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  1. I got stuck on Le Monstre at La Ronde for an hour or so on the top of the lift hill, we were evacuated from the train.. It's actually really freaking hard to walk down a wooden coaster's lift hill.. I swear I almost fell twice.
  2. Wait.. what? Yea this confused me as well. It was stopping quickly, causing the middle to pop up a little and slam back down. Wicked Cyclone isn't a wooden coaster This. Wicked Cyclone is a hybrid coaster.
  3. Wouldn't that be dangerous, though? You have a fast moving train filled with passengers and each full train varies in weight (people's weight + the trains original weight), couldn't the moving structure possibly sway more than it is supposed to and just collapse?
  4. On Le Monstre, after the first drop, you come to the little airtime painful hill and the train on track 2 feels like it comes up off of the track and literally slams back down onto the track, that spot is SOOO painful.
  5. Do you ever worry when you ride certain wooden coasters that are known for 'bouncing' off of the track or being really rough & shaky & fast.. Sometimes I worry that the wood is going to reach a certain stress level and just..... snap.. Or sometimes I feel like the car will derail on really sharp turns. Is it just me or do you guys worry about that, too?
  6. La Ronde's ride wait times are terrible. The only ride that they care about is The Goliath, the others are just neglected with 1hr+ wait times with small lines.
  7. Dollywood is getting a launched woodie for 2016.. I was right for once,
  8. September 3rd 2015 is when the new ride/show/etc is being revealed. Proof: https://www.facebook.com/events/307550239369200/ It's apparently a "huge reveal"... Maybe a rollercoaster?
  9. Is LaRonde open right now? I'm asking this due to the weather warnings & clouds atm..
  10. I heard rumors that RMC is trying to make a launched woodie for the future, how would this work?? How fast do they expect a woodie to go in a small amount of time? Imagine a RMC King Da Ka Clone but as a woodie.. I would definitely ride that.
  11. Thunderhead is a top ten woodie?!?!? Thunderhead makes weird noises, noises I've NEVER heard on a woodie ever before.. The only thing thunderhead is top ten for is probably how loud it is out of all woodies.. You can tell it's a GCI, though, in a way similar to feeling like you just experienced an earthquake while you're half asleep and flying out of your seat experiencing migraines..
  12. I personally LOVED Ghostrider, Raven, Shivering Timbers, Villain, and Cyclops.. Recently went on Shivering Timbers, it was windy that day.. I got off the ride and regretted it. My spine hurt a lot and I couldn't stretch, other than that when it isn't windy it's mostly a "woody smooth ride". The others vary from not-painful to WTF I felt like I just got in a fight with 4 gorillas... Now a question for you all: Which CCI Coaster would you like RMC to work their magic on??
  13. Yes, apparently. Kings Island is special though because according to people there is a 5 year old girl named Missouri Jane haunting the park..
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sROv9s_MUo I just watched this, apparently many people have encountered "spirits"/"ghosts" throughout the park at night. Kings Island was built over an old munitions plant that exploded and killed 100 people and apparently the spirits of those people are haunting the park, nobody knows the truth. I believe the spirits ARE there but I don't believe that they're as violent as they have been portrayed.
  15. Go to Kings Island, you can ride Banshee, The Beast and more! Also: Banshee is an AMAZING ride. On The Beast's lift hill, you could make a sandwich.. Pass the time.
  16. Title Fairy, show me your worst! I bet you can't hurt my feelings!
  17. Basically the title. If you haven't been there, do you have any future plans to visit? I'm going tomorrow and Tuesday for some fun.
  18. I plan on going to Ontario (I live in Quebec so why not haha), to go to Calypso for a day.. Has anybody on the forum ever been there, if so how much fun is it.
  19. Oh. What I just realized by looking @ google earth, they could remove the GoKart track (nobody ever pays to do GoKarts anyway), the land there seems to be big enough for a ride of a reasonable size (Size of the Vampire or bigger)..
  20. The park looks different in that pic, of course it would because it's from the 90's but the land looks smaller.. It looks like it was expanded manually (fireworks), goliath. They complain that they have no space for rides, they have places that are just empty and ride-worthy but they never use them.. Makes no sense. :/
  21. I saw that spot when I was walking to see the fireworks, maybe it's there for a reason? There's usually a gate blocking that path when there is no fireworks but they can open it. They should take out that useless "Moo-Zoo" stand that's right beside that spot and possibly add a bigger flat ride. My opinion: LaRonde should remove the Cobra, and all closed things surrounding it, expand the land (is possible apparently) and add a waterpark, could increase attendance (good thing (more money for La Ronde which means more money to invest on the park), bad thing (bigger lines, possibly higher restaurant prices, they're high enough aren't they?!?)). ALSO: What is this space here? Have they ever actually used this? It seems to be hidden for some reason..
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