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Today was the press day for Viking Voyage. The ride opens to the public tomorrow.


At the centre of the attraction is a 60ft tall mountain and over 500 trees have been planted to recreate the Irish landscape from 1,000 years ago.

It has 3 drops including one which is backwards.

The ride uses 1.7million litres of water, 5,000 bundles of straw, 10,000 tonnes of concrete and 500 tonnes of steel.

There are six stunning Viking replica ships throughout the ride, which will thrill 720 visitors per hour.

Manufactured by Interlink.







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Tayto Park have announced two new attractions for 2018. A children's driving school and a spinning coaster.


“Last year was huge for us with the opening of our new World of Raptors and Viking Voyage attractions and this year will see us continue our investment to make Tayto Park bigger and better than ever – with a number of new attractions including Ireland’s first ever driving school for kid, which opens on March 24, and a new spinning coaster which is due to open in June.


They've also announced that a planning permission application has been submitted for a new 250 room hotel.


Aside from the new attractions, a planning permission application has also been submitted to build a 32,000 square-metre, 250 bedroom family hotel which will offer accommodation, spa and leisure facilities for up to 1,000 guests. The seven-storey hotel will be built from wood to match the look and feel of the Park and will be in a parkland setting.



Link: http://www.duffyrafferty.com/tayto-park-prepares-for-thrilling-new-season/



It's great to see the park expanding year on year. The spinning coaster is most likely going to be a junior coaster as the owner hinted at so last year at the opening of Viking Voyage.


The park is very popular with young family's in Ireland so it's good to see them building a hotel and turning the park more into a resort.


2019 should also be a big year for the park as a major thrill ride, likely a rollercoaster with inversions as hinted at by the owner should be opening as part of their big attraction every two years strategy.


Exciting times ahead for Tayto Park!

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Tayto Park have announced a new €14m steel coaster for 2021.


In short:

- 32m tall

- Said to be around 400m longer than the Cu Chuliann (1,084m)

- Described as two coasters in one. Possible duelling coasters?

- 1,200 throughput

- Investment of 14 million euros

- Planning permission is to be lodged next week (so we should hopefully be finding out more then)



Confirmed in an interview with the Independent.ie:



Ireland’s largest theme park, Tayto Park is to lodge a planning application for its biggest attraction to date, an 'iconic' €14m steel roller-coaster ride in the coming days.


Owner of Tayto Park, Ray Coyle said on Thursday that the new roller-coaster will be the same height as the park's 32 metre high Cú Chulainn but will be 400 metres longer that the 1,082 metre long Cú Chulainn ride. Mr Coyle said that the new roller-coaster "will copper-fasten the future of Tayto Park". He said: "The new roller-coaster will be two roller-coasters in one. It will be a first for Europe and ensure the future of the park. If you don’t create something landmark every three of four years, your numbers will start going down and that is the road to closure."


Mr Coyle said that the plans for the roller-coaster will be lodged with Meath County Council next week. He also said that the aim is to secure planning in 2019, build the roller-coaster in 2020 and open it to the public in 2021. He confirmed that the cost of the roller-coaster will be €14m and will be able to accommodate 1,200 passengers per hour compared to the Cú Chulainn carrying 1,000 passengers per hour.


Mr Coyle was commenting as new accounts for Tayto Park which show that last year it recorded an 8pc rise in pre-tax profits to €3.65m. This followed revenues increasing by 5pc to €17.533m - or an average of €92,770 a day in revenues for each of the 189 days Tayto Park was open last year.


Mr Coyle confirmed that 720,000 visitors came to Tayto Park last year and this year numbers will increase by around 3-4pc in spite of numbers down for the month of July due to the hot spell. He added that Tayto Park’s Earnings Before Interest Depreciation Tax and Amortisation (EBITDA) are €7m for last year.


Mr Coyle said that he was "delighted" with the performance of Tayto Park in 2017 and 2018.


Mr Coyle opened Tayto Park "in a field in Co Meath" in October 2010. He said: "Nobody came for six months. I thought we would have to close it down but in the Easter of 2011 people started to come. You learn as you go along."


Mr Coyle said that the crowds coming to Tayto Park in 2018 will be the highest to date. He said: "Word of mouth is how most people come to Tayto Park - it accounts for around 60pc." He said that the most popular attraction is the all wood Cú Chulainn roller coaster which opened in 2015. He said that 40pc of visitors go to the Zoo at Tayto Park with 35pc doing the tour of the Tayto factory.


Mr Coyle also stated that Tayto Park receives a very strong trade from Northern Ireland accounting for 24-25pc of all customers. Mr Coyle said that the park has been adding incrementally to its attractions each year.


The park has also been a strong employer in the local area - the 2017 accounts show that numbers employed last year totalled 296 with staff costs of €4.4m.


Tayto Park’s post tax profits last year were €3.1m after paying corporation tax of €549,402. The company’s assets had a book value of €33.48m at the end of last year.


Currently construction is underway for the park's 2019 addition which will be a Zierer Family Coaster.

Last summer the park added a kiddie coaster in the form of a SBF Visa figure of 8 Spinner called Ladybird Loop.

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Tayto Park have filed planning permission for their 2021 addition. It will actually be two seperate coasters but intertwined with each other (like Taron & Raik in Phantasialand for example).

The coasters will be a new generation Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster (https://www.vekoma.com/suspended-thrill-coasters) along with a Vekoma Family Boomerang Coaster.


Really wasn't expecting one of the first new gen. suspen models to go Tayto - possible that this is the Europe First aspect the owner referred to previously.

Intrigued to see how the airtime moments and inversions feel. The interaction between the 2 coasters should be nice -

especially the first inversion on the STC which will go directly over the station of the Family Boomerang.

The Boomerang itself also will feature an unusual twisted spike.


Fan made recreation of the Vekoma STC from the design plans.










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Am I the only one who was excited to see the first dueling Raptors? Oh well, a new-gen slc is not bad taking into account Vekoma's recent projects but RMC is RMC after all...


Oriol "They can always RMC Cú Chulainn!" Monroig

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Bad news: The 2021 multi-coaster expansion was just denied permission to be constructed by the local municipality on the grounds for noise pollution.


Seriously, what's with the British Isles and their noise pollution zoning laws? It seems like half of the major projects in those countries keep getting axed for that reason.



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It's not just Ireland and England; the same thing happens here in America. People knowingly live next to a park and then whine at any opportunity.


The shocking thing about this is that the park already has a big wooden coaster. That cannot be quiet. For these steel coasters, they could do things like filling the track with sand.

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^ Actually, you have to consider, the villages around some of these European places were there first, in truth.


But America is different and it is the other way around. Cities are built closer and closer to already existing parks, and then they complain about crowd noise and/or ride noise, that's "suddenly invading their privacy" blah blah blah.


My five cents.

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^ That's how I felt they dealt with Wicker Man over at Alton Towers.

Put it more into the middle of the park, than by an edge of it, i.e. near the neighbours.

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The shocking thing about this is that the park already has a big wooden coaster. That cannot be quiet. For these steel coasters, they could do things like filling the track with sand.



Many times screaming riders are louder than the actual coaster. And you can't fill their mouths with sand.

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