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Park Pet Peeves

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I got this topic off of SFGAM world. You jut put you pet peeves when you visit a park.


Here are mine:


1. People who hold up a line.


2. People who block the lines.


3. People who freak out when S:UF cars go in to the flying posisition.


4. line jumpers


5. smokers


6. over priced food


7. slow lines


8. Parents who let their kids run around and play games in the paths.


9. Groups of people who walk in a way that the paths are blocked


10. People who take someone's seat when they put something in the storage bins.

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Besides the ones you mentioned, 3 other ones I have are-


Not allowing re-rides on coasters when there is no one waiting for your row and the train isn't even 1/3 full


Overpriced skill games


Rigged skill games (like when a basketball game has an oval rim instead of a circular rim)

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here's mine.

$10.00 for crappy park food.

Having people in line in front of me.

Slow loading staff.

Line Jumpers.

People smoking in non designated zones.

People who won't let you take secured loose articles onto the ride.

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I try not to let much bother me but when I see a group of 12 people in the single riders line all wearing the same shirt kinda makes me twist my eye a little. But I feel better when they all get seperate and they ask if they can sit together...

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I try not to get too easily annoyed, but there are a few things that really bother me sometimes.


-people smoking in non smoking areas

-people who just throw their trash on the ground when there's a trash can like 3 feet away from them...*lazy*

-slow loading (ok...I understand it probably takes longer than you would think to load a train and make sure everyone's locked in and all that, but come on 15 minutes to load one train on Medusa....)

-walking into a park (well SFMW in my case) and having photographers pounce on you immediately saying "Would you like a picture???" It must suck having that job.

-and last having to pay $6 for a Subway sandwich when you can get the same one in a Subway elsewhere for like $2...yeah the parks need profit but that's pushing it

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People who pay an average of $60 for a season pass and visit the park 20 times bringing their average visit down to $3 and then complaining about the park raping them on expensive food.


things that annoy me:


a coaster full of screaming pre-teen girls

smoking in queues

trains with empty seats when the ride ops don't even call out for single riders

groups of 4 in front of me that don't understand if I slide ahead of them to fill a empty seat that I am not causing them to miss a ride

idiots who refuse to get off the rails when the ride ops ask

idiots who push on the air gates

people who complain when their kids don't meet the minimum height requirement

people who refuse to try the test seat and then complain when they can't fit on the actual ride.


a lot of things annoy me, I could go on forever

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People who pay an average of $60 for a season pass and visit the park 20 times bringing their average visit down to $3 and then complaining about the park raping them on expensive food.


Lol. Im part guilty of that. But I'm getting better.







-Smoking in lines.


-Assigning seats (without the possibly of requesting a seat)


-Teenagers cussing (unnecessarily ... )

-Foul Smelling parks

-Foul smelling guests

-Foul smelling smells in general, really.

-Sticky countertops.

-Extinct attractions, that just sit there.

-The cost to get into Disneyland and DCA. :?


Thats all I can think of, right now, and thats still a lot. Damn I complain a lot.

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My biggest one is those people asking you if you want your picture taken when you first get in...nothing annoys me more then that at a park


I always contemplate telling the girl that asks me that I'll only take a picture if she is in it with me. However, these girls must be warned about this in training becuase whenever I visit the park solo the youngs girls with cameras ignore the 38 year old guy.

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I hate the people who insist getting all 20 people in their group on one train, cutting other people in the process.


I also hate people who cut through the entire line saying something like "My mom's up there". I should just stop them and tell tem to get their mom to go back.

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People who think it's funny to stand at the water harassment cannons with a roll of quarters soaking people they don't even know. I know many people who won't get on flumes anymore (especially at SFGADV near my home) due to this. There are minimal water quality standards on most flumes; at SFGADV they draw the smelly water from stagnant ponds, not exactly what you want dumped on your head. It's accepted to get soaked by the ride, you understand that's what happens when you get on. But then to have a bucket load of water dumped on your head after the ride is over (this is the way it works on both flumes at SFGADV, just before you go back into the turntable) while SF makes money off it is just wrong. If you dumped a bucket of stagnant water on a little kid walking down a midway you would get taken away in handcuffs.

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I don't mind the water cannons. I figure if i ride a log flume, I'm going to get wet regardless.


park Peeve: ATM's that make you paranoid. When i was at GL, i ran out of cash and used the ATM. I get this: Insufficient amount from account for withdraw. I freak out, knowing that morning i over 5k in their.

I call the automated bank system, and sure enough, it's there.

I try it again, and it works...

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I know some people don't mind, but I've seen a lot of times at SFGADV where riders are truly upset by it compounded by taunting they receive by knuckleheads in the gallery; it gets ugly at times. These things often just promote uncivil behavior. It would be nice if the riders could inhibit the system, or choose to enable it. This wouldn't be hard.

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I agree about the water cannons. I knew Saw Mill Log Flume had the water cannons but I didn't know Poland Springs Plunge had them as well (which I think is horrible they would put water cannons on a ride in what is basically a kids area).


It's even worse in cooler weather. I know you go on a Log Flume expecting to get wet but some of those water cannons can really get you soaked. I don't know if they do it or not but they should at least turn them off it is under a certain temperature outside.

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