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Rough coasters

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Maybe it's just me but I really don't mind when B&M's throw you into the restraints once or twice. It's actually kind of fun and I don't find it painful at all (assuming you put your head forward which I do instinctively on every single coaster with over the shoulder restraints). I enjoy Batman at SFNE quite a bit. When I think rough I think of coaster that just mercilessly bashes your head into the restraints over and over again (Mind Eraser), one or 2 little bounces like on Batman, Alpengeist or Raptor can actually be fun. Maybe it's just me though... this is coming from someone who thinks the Raptor snap is the greatest thing ever.

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Pinfari RC-48.


Even with my defensive riding skills, gained from years of flat ride experience, I found my entire body, not just my head, being brutally smashed in this blender of a coaster car. I've have friends come to me with broken bones and battle scars after riding it.


My local fairground has since decided to sell it.

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- Mean Streak. Ugh, can RMC PLEASE get their hands on this coaster like they did with Texas Giant!?


I would find it hard to believe that this isn't in the works for some time in the future. Like the Texas Giant, it's structure really is a dream to design a better tracking coaster around.

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For me, roughness doesn't really matter, unless it gets to the point of being painful. There are only three coasters I've been on that fall into that category--Ninja (SFStL), Rattler (SFFT), and Mad Mouse (Little Amerricka). Ninja is a headbanging disaster, Rattler's first drop and triple helix of doom were horribly jarring, and Mad Mouse's bunny hills rattled my teeth and left me sore (my daughter still talks about that one as her worst coaster experience).

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Flashback at SFNE

Mind Eraser at SFNE

Boomerang at TGE

Mean Streak at Cedar Point

La Cobra at La Ronde

Corkscrew at Cedar Point

Mantis at Cedar Point

Shockwave at Kings Dominion

Anaconda at Kings Dominion

Wildcat at Hershey Park

Steamin' Demon TGE

Alpine Bobsled TGE

Cyclone at SFNE

Hypersonic XL at Kings Dominion

Hurler at Kings Dominion

French Revolution at Lotte World

and so many more...

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I use to be able to stand the SLC roughness until I rode the one at Nasu Highland. Then Nio at Mitsui Greenland is even worse.


SLC surviving position is to push your head against the restraint as hard as you can. But on these two, if you do so, you'll get headache from the shaking OTSR; if you don't do so, your head will bounce between the two sides violently.

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Lots of nominations for Mean Steak here...and again, I don't get it. No idea what it was like before the last few weeks, but I rode it for the first time last week, expecting medieval torture, and what I got, I wouldn't consider rough at all. I've been on -far- worse coasters half its size. It was a bit wild but never even approached being painful. Didn't think the layout was as bad as I've heard people say, either...not the most intense out there given its size, but...I liked the ride, start to finish. Guess there's someone to love every coaster.


Roughest for me that's still operating, Wild Beast at CW. It was bad the first time I rode it, barely tolerable. I was told it had been worked on this year, so I gave it another try. The first 1/3 of the ride or so was MUCH better...and then it proceeded to attempt to extract my spine from me. Roughest of all time, Hercules. I used to be glad it was gone, now I wish it had survived long enough for an RMC conversion. Either way it was hell to ride as it was.

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Uh, my recent top-3:



3-Kentucky Rumbler


T3 is still a close top 5 contender in some (front) seats, I will admit, but at least it's survivable without headaches in any seat.

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The two roughest rides ever for me had nothing to do with the rides and more to do with the restraints.

I had the "pleasure" on both Cheetah Hunt and California screamin of the enthusiastic ride attendant jamming the shoulder bars down over my 6ft 2 rather broad shouldered build. I had no room to adjust my foot/leg angle, which is what I normally do on coasters during a ride.....so felt every bump, curve, loop, acceleration in a way I really did not want to feel.....and to be fair to Cheetah hunt...was not really how I think it should have felt!!


Green lantern First flight at SFMM....not sure the being "thrown out of the chair and having ones crown jewels crushed" should actually be part of the experience but it was for me...and I remain unconvinced by it. It was actually more amusing afterwards as my wife laughed at me when I came off the ride complaining of my pained anatomy...she then went on had had the same thing happen to her...minus the crown jewels part. My understanding is that it was as painful!.

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Dreadful ones that come to mind:


Georgia Cyclone @ SFoG

Raging Wolf Bobs @ Geauga Lake

Mean Streak @ CP

Corkscrew @ CP

Le Monstre @ La Ronde

Most SLC's


Think probably the worst experience was Son Of Beast, which is a shame because of everything that coaster was supposed to be, but it's in it's rightful place now

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Many of the roughest coasters I have ridden are all gone now, thank goodness!


- Son of Beast @ Kings Island

- Psyclone @ SFMM

- Raging Wolf Bobs @ Geagua Lake

- Shockwave @ SFGAm

- Orient Express @ Worlds of Fun

- Great American Scream Machine @ SFGAdv (My personal "winner" for worst coaster experience ever!)


And one about to be defunct, or at least moved:


- Shockwave @ Kings Dominion (Though not "defunct", Skyrider @ Canada's Wonderland was in the same boat!)


As for the roughest that are still standing...


- Corkscrew @ CP

- Mean Streak @ CP

- Corkscrew @ Valleyfair

- The Boss @ SFStL

- Ninja @ SFStL

- Mighty Canadian Minebuster @ CW

- Vortex @ Carowinds

- Any Vekoma SLC

- Both Hurlers (KD and Carowinds)

- Viper @ SFMM

- The Legend @ Holiday World


Borderline Coasters - some good, some bad rides...


- The Villain @ Geagua Lake

- Wolverine Wildcat @ Michigan's Adventure

- Timberwolf @ Worlds of Fun

- All "Wild Mouse" coasters

- All Vekoma Boomerangs

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