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Bosque Magico gets Mexico's First Magnetic Launch Coaster

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Here's a press release I received today from Premier Rides:






Baltimore, MD – Premier Rides, Inc., a global supplier of cutting-edge theme park attractions, has been selected by Bosque Magico Coca Cola to design and build the iconic attraction as part of the park’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2015. The “Zombie Coaster” will be the first high-tech, magnetically-launched roller coaster in Mexico and will feature the highest inversion in Latin America!


Julián Villarreal, Director of Operations of Bosque Mágico Coca Cola commented, “We selected Premier Rides because we wanted to make a major statement that we were going to open an attraction unlike any other in Mexico. Premier Rides has built some of the most thrilling high tech rides in the world for parks like Universal Studios and we wanted to give our guests that same high level of quality and thrills.”


Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides noted, “Latin America is an exciting area in which to be right now. With the emerging markets and tremendous growth in the entertainment arena, there is a growing demand for more thrilling and diverse entertainment options. Bosque Magico Coca Cola is taking the lead by bringing such a high-tech thrilling attraction to their park in Mexico.” Seay continued, “Premier tiene el honor de diseñar y construir esta montaña rusa para el Bosque Mágico. We are honored to be chosen to provide such an iconic coaster. Bosque Mágico is ‘raising the bar’; they are entering into a new era of amusement technology in Mexico and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting process by providing such a visually spectacular attraction with a thrill level that is off the charts.”


Not only will the ride be the country’s first magnetic launch coaster capable of propelling riders forwards and backwards multiple times by Premier’s award-winning magnetic system, but it will also feature an incredible layout that includes both 90-degree vertical twists as well as the highest inversion in all of Latin America. Another first in Mexico, the coaster will use an innovative, high-speed station switch system and multiple trains that are capable of multi-directional movement. This, combined with speeds of up to 100 Km/h, is sure to deliver an unforgettable ride experience.


Paulina Reyes, Vice President of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Latin American Operations observed, “The news that Bosque Magico Coca Cola has selected Premier Rides to supply Mexico’s first magnetic launch coaster is a testament to the importance of the advancement of amusement industry both to the business sector and to the people of Mexico. This kind of investment says a lot about the positive direction of the industry here in Latin America.”


Opened in the 1995, Bosque Mágico Coca Cola is at the heart of northern Mexico's largest city, Monterrey. Guests can enjoy a variety of rides, museums, haunted houses, slides, racetracks, antique car rides, shows, video games, simulators and more! Julián Villarreal explained, “In 2015 Bosque Mágico Coca Cola celebrates its 20th anniversary with a great party and the grand opening of a new area of over 25,000 square meters filled with the perfect mix of fun, high-thrill and relaxation opportunities for our guests. The investment will be in excess of ten million US dollars. The area will feature new snack areas and a food court for guests to indulge their palate, beautiful green areas in which to relax, as well as other service facilities. Without a doubt, the most important part will be the opening of the roller coaster by Premier Rides.”


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The two trains will be great! I have never ridden one of these, but I can see the popularity of these based on how many parks are getting these. Only two years since the prototype model and already four (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) are built/announced.

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Is anyone else wondering how on this ride they'll be able to accommodate multiple trains? I get how they can do it for the Freeze brothers in St. Louis & Over Texas, but with the multiple launches and passes through the station area...

The switch track will move to the center of the station, line up with the coaster track, and after the ride is over, it'll scoot back to one side of the station, just like Mr. Freeze does.

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This marks #3 unless this is a clone as well.


Technically it's the forth one, the one for Hoiliday Park was bought, and built, for a park in China. They did get some financial troubles and could not collect the ride, so it went to Germany instead.


But there is only three built so far.

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^ And, is this to be included in the

2015 TPR Mexico Tour.... ???


(I hope I hope I hope...)


Bill, I'm looking into it.


Here's from the State Department Website:


Nuevo Leon: Monterrey is a major city/travel destination in Nuevo Leon -Defer non-essential travel to the state of Nuevo Leon, except the metropolitan area of Monterrey where you should exercise caution. Although the level of TCO violence and general insecurity in Monterrey has decreased within the last 12 months, sporadic gun battles continue to occur in the greater Monterrey area. Adult entertainment establishments and casinos continue to be targets of TCO activity. TCOs have kidnapped, and in some cases murdered U.S. citizens, even when ransom demands are met. TCOs have been known to attack prisons and police stations, and have engaged in public shootouts with the military and between themselves. Pedestrians and innocent bystanders have been killed in these incidents. As a result of a Department of State assessment of the overall security situation, the Consulate General in Monterrey is a partially unaccompanied post with no minor dependents of USG personnel permitted. USG personnel serving at the U.S. Consulate General in Monterrey and their dependents may not frequent casinos, sportsbooks, or other gambling establishments. USG personnel and their dependents may not travel outside the San Pedro Garza Garcia municipal boundaries between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., except for travel to the airport after 5 a.m.


I'd like to add it, but I also want my group and family to be and feel safe. We may offer it as an add on that we would do as a fly in/out day trip from Mexico City.

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I'd like to add it, but I also want my group and family to be and feel safe. We may offer it as an add on that we would do as a fly in/out day trip from Mexico City.


If you travel by land during the morning/afternoon, there will be no problem. Also, consider that Monterrey is like 10 or 11 hours from Mexico City, so a fly would be great!

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