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Who's your park's chain RIVAL??

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IOA. The rival is probably the other universal park right across the way. I can buy one ticket for both, therefore I win.


Okay, that may have been cheating a bit. So; I guess the main rivals are all other Orlando parks. Well, the theming may not be on Epcot levels, nor is the coaster selection as good as BGT, but it is great to have both elements in one park.

Next, Disneyland>Magic Kingdom




(I group these two together because they are both old, small parks that have been corporatized over the years, adding many big rides. I prefer Kennywood's ride selection, and also I think they integrate the new stuff in well with the old stuff, which Knott's does not do as well. Both parks could improve their operations, though)


Kings Dominion>Carowinds

(But I still love both parks)

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Before a year I was a huge Six Flags Fan and I didn't liked Cedar Fair but now both are nearly the same good in my opinion, but Six Flags is still a bit before Cedar Fair. But don't understand me wrong, I like both park chains!


I think Cedar Fair is a bit before Six Flags so I guess I understand you kinda wrong. But I agree that they are the same good in many ways.

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