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Texas/Midwest 2013 Tour Mini-Updates!

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Hey everyone!


The last few days we have been touring around Texas to several different parks on our TPR Texas/Mid-West Tour! Let's get you guys all up to speed on a few things we've been doing.


Remember - if you want to follow along with the tour live, check out our Facebook and Twitter as we're posting photos as we go!

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview

Twitter -


First off, yes, Iron Rattler and Texas Giant have still been closed, which is a bummer, but if there is one thing I think we excel at with our tours is turning a disappointing situation into something AWESOME! So in short, yes, we have made lemonade in Texas, and it hasn't even been from our own pee! (It's because we're sweating too much to pee!)


Anyway, onto a few photos....


Our first un-official trip day (or day zero as we call it) started at Schlitterbahn! (I know, I know, the last thing you wanted to see when you opened up this trip report was that much man boob!)


We started the day out with some ERT on Master Blaster...


"You guys ready to ride?"


The view from the top of Master Blaster!


Then we tube chuted our way over to Surfenburg via "The Falls" - the world's longest water ride!


They had these signs up all over the park welcoming us! That was awesome!


We had cabanas for our group the entire day so we could come back any time and relax! (Highly recommend this service!!!)


"Swim up margarita bar? Yes, please!" (They certainly knew exactly where to put the TPR sign!) =)


Elissa sporting her Japanese towel/hoodie! (Wonder when these are gonna catch on in America?)


The "Original" Schlitterbahn part of the park has that "Ye Olde Swimming Hole" kinda feel to it...


TPR members know how to close out an awesome day at the park!


Our welcome dinner that evening was some awesome "NYC Style Pizza" thanks to Grimaldi's!


What a great ending to a great day!

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Next up... Six Flags Fiesta Texas!


Remember - if you want to follow along with the tour live, check out our Facebook and Twitter as we're posting photos as we go!

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview

Twitter -


With Iron Rattler being closed, what's the next best thing? ERT ON BOOMERANG!!!


Just kidding, just kidding... we started our day out on Superman!


What a great way to wake up!


Then we also had ERT on Poltergeist...


Welcome back Poltergeist riders...how was your ride?


Then the park opened up the Boardwalk area exclusively for TPR...


And we had ERT on Pandemonium...


Get ready to make a Big Spin!


The park also gave us ERT on Scooby Doo! Blast away!


Yes, we are credit whoring! =)


To help us cope with the pain of Iron Rattler being closed, we had beer included with our lunch! =)


The only supplies you need on a TPR tour... other than roller coasters! ;)


Even with Iron Rattler closed, the park did give us a backstage tour of the ride. Thank you guys!


We had reserved seats for Lone Star Nites, which is Six Flags Fiesta Texas' awesome night time show that we like to call "A salute to the United States.... but mostly Texas!" =)


They even included a shout out to TPR in the show!!!


Then we had some more ERT at night starting with Superman!


And for those with Texas-sized balls... Sky Screamer!


I even got to take a ride on Superman with the parks marketing director, Jeffrey Siebert!


Overall, it was a great visit to Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

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Next up... SeaWorld San Antonio!


Remember - if you want to follow along with the tour live, check out our Facebook and Twitter as we're posting photos as we go!

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview

Twitter -


TPR! Welcome to SeaWorld!


SKLOOSH!!! ERT started on Journey to Atlantis!


How about some ERT on Steel Eel?


Steel Eel was running AWESOME! Loads of airtime!


We all managed to get in quite a few rides on it as well.


Shark themed roller coasters! Yesssssss!!!


Watch our for the Sharknado!


Hey look! We walked right in and saw penguins! Amazing!


Now this is how TPR trips should be... Roller coaster and then chill! What could be better?


Ok...maybe some food!


We had a few guests of honor join us at our lunch! (and no, we didn't eat them! Ok, well, maybe one of them!) =)


We had King Julian join us! (Does Universal know???)


And yes, we also did some credit whoring here. ;)


If it's SeaWorld...there must be fish!


Sea Horse Sex!!!!


One of these is a whale...but I'm not sure which!


Apparently, it was a pretty exhausting day at SeaWorld! =)


Watching Paperman on the bus... trying to keep it classy! (of course this was followed by Tosh.0)


Our night ended with another TPR "International Snack Exchange" where our members from all over the world bring food from their local area to share! It was amazing!

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Next up... Six Flags Over Texas and the Texas State Fair Park!


Remember - if you want to follow along with the tour live, check out our Facebook and Twitter as we're posting photos as we go!

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview

Twitter -


We went to Six Flags Over Texas.


Then we went over to the Texas State Fair Park's "Summer Adventures" where we were welcomed with some amazingly warm hospitality!


Some of these guys got layed for the first time ever, today! =)


We took a ride on the Windstorm (which came from Fun Forest in Seattle!)


And since it was hotter than the sun outside, the ride ops were spraying everyone with water! This was amazing!!!


The real sad and pathetic credit whores ride alone! =)


How is it that one of the smallest coasters of the trip so far, turned out to be AMAZING!


This thing spun faster than any teacup I've been on!


They even had one of these things!


The Texas State Fairgrounds is home to this new 500 foot Intamin observation tower!


This guy is going to haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life!!!


In a tragically amazing moment, TPR joins in singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the giant sing-a-long!


We finally manged to get Garbels to take a proper bath in the fun house!


After the park closed we had a meal (with beer) and an hour of ERT on the Flowrider! Now the fun REALLY began! =)


KidTums rode her first Flowrider today! She did awesome!!!


And once again, we got Garbles to take a bath! =)


Elissa mid-Somersault doing her Flowrider tricks! (this should make some fanboys VERY happy!)


Hanno proves to the world that he is, in fact, a man! =)


We seriously had an awesome awesome AWESOME visit to the Texas State Fair Park!


Again, I just want to say what an AWESOME visit we had today at the Texas State Fair Park! Thank you for your hospitality! Thank you for "saving the day" - You guys were GREAT!!!

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Good to see the shark hoodie towel in Texas. Maybe these will catch on in the states in time for SyFy's next amazing shark flick.


I'm sure that KT is already better at the Flowrider than I'll ever be.

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Summer Adventures was a huge surprise! Jungle Twist was so out of control, Jake and I spun for a good

30 seconds after the ride stopped. The dark ride was a nice surprise and the water tokens were a nice touch by the park.

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I bet the operators at Steel Eel just love love working on an uncovered station platform, in Texas, in the Summer .


Despite the minor set backs from unforeseen ride closures the trip looks great so far. Hopefully Outlaw Run will more than make up for it.

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Seriously the time at Summer Adventures at Fair Park was awesome!!! Great hospitality and some of the attractions were actually really fun. Plus flow rider ERT! Thanks to Robb, Elissa, and the park for making this happen!


The bath(s) were also great! Cya later Texas!

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I missed so many pics on Facebook, thanks for putting all of these up! It looks hotter than Hades but more than that, it looks like tons of fun, despite Six Flags


Needless to say, I wish I was there. Hope everyone is having an amazing time! Some awesome parks coming up in the line up!

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Great trip report. I am surprised to not see more pics from SFOT.

Our visit wasn't photo worthy. Poor operations, bad attitudes, and just overall not a good visit. Rides opening late and closing early without warning. Operations, food service, and park services staff that just seemed completely indifferent about their jobs. At 9pm we played the "find an open restaurant" game so we could use the meal vouchers that we pre-paid for, and all of them were closed.


It's sad because IMO, Six Flags Over Texas used to be one of the best parks in the chain, if not THE best! And yesterday, I witnessed some of the worst operations I've seen at any park. And I've been to China!


On the plus side, the park did manage to get us a couple of early morning rides on Mr. Freeze, but even getting those wasn't without a struggle.



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Great pictures! It's too bad Six Flags Over Texas wasn't as good as it has been in the past. I've never made it down there, but it always seemed like a very nice park from the photos and seemed to have a lot of character and charm.


That's really cool about what the Windstorm's operator did! I love ops who go out of the way to help make the experience better. While I've never been sprayed with water, I've had numerous operators tell jokes and riddles during flat rides. It sounds silly, but their extra effort really goes a long way.

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Great updates and looks like you had a great time at the Fair! Six Flags Fiesta Texas seems like they were great hosts even with Iron Rattler being closed. Facebook keeps reminding me with everyones updates how I wish I did a trip this year but holding off for next year


I really love that even a bad experience at one park, you found a way to make it up with Summer Adventures at Fair Park. Looks like they really worked with you!

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