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Tayto Park Discussion Thread

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It doesn't look like you actually invert on the overbanked turn.


This just confirms that the turn is overbanked (the angle is greater than 90°), not that it is an inversion. Granted, there is a lot of debate regarding the definition of inversion, but generally, it is when the track angle is greater than 135°. That is the point where the track is more above the car than to the side.


I've attached a crude drawing to show the angles that I am talking about. The last picture (bottom right) shows the track at 135°, which is right at the borderline of non-inversion and inversion. Any greater angle than this and it is definitely an inversion, imo. In the picture posted, the angle more resembles the 115° picture, which would be a stretch to call an inversion.


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^ I understood your original post as "I don't notice the overbanking" or something like that, hence the screenshot.


That was actually just my first post in this thread, I was replying to both you and Paradox, and I guess anyone who wants to try and call this an inversion

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^ Mmmm just love it! Great video!


And the 'lines' are so clean and swift in the circuit of it.

(Just me trying to describe it...)


No inversions, and this coaster is just fine.

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I saw this video earlier yesterday and it's a superb video highlighting the ride. It's a fantastic ride too and the general public around there seem to be loving it. I'm really hoping some of the British parks take note of how successful Cu Chulainn is and bring more woodies!

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^I don't think the fact the coaster is a woodie is what attracted people to ride in the first place. I feel that was more due to the fact its the first major coaster in Ireland. Still even though the ride has received great reviews I can't imagine Merlin or other British parks will take note. As long as Blackpool keep Wild Mouse operating I have all the awesome woodies in the UK I need

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So I just visited the park last weekend. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the park. Everything looks new and fresh. It's clear that they're really just getting started turning this park into something. The place has the vibe of one of those small Scandinavain parks what with all the ziplines, climbing walls, ropes courses and all that. The factory tour is cool, though nothing on the level of what you would see at a Hershey Park or even Cadbury Land.


With the coaster... I'm glad I got to ride it in it's opening year. There are a few bits of floater air throughout but overall it's one of those overly aggressive Gravity Group rides with a fair amount jackhammering already setting in at some points. It's fun for the most part but I really hope the park takes good care of the ride as I could see it getting quite rough quite quickly if they don't. If the park keeps expanding like they have been then I'm sure I'll head back and see how it holds up for myself sooner rather than later.

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^I also went there last weekend (on Sunday). I'll do a complete report with pictures soon.

As to the coaster aging well or not I can't say much as I'd never ridden such a recently built woodie. I really enjoyed it and while it wasn't silky smooth I didn't find it rough. You got some weird jolts on the overbank but that was it. Rode it 21 times.

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Another Major Coaster for Tayto Park


The woodie was a major success for Tayto Park. In 2014 they received 350,000 visitors and 2015 saw them get 750,000. More than expected and they are set to beat that record this year as well! 2016 saw a number of 'off the shelf flat rides' from Zamperla, a walk-through attraction, new visitor facilities and an updated factory tour.

The owner was recently interviewed and gave hints as to the park's next major investments.


Short Version:

- 5.7 million euro Viking themed log flume to open next Easter 2017

- 17.5 million euro will be spent on a new major roller coaster in 2019. Described as 'sensational'. (19.8 million US$)

- Plans for accommodation in the future.





With populations of 5 million and 9.5 million people, Norway and Sweden are home to 3 and 4 successful theme parks respectively but until relatively recently Ireland didn't have any, that has before Tayto Park opened its doors in 2010.


That year represented a bottoming-out of Ireland's economic crisis - but that didn't deter Ray Coyle, the former potato farmer who built a potato crisp manufacturing empire here with the Tayto, King and Hunkey Dorey brands from investing heavily in a new landmark tourist attraction.


He told Newstalk that he didn't see this as a high-risk venture - he just saw a big gap in the Irish market that needed to be filled.


To date more than €50m has been put into the business which is due to attract 800,000 visitors this year - and Mr Coyle expects it to continue on its upward trajectory:


"I feel that developing the park with new and exciting rides and more marketing and more support from our visitors, we can get to about 1.4m or 1.5m people by 2022," he told Breakfast Business.


Having recovered from throat cancer, and being in this mid-60s, Mr Coyle says that he has no intentions of selling the business - he notes that successful theme parks tend to have very long shelve lives.


The company has begun work on a new €5.7m water ride, and it is investing €17.5m in a second major rollercoaster to accompany the wooden Cuchulainn ride.


Its overall goal is to continue to invest in major attractions and to draw more domestic and foreign visitors to the Meath destination - with the possible future development of a hotel or lodges on the site.



Certainly sounds like a promising future!


Planning permission for the flume which is currently under construction showed a basic layout of two drops (very similar to the flume at Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach). Perhaps the layout has been altered since then, or maybe it will just be heavily themed considering the price tag.


Interesting to hear of plans for a new major coaster in 3 years time. Especially one that costs that much.

I'm surprised at how much a small only 6 year old park is planning to spend and am intrigued by what that kind of money could buy.

Recently Europa Park opened their Ireland themed area and at the opening Michael Mack was interviewed. He spoke of how they consulted with Tayto on the theme. He mentioned that they were in talks to maybe supply them with a ride in the near future.


Ray Coyle, Tayto's owner, also said last year after CuChulainn opened he was visiting Liseberg to ride Helix as he was interested in getting a steel coaster similar to it. However a few months ago in a newspaper article he expressed interest in a RMC coaster.


Now it is obviously way too early to be speculating as it will most likely be a long time until we hear more details about the coaster. However Mack Launched/Mega Coaster or an RMC seem likely contenders.

Either way hopefully another great coaster is on its way to Ireland.


Ray Coyle seemed quite keen on an RMC in this article.

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Forgot to include these images - not that they actually show much.

I took these images of the Log Flume construction site during my last visit to Tayto Park at the end of July.

The site is next to two of the new 2016 flat rides which are placed next to CuChulainn.


Coming 2017 You Will Get Wet


The site was still quite flat but there was a lot of activity that day.

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I love seeing new log flumes being built. They are the best water rides out there.


Are new log flume installations common in Europe? I know that in the US it's been nothing but removals with log flumes, but I'm not sure if that's just an American thing or a world-wide trend.

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Great to see they keep expanding the park. Looking forward to the construction of the log flume, and to the 'new major roller coaster' in 2019.

If the park keeps investing like this, it's definitely worth a visit in the near future!

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Well there goes my dreams of there being a B&M coaster in Ireland . either way i'm delighted that they're putting in another ride. i hope of the two it'd be a launched coaster similar to furios baco....why would they make an RMC coaster when the only ride they have in the park is already wooden?!

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Incident at Tayto Park


Nine people have been taken to hospital after stairs collapsed at Tayto Park in Co Meath.


An investigation has been launched into the incident which occurred on Saturday night during an after-dark Halloween-themed event.


It is understood the stairs gave way inside a 'House of Horrors' attraction. Gardaí were called to the park shortly after 8pm.


A Garda spokesman said: "Nine people were taken to hospitals around the area".


There are no details of injuries sustained.


A spokeswoman for the park at Ashbourne said those caught up in the incident were taken to hospital as a "precautionary measure".


The Health and Safety Authority is investigating.


The park, which is themed on the famous Irish crisp brand Tayto, is the only one of its kind in Ireland. It opened in 2010.


A statement from Tayto Park said: "Last night at approximately 8pm the lower portion of a permanent staircase leading to The House of Horrors gave way.


"The Tayto Park emergency plan was immediately put in place and the emergency services attended the scene. Nine people were transported to hospitals in the city as a precautionary measure to assess their injuries.


"The management of Tayto Park will co-operate fully with the investigation as the safety of our guests is paramount."


The park was open again on Sunday.




Rather unfortunate for those hurt and the negative media coverage the park is now getting.

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^So unfortunate for the park to be in this situation. The media ain't making this much better for them.


The Sun's headline says:


Visitors CRUSHED as stairs in haunted house collapse at Tayto Park in Ireland


Anyway, back to the ride announcement- what caught my attention was the DROP TOWER. I wonder what kind it'll be. think we're dealing with a Larson, but to my knowledge, the only two of those outside of the US are here in Jeddah and the other one is in the Philippines. There's none in Europe as far as I'm concerned since the Fabbri ones are quite similar and they're cheaper in terms of shipping.


I think the two most valuable options would either be an SBF VISA tower or a Zamperla since those are both manufacturers which they've worked with and probably are more confident in dealing with them.


The flume looks like a nice addition. It's weird to think that there's none in Ireland.


As for the *presumed* RMC... I'm not too sure. Even if it is a hybrid, I think for this park they should just go with a traditional steel looping coaster, but then again, maybe not.

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As for the *presumed* RMC... I'm not too sure. Even if it is a hybrid, I think for this park they should just go with a traditional steel looping coaster, but then again, maybe not.


I think a large part of what makes RMC so attractive is it is unique, would get a lot of attention and it is a wooden caoster that can invert and do so much more. The owner has always put a large emphasis on the park's natural look and feel the buildings and the coaster are wooden (Although in my opinion the off the shelf flat rides and concrete flooring ruin this natural feel). He hasn't ruled out a steel coaster and has mentioned getting one a lot over the years. In a matter of fact he has only mentioned RMC once (albeit in the most recent statement about the new coaster).


Personally I like the sound of an RMC or Mack Mega Coaster.


The drop tower is something he wants one day but that is many years off doubt the park have even looked at manufacturers yet.

He wants to make a major investment every two years.

2015 - Cu Chulainn, 2017 - Flume, 2019 - Coaster. Assuming the drop tower is considered a major investment it could come in 2021. However years ago a dark ride was promised which by the sounds of it has been scrapped or delayed in favour if another coaster. So we could be seeing a dark ride in 2021 and a drop tower in 2023.

Or it could be a cheap Zamperla - in matter of fact that wouldn't surprise me. But they already have a small kiddy shot tower so I assume they want something way bigger and better. (I hope for Intamin)


However i doubt the park have a manufacturer yet I think that was simply the owner's wish list

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