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  1. I wasn't thinking "Wooden" because of the metal bents....my bad.
  2. I saw this Coaster in construction 2 weeks ago. Nice placement- looks fun-definitely looks like a GCI. It sure doesn't look more than 180 ft. high but looks can be deceiving. It should be a nice addition to the Park. I visited this Park on a Saturday two weeks ago. It was a very hot August day. Right before school starts so I expected a large crowd. The crowd size was a minor annoyance. It is Texas in August so the heat was expected. What was not expected was the performance of the Park. My visit mostly sucked in many ways. The shows were good. The way Sea World handles crowds before and after shows sucks. Operations were very slow. Food stands were slow. The park ran out of ice at 3:00. Many stands had no ice and hope of more.... In August, in Texas. The excuse was "well it is a very busy day". OK, but didn't you expect a large crowd on a Saturday right before school starts? Not the fault of the Teens working the stands- this was a management issue. I did register a complaint to a manager. I was polite. He said he appreciated the feedback. I will go back on a less crowded day and try them again. Visited Fiesta Texas on Sunday- completely different story. Jeffery Siebert must be awesome. I will report on that trip in the Fiesta Texas thread.
  3. Fiesta Texas has 2 RMC's- granted they are 2 different types of coasters. I really cannot see how making a coaster smoother would be bad because the park has another one. I would take the RMC treatment for Judge Roy at SFOT in a heartbeat!
  4. I am very disappointed in SFOT this year. It just seems like a forgotten part of the chain. So many things SBNO or abandoned. I just went to Hersey Park last week. It too is an older park. It was a very good experience. The park was old but nicely painted. Nice streets. Very clean. Very good shows with attractive talented performers. Good coaster selection. The crew was very Six Flagish. Adequate at best for Food service. Rides op were pretty good but not great. The food was moderately price but tasted good. At one point Crew members walked around the Park with trays of Ice water for all guests. Nice. Free re-fillable drink bottle for $15.00, not $20.00 + at SF. Parking $15.00, not $25.00. Nice new looking clean Trams. Landscaping nice everywhere. An older Log Flume that ran and looked clean and taken care of.... I guess it kind of showed me what SFOT could be if it was either better managed or better funded. I know running one Park is a whole lot easier than a chain of Parks- I get that. But seriously- SFOT could and should look and operate better than it does. I hate being only critical. I would just like to see something better happen.
  5. Sorry but.... PEOPLE.... It is a FLAT ride at a REGIONAL Theme Park.....even Disney has flats with minimal decoration if you think about it (Dinoland). Granted that their minimal efforts are still more than Six flags is willing to spend but- come on Folks? This is a flat ride replacement. I would say be glad you received something new and that is is nearly opening on time. That being said- I am not a fan of the way SFSTL places their attractions.. The idea behind themes or lands is almost destroyed at this park. This was NOT what Randall Duell had in mind. Of course, I grew up at this park so I may be biased.
  6. I rode on the second train out on the day we first ran the Eagle. i don't remember the exact day- I think it was in March... it was COLD. They had to put oil in the bearings for the train to make it around. Mr. Allen and Mr. Cobb were both there. It was a wild ride.... Think on this... Georgia got the Scream Machine- A worlds record. Missouri got the Eagle- a worlds record. Texas got Judge Roy Scream.... The Missouri park was considered an equal in those days and received the biggest coaster. This hasn't happened since. This park is due....Come on- let's build a Giga! Sorry- i just woke up from a dream.
  7. San Antonio makes a lot of sense... it is a tourism city. It already has Seaworld. Add that to SFFT and now you have a multi day stay. San Antonio also has the Riverwalk and the Alamo. San Antonio then benefits from only being an hour away from Austin and 30 minutes to San Marcos and Schlitterbaun's. Austin and SA combined are about 4 million people= half the size of DFW or Metro Houston. I would think if any Texas city gets a Park it would Houston, Then El Paso. El Paso/Juarez is hours away and is almost as large as the others. Let Austin have it's music festivals, etc....No need for a Park there. Don't get me wrong- I would love to see Cedar Fair or Warner Brothers build there- just don't think it will ever happen.
  8. I have ridden both several times- I prefer Titan- Goliath seems tamer to me.... Titan has also been a smoother ride- but not by much. The element of heat + standing in line for Titan makes the opportunity for Grey-out that much more likely. Honestly other than "Park Pride"- both of these machines are about the same.
  9. you know.... Big Bend used to fit in that space pretty nice- well some of it anyway. An RMC Raptor "kind of" reminds me of Big Bend..... Both Raptors traverse over water.....we don't have a Wonder Woman named attraction - hmmmmm. I am a little bummed about losing a water ride in a very hot Park in the summer. Gotham could really use a water based attraction- that end of the Park is very hot and dry.
  10. I just saw the sign at SFOT and I "think" it has always been SF policy- "Children 15 and under must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian". I believe that I have seen it on tickets and on the back of passes as well. IF- that is the case the plaintiff has no standing.... I think this will go away- maybe some cash and a few passes.
  11. If I am not mistaken- SFOT's motor cratered as well......sounds like a design flaw that will be corrected. These are "fairly" new models.
  12. Went to the Park last night- what a great night! Everything looked great and very few people.
  13. not to quibble....Bill Crandall- the former GM of Astroworld hatched the idea for River Rapids rides- Astroworld opened theirs in 1980. I am not sure what SDC is talking about- it sounds good anyway and really does not matter much.
  14. Another funny things- I went to SFOT last week and it was TOO COLD for Mr. Freeze to run... "too cold" for Mr. Freeze is kinda funny.... Is Freeze running at SFSTL?
  15. Funny- We get those exact comments here in Texas......I did grow up in the St. Louis area though- maybe they followed me.
  16. Something is not right here. This attraction is nowhere near a flood zone. Somebody overfill it ???? Just seems kind of strange that in 50+ years this building and trough has never had this happen. IMHO this had not been a great for for SFOT. Uncompleted construction. Numerous ride closures. I have seen the Park dirtier than I have ever seen it this past year. The food stand crews have had 2 speeds this year- slow and stop. Maybe I have been unlucky. It just seems like it has been a rough year.
  17. I only posted the article because it shed some additional light on the "real" story. Ed Hart and Kentucky Kingdom are suing the State Board because they did not allow them enough Parking during the Fair as is specified in their lease. It appears that the State Board will not approve the coaster until there is a resolution of the lawsuit. This is how is looks to me anyway.
  18. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/money/companies/2018/10/16/kentucky-kingdom-theme-park-threatens-drop-new-roller-coaster-plans/1657753002/ And now we know why Six flags was SO ready to get out of there.....well- one reason anyway.
  19. I have to say this. Like with any site, there are things on this site that I like and some I just tolerate. My favorite thing on this site is Rob and Family ENJOYING rides and attractions. There is so much criticism of Parks and Rides. I really like seeing People having a good time and enjoying things for what they are, not what "they should be". This looks like a great ride and just fun. Thanks for making me smile Rob!
  20. ^ That being the case you would not enjoy SFOT. Decent Haunted Houses and Scare zones and a nice Palace show- but it WILL be PACKED. Last year twice I had to park at the Baseball Stadium because SFOT's lot were full. if crowds are not your thing you would not feel at home.
  21. Trabants were also called "Satellites" back in the day... That is Space themed?
  22. Don't get me wrong- I hope we get something. The size and scope of what we have received in 2 or 3 years- including refurbishing restrooms, new drink stands, signage, etc just makes me think we may "sit this one out". Harley Quinn was laid out with either 1 large pad or 2 smaller pads in mind for additions. Is there room for a compact coaster? Maybe a water ride?- that end of the Park is pretty hot. Another family ride would be nice since the Troika was removed...I guess we find out next Friday.
  23. I am betting on either: 1.Nothing or 2. Completion of THIS years additions.
  24. The ride itself was remodeled and themed to HarleyQuinn. Since SFSTL does not have a HarleyQuinn named attraction it would seem to fit. This Troika would be one of the few rides that I would be good with receiving from another Park. I wish SFOT still had it. It is a nice family attraction. Our Gotham area has very little that is not a "Thrill" ride. It is a great area- just maybe not for families.
  25. I was just out there Sunday. The way they placed Harley on that lot and left so much open room makes me think we could be inline for WW. The asphalted area leading up to Harley is huge- very open- not very Six Flag-ish. I will say- for whatever reason- construction this year at SFOT has been horrible. 3 things added and only 1 open so far.
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