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New red B&M track at Clermont in Ohio...

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Looks like Inverted or Wing Rider (Canada's Wonderland?) track from the way the ties are curved, but it's hard to tell so far away.


No, actually the ties aren't curved like inverted, they're straight like non-inverted track.


Edit: Look at the way the ties meet the spine in this picture compared to the mystery track.

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It's pretty tough to guess. I mean, all we know is that this isn't an invert, flyer or large dive machine so it theoretically could be a wing coaster, floorless, sitting, small dive machine, hyper/giga or even a standup.

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Those track pieces look like inversions to me, I'm guessing Wing Rider or small dive machine with inversions

I don't see anything that's definitely an inversion. Could just be transitions.

In the latest photo, you can see two pieces of track that have big extra parts to bolt supports onto, they look like they would be built at the base of a vertical loop or half loop.

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Count me in as one of those hoping this goes to Canada's Wonderland.


Not sure what coaster type this could be, but If I had to guess I'd say a wing rider (:( ), or possibly something decently forceful, maybe a floorless with some kind of launch? Idk

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Looks like parts to the rumored Canada's Wonderland wing coaster to me. Given that it will probably have more components than the rumored Cedar Point dive coaster, it makes sense that fabrication would start sooner for the wing coaster (plus this doesn't look like dive coaster track).

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