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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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Maybe the Big One had the same sort of re-tracking done to some of the sections of Steel Phantom/Phantom's Revenge?


You know, having Morgan come in, etc etc...


I'm not really big on speculation, but I'd like to know the facts.

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^thanks Chris - I was going back through the thread and just saw that Robb had posted that the track was from the first drop about 3 pages ago. Don't know how I missed Robb's comment the first time.

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I think it would be hilarious if they used the track to begin with to be cheap, and then the track was giving out and that's why they had to rehab the front.


They are probably paying more to refurbish this then they would have if they weren't so cheap the first time!

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Revolution is getting repainted... in grey!


Pleasure Beach Blackpool recently announced their Revolution rollercoaster had undergone a facelift. The amusement park released photos of the retheme today on their Facebook page.

Revolution opened in 1979 and was the UK's first inverting roller coaster. In 1990, the ride was sponsored by Scottish carbonated soft drink manufacturer A.G. Barr. The ride was subsequently renamed to "Irn-Bru Revolution" and painted in the orange and blue colours to relfect the company's premium product.

The sponsorship ended in 2011. Pleasure Beach Blackpool dropped the sponsorship, removing the "Irn-Bru" tag and modernising the logo in the process.

Revolution has been painted grey for the 2012 theme park season to reflect an industrial feel. A new paint job indicates the parks commitment to maintain historical, significant and thrilling rides in the UK.


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