many ifs and 's.

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Six Flags St. Louis

1) Batman

2) American Thunder

3) Mr. Freeze (#1 before reverse blast conversion)

4) Screaming Eagle

5) Mine Train

Tied for last: Ninja,Boss,Boomerang


It's neat to see all of the batman clones still ranking decently in parks with solid attractions. It has been said many times before, but I wonder if the layout would hold more appeal if it had only been placed at Great America.

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1. Xcelerator

2. GhostRider

3. Silver Bullet

4. Montezooma's

5. Sierra Sidewinder

6. Jaguar

7. Coast Rider

8. Pony Express

9. Boomerang



1. Twisted Colossus


2. Tatsu

3. Batman

4. Apocalypse

5. Goliath

6. Full Throttle

7. X2

8. Revolution

9. Ninja

10. Scream

11. Superman

12. Riddler's Revenge

13. Viper

14. Gold Rusher

15. Road Runner

16. Green Lantern

Edited by chickenbowl
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1. Twisted Colossus


2. Tatsu

3. Batman

4. Apocalypse

5. Goliath

6. YOLOcoaster

7. X2

8. Revolution

9. Scream

10. Superman

11. Riddler's Revenge

12. Viper

13. Gold Rusher

14. Road Runner

15. Green Lantern


Where would you put Ninja? Personally I think it's a top 5 ride in the park but I know I'm in the minority on that.

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1. Typhoon

2. Dizz

3. Oki Doki

4. Dream Catcher

5. Revolution / Mount Mara

6. Speedy Bob

7. Bob Express



1. Baron 1898

2. Joris en de Draak

3. Vliegende Hollander

4. Python

5. Vogel Rok

6. Bob

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Six Flags Great America


Batman The Ride

Raging Bull





American Eagle



Superman Ultimate Flight


Gol could have easily topped this list if they hadn't left out the iath part of it.


I've really warmed up to B&M Wing Coasters, especially X-Flight. Of the US Wing Coasters, I've also ridden Mild Eagle and Gatesleeper. X-Flight spends much of it's time near the ground and hauls ass from the top of the lift until it hits the brakes. Until I get the chance to return to Holiday World and wet my beak on Thunderbird, this is far and away the best of the stateside Wing Coasters.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain


1. X2

2. Twisted Colossus

3. Tatsu

4. Riddler's Revenge

5. Batman the Ride

6. Goliath

7. Scream

8. Full Thr*ttle

9. Superman: Escape from Krypton

10. Viper

11. New Revolution

12. Apocalypse

13. Ninja

14. Green Lantern

15. Goldrusher

16. Roadrunner Express

17. The other three credit whoring kiddy coasters

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1. Helix

2. Balder

3. Lisebergbanan

4. Kanonen

5. Rabalder


(Haven't ridden Stampbanan)


Tivoli Gardens:

1. Daemonen

2. Rutschebanen

3. Odinekspressen

4. Karavanen



1. Mine Train Ulven

2. Racing

3. Rutschebanen

4. Tornado

5. De Vilde Mus

6. Mariehonen


Hansa Park:

1. Schwur Des Kärnan

2. Fluch von Novgorod

3. Nessie

4. Schlange von Midgard

5. Rasender Roland

6. Crazy Mine

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Until I get the chance to return to Holiday World and wet my beak on Thunderbird, this is far and away the best of the stateside Wing Coasters.


You'll be satisfied with Thunderbird, which I feel is a cut above the rest. I agree with your comparison of X-Flight to the other US Wing Riders.

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For King's Island:

1) Beast at night (During the day, I might put it back a few notches)

2) Diamondback

3) Banshee

4) Firehawk

5) Flight of Fear

6) Bat

7) Stunt Coaster

8) Adventure Express (mostly at night)

9) Racer

10) Woodstock Express

11) Vortex

12) Invertigo



1) Joker

2) Superman

3) Medusa

4) V2

5) Kong

6) Boomerang (yuck)

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